Garry's Mod

Garry's Mod

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Oct 24, 2012 @ 12:33pm
Oct 25, 2012 @ 12:46pm
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Only HalfLife 2 content required


- Night (duh...)
- Modern, clean setting
- Tons of custom content
- All buildings are highly detailed and enterable
- Lots of rooms with fully functional doors and gates
- A portal leading to the mysterious dimension of Xen
- A huge radio mast to climb
- An underground-area with an reactor
- Two relay-stations
- Lots of space to build
- Many objects to interact with
- Excellent AI-pathfinding
- Two smaller islands
- 4 Helipads
- Two working elevators
- A big skybox with lots of airspace
- A 3D-skybox


Me (TimRichter, aka. Freakrules) for the concept, the map and most of the custom textures.
Komaock ( ) for the skybox. Superb as usual :D
Kloetengott ( for making the Solarpanel-texture.
Nebukadnezar ( for making the plants.
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BigBam122899 Aug 1 @ 4:33am 
between two containers
BigBam122899 Aug 1 @ 4:32am 
im sorry but there was a godamn ghost near the back of the main entrance
onetapper Jul 20 @ 1:34am 
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SealandIsNotReal Jun 30 @ 10:36pm 
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meatwad Mar 28 @ 10:01am 
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Bruv Mar 13 @ 12:29am 
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Christian Brutal Sniper Jan 22 @ 6:42am 
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Darth_Rath86 Nov 30, 2021 @ 1:49pm 
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ᚺ OB3Y The E.T. ᚺ Oct 26, 2021 @ 12:37am 
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