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Sci-Fi Citizens v4
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Aug 29, 2013 @ 7:16am
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Sci-Fi Citizens v4

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I present to you version 4.0 of the Sci-Fi Citizens.


Playermodels - Workshop Link

Included in this download are 27 models, including all 15 standard Half-Life 2 citizens, all retextured with high-resolution facemaps and masked normalmaps, plus another 12 new fully faceposable characters.
From Left 4 Dead: Bill, Louis, Rochelle, and Zoey
Three generic males from Max Payne 3, as well as two generic Males from Battlefield 3
Dragon Age 2’s Lady Hawke, FFXIII Fang, and Wraithcat, a local reskin of Jessica from Sin:Episodes.

All characters have bodygroups for berets, a holographic mouth/earpiece/HUD, collar and beret insignia, shoulder ranks, military style ribbons, and a few choices in pants. All characters also come with three skingroups, including ‘Classic,’ ‘Blacklight,’ and ‘Formal White.’ The Blacklight skingroup also changes the heads up display to a Blacklight: Retribution health meter/ingame lower-right HUD component.

For the gmod posers, the model uses Bloocobalt’s Enhanced Citizen physics. All models are compiled onto the valve skeleton; every one of them has the full suite of default HL2 citizen and player animations, as well as gmod’s player animations. The optional playermodel pack (NOT INCLUDED IN THIS DOWNLOAD) enables full skin and bodygroup playermodels, complete with viewmodel hands. (These hands are set to the proper skintone per character; the model does support all skingroups and gloves with simple LUA modification, however).

Modeling wise, these ragdolls are the combination of so many disparate sources that they form thei own style. They weren’t designed to mimic any one film or television show costume, instead they’re intentionally stylistic but generic. The goal is for the user to tell a story with them, not for them to tell a story to end users. These uniforms can represent any kind of futuristic military, and are perfect for what you want them to be. Almost every component was unwrapped and retextured from scratch.

Just about every texture that isn’t a face was scratch done by me, fully leveraging everything the source shader engine can being to bear. Phong, specular mapping, rimlighting, albdeto tinting, detail maps, illumination maps, translucency, even complex material proxies, and complex eye shaders. They’re all there, contributing in some way, and targeted to get the most out of existing scene lighting.

Created by:

The following are contributing authors to this project at large, listed are names and roles/contributions:
Taggart - male_01 texture, male hands, partnership in the older versions
Wraithcat - pants/skirt/boots, kit head, additional heads
BlooCobalt - Skeleton, physics, female hands, final rigging
FloaterTWO - Generic female hair meshes, rigging
Nirrti - epulettes, citizen mouth texture
Squiddy - Female heads, phongwarps, file system architecture
Ninja_Nub - additional custom heads, rigging
-Rusty- - citizen head textures
Simkas --K&L porting backend
Haxxer - ME2 officer ports
Plasmid - female skirt/legs (DR Jessie)
FakeFactory - head texture base files
Dean - Q&A

Blooper Reel & Hunterdnrc - Promotional shots

Half Life 2 - base skeleton, Mossman's hands, base eye shaders, citizen pants
Dead Rising - Female legs, pumps
Eve Online - Skirt, female boots
Kane & Lynch - male pants
Mass Effect 2 - Tunic/Coat
Mass Effect 3 - Female hair meshes
Dragon Age 2 - Hawke Head
Sin Episodes - Jessica head mesh
Final Fantasy XIII - Fang head mesh
L4D - Beret, heads
L4D2 - Ellis's hands, heads
Max Payne 3 - Male heads
Battlefield 3 – Heads

May be used for Machinima. May be used for Rolepaly. May NOT be used as a premuim item where some form of currency is traded to gain access to them (no selling this - pointshop or real money wise). Please contact me before redisrtibution. You may modify the pack, or decompile and reuse in other projects, however I would like to be consulted. I have source files that maky make it easier for you to do your project, and I could be able to help.

For a ‘behind the scenes’ developer blog and project history, check out my 17 page post on Internet Hate Machinae[]. There I discuss virtually everything that went into this project, and have written down all those neat little tips most hacking veterans guard with jealousy.

If you want to to get a direct download or have problems with this one, this thread[] has a link to a direct download of the files as a .7z archive.
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