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I'm a long term MMORPG gamer and thought I'd try ESO as a free trial.

My first impressions led me to notice the menu system for information and travel and to notice the combat interface which is well made with a simplified combat bar and a diverse amount of combat skills and options available,

This game makes it very easy to get into groups with other gamers and has a guild system where you can join more than one guild depending on your desired playstyles..

I've never seen a MMORPG with such a varied amount of content that can go from very simple to a time consuming legacy to master.

I've found the other players on the EU server very friendly, helpfull, and mature and as a new player I had many questions.

If you like RPG games and MMORPG games you can play this game on a budget and you'll have enough content for hours, weeks, months of content and gameplay. I would recommend a ESO plus membership as this will give you more content and a bonus of an unlimited resource bag which is clearly a huge advantage.

As with many games your equipment can define how well you survive and last in the game. The game is well balanced for new players up to lvl 50 and equipment is constantly being changed.

The crafting system is the easiest I have ever seen, and yet it is still a lot of fun. The harder part is getting the recipes you want which take looting or travelling around.

The game has a feature to use add ons which many players use to enhance their menus and playstyles, and there is a host of downloadable content available to keep you occupied.

I thoroughly recommend this game where there is tonnes of story driven content by some very well known actors in places. Be warned some adventures are longer than others with lots of opportunity for fun and adventure.

Game Rating 5/5
Game Value for money 5/5

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Played a version of Fallout 4 with all DLC content & have complete all steam achievements for this game.

What Is Fallout 4 to me?:
Fallout four has a great story line and host of characters in a massive open-world adventure, set in a post apocalyptic setting. You can basically do what you like when you like within reason but you do have to keep story line npc's alive, they will not regenerate.

The game provides you with hours of content and whilst some bits can be repetitive and samey, the story lines will keep things fresh as you learn about new vaults, enemies, and new hidden areas, and dare I say some interesting puzzles to solve.

Combat system:
The combat system is easy to use with some unique advanced options for targeting. The one thing you'll find is that you run out of bullets fast, so it's nice to have crafting functions for weapons and armour.

Village Utilities:
As well as crafting weapons and armour you are able to craft a host of items and utilities for your villages that increase the more you do in game. You can provide; beds, water, shelter, defences and more which makes game-play a lot more fun as you try additionally to gather resources for your ultimate luxuries and build essential services for every village you have.

As a new player ensure you save often, being fast and light armoured is just as handy as being heavily armoured and slow. Explore as many places as you can and travelling back becomes easier later.

Overall Gameplay 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Value For Money 10/10

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Waymaker2020 Mar 15, 2021 @ 4:35pm 
Finally completed Skyrim and the achievements. :steamthumbsup: