Tomas Marlen
Tomáš Kracík   Haifa, Hefa, Israel
STATUS: VideoGame Addict
Also Graphic Designer, Geek and Dumbass XD
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...cause here in Ford everybody knows that Cars goes VroomVroomVroom...
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:FreedomofLife: LIFE IN POINTS
my videogame biography

Birth of Me
I was born in Central Europe on 6th of November 1986 in a Capital city of Czech Republic - Prague.

NES & Famicom
First videogame device I had as a five or six years old was NES (NintendoEntertaimentSystem) and I played Super Mario Bross, Robocop3, Terminator2, Contra and other classics like crazzy back then.

First PC
My first PC was 486 Pentium 75–120Mhz XD I played Duke Nukem I. and II. or those Olympic games from Accolade - quite improvemt, but not for gaming at least from a child's point of view.

Sony Playstation
It happened on Christmass 1996 and OH BOY XD Sony fakin Playstation arrived right under the Hanukkah Menorah XD XD and games like Metal Gear Solid, Residen Evil, Gran Turismo, Tekken and Tony Hawk pro Skater had lobotomized realy deep in to that childs brain of main.

PC Masterace
New Millenium was in sign of PC Master Race XD I have also started doing graphic design by that time which definitely legitimized my life behind monitorglass as it started to earn money soon after.

Microsoft Xbox 360
X360 in 2005 was my last videogame console so far and today I would more likely invest those money in PC, Iam not saying that Ive didnt enjoyed games like first Bioshock or Assasins Creed, Mass Effect or GTAIV and GTAV, but all these games I can have now on steam so it looks like Ive bough X360 only to be able to play these games little earlier on console XD IDK XD
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Battle of Scarif reenactment - Rogue One
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48 Hours played
Jesus fakin Christ xD 40 hours on Sevastopol station from which I have spend like 30 hours hiding in lockers and crawling under the tables scared like crazzy sweting my own blood xD God xD What the hell is this? and I thought that I Am immune to these virtual fears, but not in this case, no oh no xD game must be opening some kind of Alien trauma back from my childhood cause I cant explain why Ive been shiting my pants right from the beginning to the end xD WoW xD (I will probably rewrite this review after I will stop shaking x)
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ShotgunHobo May 20 @ 9:46am 
scard me,..... dont post stuff like this.... now my fckin pants are wet with pis!!!!
Your Dread May 12 @ 2:39pm 
Tak já se za nic nestydím, jsem jen koukal kolik máš lidí počtově ve FL. :D
Tomas Marlen May 12 @ 2:24pm 
@FUZZ :D Co je to za dotazník? xD resp. nvm jak to myslíš :emofdr: teda pokud sem se někde neuklik a omylem neodmítnul žádost o kámošství, ale jinak pokud tvuj profil zrovna nepretejka VAC banama a mas alespon lvl 10 tak přidávám všechny "nový lidi" bez rozdilu :whfpill::call_soulmate::rockon:
Your Dread May 12 @ 1:41pm 
Máš "uzavřenou" komunitu, či jen nemáš zájem poznávat nové lidi ?
HΛNS WITH ZΞ GΛS Jul 8, 2018 @ 9:10am 
Have a great day! Love this guy :Amane::choiceHeart:
💕Ariadna💕[CZ] Feb 14, 2018 @ 3:28am