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A very polished VR-only rhythm game with some major flaws.

Good game. Not great but good. The devs do not appear to add to the game often and there are very few songs. I've made a comprehensive list of pros and cons.

Good features:

  1. Snazzy UI with that classic stuck-in-a-computer feel, similar to Assassin's Creed's animus but not quite a rip-off of that.
  2. Easily distinguished controller model. Easy to keep your controller in sight when there are many distractions.
  3. Note tracks are very accurate and make you feel like you're playing to the music.
  4. Because notes aren't generated on-the-fly, the pattern stays the same with each play of each song, so you can practice a song and get really good at it.
  5. Some of the scenery is just beautiful and fun to look around at, but that same scenery is pretty empty and not well optimized.

Bad features:

  1. No quality settings, no settings at all, and the menu feels rather empty. I would love to see an option to toggle fireworks and other stage effects to minimize frame drops.
  2. Accidentally choose tracks to play sometimes just because of my controller position.
  3. Some scenery can lag the game a lot, even after the many updates and bugfixes. I prefer not to play on the fireworks scene because of this. If the game had some quality reduction options, I would turn the fireworks/particles off temporarily for specific stages. Some optimization would go a long way for this game!
  4. Music is limited to the dev's licensed music. No custom tracks yet. Granted, the chosen tracks are kinda nice, but I would like to see more songs with lyrics and more replay value.

A couple tips for newbies:

  1. Pressing the Vive controller's menu button can pause the game! (Go. Go potty. Thank me later.)
  2. Holding the controller up to the ring/circle that indicates where an orb will be is considered acceptable but it will not give you the highest score possible. To get frequent perfect combos, you have to actually hit the circles/orbs at the timing of the music.
  3. You can restart a song from the pause menu if you miss a note. Take advantage of this feature as often as possible so you can get the highest rating, an S!

Overall, Beats Fever is a lot of fun to play and looks gorgeous for VR, but its replayability is pretty low due to a lack of song choices and the song choices being somewhat dull. It has a lot going for it, so it's a shame the devs seem to have stopped supporting it. There are no custom songs, and the only songs update was just a small DLC you had to unlock separately. If the devs would just let us add our own songs somehow, I think it could be a community-driven phenomenon, but in its current state and after a lot of time passing, I cannot recommend this game at any price. Get Audioshield or Box VR or even Holodance before you even consider this game.
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