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Pursuer of Light

Follow the sequence of the light, and unlock all boxes on the 1st Floor
Unlocked Nov 6, 2021 @ 8:24pm

Back In Time

Use the mirror, and return to the past

Symbol of Royalty

Acquire the King's Scepter


Eat 5 escargots and witness a hallucination


Use the hammer to break open Door 2

Smile of the Goddess

Worship the photo of the female ghost

The Flower Thief

Pick up the pistil of all the flowers.

The Mystery Dancer

Blow all the color flutes.

Eve's Temptation

Make the images on the parchment alive.

Angel Summon

Find a picture of the ghost bride.

The Creator

Smash all the plates in the cupboard.

The Psychic Detective

Play the phonograph to show a woman's outline.

The Secret Eavesdropper

Listen to all the songs on all radio channels.

The One Who Types Hard

Type the typewriter up to 100 times.