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Early Access Review
It's too early to tell if this is going to be good, but so far, it leaves a lot to be desired. It's very barebones right now and doesn't even have a proper menu or import/export. Sculpts don't really feel good as-is, though I think that might get better as the software is developed. Overall, a semi-decent start to a promising app, but Kodon is still my preferred sculpting tool by a long shot.
Posted April 26.
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Early Access Review
I'm a noob at this game, but I was instantly won over once I tried it with the Index controllers. Amazing control schemes for VR controllers! That said, it's not without its frustrations.

First, visual quality is high. I love the studio environment on the main menu. The stages are nice, too, though they are a lot simpler for good reason. I also love how the guitars look. There are some less than pretty effects in the game that can sometimes take you down a peg, but some of these effects are necessary for clarity (showing where to place your hands) while others are just funny (rocker hair toggle). I didn't notice any slowdowns or framerate drops, though I was playing at 0.9x resolution to troubleshoot other problems unrelated to this game. Overall, good visuals and good performance. A good time for sure.

The soundtrack of this game is a little bit lacking but not too bad. I feel like I played most of the game's songs in under 30 minutes, which isn't great, but I can't say it's something that prevents me from enjoying that rocker vibe. I will be going back to each of these songs over and over to try to get used to playing this game at higher difficulties, so it would be nice to see more lyrical songs and more variety. Beat Saber had the same problem for a while unless you count the modding scene's maps. Perhaps Rocking Legend will get a modding scene someday?

The one major frustration is how floaty and unattached the guitar is. It doesn't follow the position of my gripping hand, it just floats around near me, which feels very odd. The positioning system to adjust guitar position seems like it should work well, but it just doesn't place the guitar where I tell it to. The guitar's rotation changes after placement. It basically does calibration incorrectly and then doesn't follow your body positioning well enough to feel immersive. Of course, this could be a null issue for non-VR control schemes, but I was really impressed with how well the finger tracking was integrated into this game, even if it's not the ideal way to play.

Overall, I can't recommend this game enough. Want a guitar-playing VR game? This is it.
Posted April 11.
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This is legit a good physics puzzle game, but it feels very unpolished and incomplete. It could use a lot of improvement to the environment, the physics, and the performance. That said, it's well worth $5 if you appreciate a good island environment in VR or just wanna throw boxes around using grapple hook style ropes.
Posted February 15.
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I've been eyeing these Mario Party-esque games, Pummel Party and Party Panic, for years. I finally bit the bullet and bought both of them at the same time during the 2020 Winter Sale, but while both are fun, if you need to choose between them, things get a little complicated.

Party Panic is a lot more cartoony, more child-friendly, less violent, and overall just nicer. It feels closer to Mario Party than Pummel Party. That said, Pummel Party has a more interesting game board with more fleshed out minigames, making it the overall better, more modern experience. Unfortunately, both games have major problems with their UI/UX.

Pummel Party is more expensive and has less personality. While Party Panic has facial expressions (albeit really dumb cartoon expressions), Pummel Party has no expressions at all. Characters in Pummel Party feel a lot bulkier and slower, less Mario-esque, more Dead By Daylight-esque, but also far from realistic. The blood in Pummel Party is simply a board game element, like keys, which can be stolen or taken from enemy players. This gameplay element is missing from Party Panic, which makes Pummel Party a more complex board game. If you want the simplest experience, Party Panic might be the better choice.

Party Panic is of course, less expensive and for good reason. It is a simpler game with simpler goals. It's older, too, but in my experience, that doesn't mean it's not as fun or worse off in any way other than visuals. Party Panic has less minigame variety, and the minigames are a lot less interesting most of the time.

Some minigames in both Party Panic and Pummel Party are awfully designed, so you'll have to deal with that type of frustration with either game. Some of the minigames are downright pointless, leading to all players regardless of their skill level feeling bored and uninterested. Other minigames are not the same game as shown in their previews or are altered in some way. Both games have flawed minigames which give the AI an unfair advantage, but this is hardly noticeable. What is noticeable is that in Pummel Party, sometimes, the AI gets stuck in a pointless loop somewhere on the board.

If you have a limited budget and have to choose between these games, I say get the game that looks the most visually pleasing to you, but keep in mind that both are poorly explained games with little single player worthy content. You will want to play these games with actual people. Duh.
Posted January 2.
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Early Access Review
BOTW visuals and animation style with janky MMO-style controls and a less than vague plot with next to no sense of progression outside of unlockable building mechanics and absurd magic spells. Still, the game is addictive and even more addictive with friends. Once the bugs are worked out and the early access period is over, this could be one of the most amazing multiplayer survival crafting experiences I've had, but only time will tell. If you're into the style of the game and don't mind frequent game-breaking bugs and very unfinished mechanics/content, get the game, and you'll be helping to support the dev's progress.

1. Great visual style we don't see often.
2. Very interesting building options, from generators and forges to farms and cannons.
3. Very relaxing vibe if you want it to be that way. Can also be a challenge if you want that. Lots of optional gameplay elements that you don't have to pursue.

1. Very janky animations and low quality models a lot of the time. (This may change as the game gets developed, but I doubt it.)
2. Lots of Zelda BOTW-inspired gameplay mechanics that feel a little ripped off but not quite to the same satisfaction. Example: climbing exists, but you have to jump to climb up (very janky btw), and you can't climb down.
3. Not enough basic building items to build the perfect house or village look. Not enough to satisfy our creativity either. Needs more options for doors, more locomotion options (slides would be awesome), and more creative building combination options, like hinges and springs.
Posted November 29, 2020.
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I've had this software for a long, long time, well before there was a free version. The free version would have been nice for a while, but having the paid version has its benefits... obviously. I totally recommend this software over all the other overlays out there. There's an open source one I also have been enjoying very recently, but it takes more effort to use and doesn't seem to be as stable or as easy to use in general. Daily OVR is still my go-to solution for seeing chat windows, youtube videos, anything browser-based, obs, everything within VR.

There are some minor gripes:
1. The dev never adds anything new to this. The last update was just to add the free version.
2. There is only 1 built-in app, the clock, and it's not customizable.
3. The keyboard button is on the top of each window rather than on your wrist menu or at the bottom. The bottom of the window should be an option at least. I would prefer a wrist menu keyboard shortcut.
4. Sometimes, Liv thinks it needs to capture DailyOVR. The workarounds are to either minimize DailyOVR and launch Liv with a game already open or to load DailyOVR after Liv has already launched something. This isn't really DailyOVR's fault, but I would like to figure out how to load DailyOVR without the splash screen, which is what Liv tries to capture.
5. After over 1000 hours, I still haven't figured out the gestures system and I can't seem to turn it off, so sometimes, I accidentally gesture for input.

The major pros of this software:

1. Gestures seem neat if I only understood how to use them.
2. Built-in clock is nice-looking and can be handy when you're trying to keep an eye on the time. I use this when playing Beat Saber because I often will play that game for many hours without realizing it. Very easy to open and close.
3. The menu button toggle is very easy to understand and remember, though it does get in the way of a few games which also use that button. I think you can customize this button press using SteamVR's input mappings, though I was happy with it as-is, so I didn't try that. It would be nice if the app gave you a lock to disable it within SteamVR's dashboard.
4. The overall UI design is pretty good. It won't win any awards, but it looks decent and has a small footprint in games.

Obviously, try the free version first. Try all the free options before purchasing anything. You might like something else more. Daily OVR just was priced well at the time I needed something and has worked well for quite a while. It continues to remain stable and never give me any major issues.
Posted November 8, 2020.
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$60 for a 12 hour AAA experience. It's a great game with great visuals, but it's far from the most replayable game. I got this game from a deal where you get it free with a Valve Index hardware purchase, when I bought my Valve Index controllers. It also has been included in a few other bundle deals, like the Vive Cosmos Elite. Definitely look around for the best offer before buying this.

That said, it's a $60 purchase you won't regret. It's a must-have experience based solely on the visuals and the amount of interactables. The Index finger tracking grip is under-utilized to allow you to gradually crush soda cans, but at least it's used. The game has a lot of locomotion options, but teleport is unfortunately necessary to jump gaps and climb some ledges. The gunplay feels good despite the missing player body, and the only real nitpicky thing I have is the way the Alyx character is nice really shown at all aside from her hands and her voice. It would be nice to have some full body awareness going on here, but this game is more focused on being beginner-friendly than being immersive. The overall expierience is great as long as you don't mind the simplicity.

There are mods. I haven't touched mods yet. I plan to... someday.
Posted August 23, 2020.
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Free, short game that will be awesome but ultimately leave you wanting more. Decent amount of hidden things but extremely short. I wish they sold this and made it much longer.
Posted August 3, 2020.
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Awesome game.

Some bugs. Some very hilarious bugs. Some game-breaking bugs (though you can restart from checkpoints to get past the bugs).
Posted July 22, 2020.
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Felt like they really wanted to go to E3 this year.

This was a lot of fun as a E3 parody as well as a short romp through 3D representations of each game Devolver has coming out. I was really excited to explore all the areas. It was over way too quickly, but I couldn't complain, because it was free. The Serious Sam area was not done justice if you ask me. I really loved the Carrion area, though. Good game to try to get all the achievements in if you're interested in that sort of thing.

I wish this was also a VR experience, because then I could theoretically pick all the objects up and toy with things a lot more.
Posted July 19, 2020.
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