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52.3 hrs on record (40.5 hrs at review time)
I haven't beat the game yet at 40+ hours and I feel like I'm maybe halfway into the main story, but there's a lot of very lengthy dialogue segments, so if I skipped a lot of the dialogue, I probably would have made it most of the way through everything gameplay-wise in way less than 20 hours so far. There have been a few very repetitive tasks/areas and a lot of long, drawn-out segments which were sometimes quite pointless and also sometimes unskippable. That said, it was a fun experience overall, and it's amazing how good everything looks.

Some points of feedback so far:
1. Game starts on my side screen and requires a trip to the options screen to toggle full screen mode to fix, sometimes using Windows key + Shift to move the window. I wonder why the game can't just play on my primary screen.
2. Summon materia do not level up. I would have enjoyed having to pick a summon to level up rather than being able to swap them all the time. That said, I love the summon animations. Beautiful stuff!
3. Shinra HQ is confusing as hell. The mission markers do not help. Some areas had me running into the side of a map to get to the objective, which makes no sense. Would like to see an improved waypoint system for indoor areas.
4. No FPV. I would love to see first-person in some areas, like small indoor rooms.
5. The overall plot is mostly the same as the original FF7 game, but the new additions so far are either blatant filler content or questionably bad plot points which so far do not make any difference to the plot or distract too much from the original plot points.
6. Some of the filler content is incredibly bad. You have quests like finding kitties and scaring them back to their owner, which is a little girl. You have quests where all you do is find all the chocobo fast travel hubs in an area and then the reward is the hubs being free. Great... hubs I may rarely use for a limited time.... I would like to see more rewarding side quests with more substance to them.
7. Character movement is incredibly inconsistent. Sometimes, you're capable of leaping buildings. Other times, you're stuck behind a few boxes or a metal pipe. Sometimes, you can run really fast. Other times, you have to move at a snail's pace for no reason other than to pad time. It feels like someone wanted to recreate a Tomb Raider mechanic and refused to let it go.
8. Combat is spectacular! I only wish the game explained why Cloud couldn't summon sometimes. I can't seem to have Cloud summon Ifrit at all. Is this a bug? Hm.
9. The difficulty levels are a bit on the easy side so far. I have a complicated battle from time to time, but nothing a retry won't solve. The only battle I had trouble with was a Tonberry side quest mini-boss where I didn't really have to fight it at all if I didn't care about it. I'm told there's a higher difficulty you unlock by beating the game, but once I'm through it, I probably won't replay it for quite a while. I'd rather be able to play top difficulty from the get-go if I so choose.

So yeah, the overall experience is a 9/10 masterpiece as far as I'm concerned. It's worth full price even if it doesn't include the full original game world/story. It's that well drawn out. It's a huge game with amazing visuals and even more amazing soundtrack/score. Most of the game is a lot of fun, it just has some annoyances sprinkled in and is maybe more drawn out than it should be in some areas.
Posted July 25. Last edited July 25.
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0.1 hrs on record
Website for this product went down and seems to be owned by someone else now. App not updated in a while. Many issues. Would use it regularly if issues were fixed. As-is, it's not reliable enough. Commands will disappear randomly after you spent tons of time setting them up.
Posted July 21.
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1.3 hrs on record
Tough game to like. Definitely not worth its price or your time, but I'll let you know the pros and cons...

+ Good quality character models with decent animations and decent voice work
+ Soundtrack is great. I'm happy I have the soundtrack separate to this game.
+ Nice premise for a kid-friendly adventure story.

- Characters often have very broken animations and often you'll see some pretty derpy stuff when an NPC attacks another NPC.
- Easy to get lost. Difficult to find your way around the game world. Sometimes, however, you just get stuck in an area due to...
- Many frequent glitches/bugs. There was a bug in my initial playthrough of the very first level where a door didn't open when it should have. I wandered around aimlessly trying to find where I was supposed to go for quite a while before eventually just restarting the game and lo and behold, the door opened.
- Boss battles are winnable but not because of skill or being able to figure out a clever puzzle. There's nothing to figure out. You just have to hit them and minimize damage to yourself as much as possible and make sure you have full hp before the battle. It's tedious and not fun.
- The story is not told in an exciting way. Dialogue is mostly filler content and adds little substance to the game's story. A hour in, I felt like I was barely scratching the surface of the story and I just couldn't invest myself into it because the game was so monotonous, so boring.
- The camera is static and overhead except in cutscenes, and no effort was given to make important objects or even the player visible behind walls.

Overall, I'm just stratching my head over why this game was released in its current state. It needed way more time in the oven.
Posted July 14.
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0.0 hrs on record
S2Engine is a cheap, very affordable game engine, but this review is for the S2Enngine Building Generator add-on.

The add-on is also very affordable, and if you're thinking about grabbing it just to toy with it, it's definitely worth its sale price at least. Definitely worth a look.

However, this is a negative review, a criticism, so here are the pros and the cons...

+ Easy to understand even if you're a non-modeler who never used a 3d tool in your life. I especially like the wall selection and per-wall settings.
+ Runs well enough on lower end hardware (GTX 1060) that it doesn't bog down your system during use. Does not seem to be demanding at all. If you go afk and come back hours later, S2Engine will have to reload the scene and may take a few minutes, but that's not a big issue.
+ Geometry of the buildings is very low poly count and mostly clean topology, though it's not a perfectly sealed structure. I would have liked to see some bump maps and smaller details as an LOD option,l but as-is, it looks decent enough for most use cases.

- Not 3D print ready models.
- Even though it's easy to understand the tool, it's not easy to use these buildings in S2Engine itself. I still haven't figured out how to send these buildings into the current scene without exporting and reimporting them.
- The building parts and settings are all slider-based, so finding the perfect part combinations can be difficult. The sliders are not very responsive either, lagging for 1-2 seconds sometimes when navigating. I would prefer most of these sliders instead be lists of options with preview images.
- Textures are huge filesize and not explained well. I noticed the overall model size was small, but the textures amount to about 60-80MB and do not seem to have options to be scaled down. On top of that, it seems to by default include a ton of textures in the atlas which you probably do not need.
- Buildings are exterior only! Also, the exterior of these buildings looks pretty basic. I can get way better results with minimal work from some Unity add-ons and from some building generation tools in Blender, and these results often include interior floor parts and sometimes even see-through windows. Based on this flaw alone, I will not be using this tool in my workflow for any projects.

For your reference, here are some screenshots of a "haunted house" model generated by this add-on and then exported as OBJ and imported into Blender 3.1...
Wireframe of model: https://syrsly.com/files/s2engine/bg_blender_wireframe.png
Material preview: https://syrsly.com/files/s2engine/bg_blender_material.png

As you can see, it's probably useful for low poly game projects which don't require a lot of detail, but definitely consider your other options. There are some pros to using this software, but I cannot say I recommend it for large projects or for anything where you need interiors.
Posted June 12.
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8.3 hrs on record (6.4 hrs at review time)
Amazing game, very much Zelda-inspired but also combines some elements from Ori and similar platformers. It has some slight problems, minor flaws, but the overall experience is nearly jawdropping. I love the visuals and attention to detail. The parallax is done well. The lighting is superb for this kind of game. The details go as far as breakable fossils and slightly interactive candles and rain on windows and god rays that change with the parallax. I also really appreciated the soundtrack of this game. Beautiful work.
Posted March 30.
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112.6 hrs on record (96.2 hrs at review time)
TLDR: Buy it on sale 50% off or more.

I got to 96 hours. A lot of people would look at that as getting your money's worth, but keep in mind 12 hours of that was idling and most of the rest of that was time spent troubleshooting technical issues and playing very slowly with coop buddies who couldn't handle the game on their own or who were obsessive loot goblins or who couldn't seem to ride the elevators at the same time as me or who spontaneously combusted because, well....

To say the game's just an incomplete mess is an understatement. Even an incomplete mess can be a good sandbox sometimes, but Dying Light 2, well, it feels like Cyberpunk 2077 without the vehicles, guns, character customization, dialogue animations, and sex scenes... and even its secrets are surface level gimmicks aside from a couple exceptions. Most of the characters in this game are blankly staring at you while they talk, barely moving at all, just swaying, but that's fine most of the time, because quests resort to "go to x and find y and bring it back to z" anyway. Dialogue pathes *do* change the game in drastic ways sometimes, but most of it is skippable non-sense that often resolves into the same ending as long as you choose all the gold options. Not much happens story-wise, and the narrative surrounding your missing sister is forgotten almost as soon as it begins... just like you forgot your own backstory.

Dying Light 2 feels like a lesser version of the original Dying Light in almost every way. The story is less exciting. The characters are less animated. There are way more glitches, some of which can be a lot more frustrating than anything in the original Dying Light.

However, there are some improvements to the formula. The UI is a lot more mouse-friendly this time around. I also found the online menu very easy to understand and use. The open world looks beautiful most of the time and really makes use of that fancy 3080 Ti. The texture work is phenomenal. The rain looks very good from certain angles, and the controls feel good. The sound design is more obvious than in the original, and the game world feels a lot more expansive.

Notice how I said "more expansive" rather than "larger". The game world is larger, I believe, but it feels smaller because of the paraglider and grapple hook and fast travel. You move so fast that the larger world feels smaller. There's less stopping you from traversing the world. There are no aerial opponents to keep you out of specific areas, so a lot of the time, you'll run into invisible walls, invisible forces that push you away, countdowns for going out-of-bounds, and contaminated areas that instakill you with no warning. It also feels like the paraglider makes climbing less intense. Once you unlock the paraglider's boost, you don't even have to parkour anymore!

The focus on melee is in some ways one of the improvements to the franchise, but also, it feels like a detriment to the overall feel of a zombie shooter. I like the ways you can modify melee weapons. There's a lot of depth there! Unfortunately, it's also rendered pointless by durability and the lack of need for melee weapons when you can just dropkick everything. The dropkick from the first game was not balanced all that well, but it's worse in this one. The grapple hook is also crazy OP, because it never breaks (unlike your other weapons), can be used rapidly with no cooldown, never needs to be replenished, and can literally turn you into Scorpion from Mortal Kombat and let you pull anyone to you and stun them and knock them over except unfortunately your coop buddies. ;D The stun lock ability of the grapple hook make it absurdly powerful on its own, but it also gives you the ability to immediately insta-kill enemies with a face smash afterward at no cost to durability. And on top of that, the grapple hook isn't even hard to get and is absurdly easy to fully upgrade.

It saddens me to report that guns are nowhere to be found except for a hard-to-get-and-even-harder-to-craft finger gun that barely harms anything. Of course, you have a very limited pool of arrow types for a very generic bow that slowly gets replaced by higher level versions of itself as you get through the game and find them in shops. The bow is only interesting because of the arrows you can craft for it, which I will admit, are the strongest items in the game by far. Shock arrows are crazy useful, and the only reason you might hold off on using them is a lack of feathers. However, if you just visit the shops over and over, you'll be able to buy all the feathers you need with minimal effort even halfway into your first run of the story.

Unfortunately, what really kills this game's replayability is its focus on buying items from shops. You might think you're finding the best loot from chests, but the bulk of what I found in this game came from the shops as random inventory that gets shown to me simply because I equipped something else of that level. This basically renders the game's whole gameplay loop pointless except the shops toward the end of the story if you managed to save your money, which was incredibly easy to do because the story was a snorefest involving fetch quests and none of the side quests were particularly demanding on supplies and everything rewards you with tons of money or tons of resources and you almost never find yourself low on funds or needing to even sell anything. I only used my consumables because selling them was pointless. The balance of funds to resources to time spent getting either is non-existent for anyone with half a brain.

So yeah, buy the game whenever it gets cheap, and keep expectations tempered. It's a good time for a short while, but it's nowhere near what the hype surrounding it would have you think. Over-hyped? Yes, definitely. Bad game? No way. Far from it. It's a lot of fun. It just lacks any end game content and is way too glitchy and near unplayable as an online coop game.

I feel like the way forward for this game is pretty straightforward:
1. Improve the loot/cost ratio. This is crazy important for end game! Make boss type enemies drop more gear and less money but make it make sense based on the enemy type and location. Make human opponents drop better gear than the zombies while rewarding zombie-killing with more zombie-related items which could be crafted into concoctions by learning the recipes at specific places in the game.
2. Improve crafting by not providing the items in shops except for the most basic items. Crafting will then become a lot more worthwhile.
3. Have craftables which require other craftables, too! Imagine the possibilities for the bows and arrows! You'd make arrows first then turn those arrows into poisoned arrows or whatever rather than crafting specific arrow types. This allows the player to pick up regular arrows and convert them into special arrows.
4. Allow third-person view for the paraglider. This seems like a "duh" moment. There are custom skins for the paraglider, so make it visible to the player!
5. Improve netcode so less glitches happen. Okay, so this should probably be #1 priority, but I look at it as playable already. It could use a ton of bugfixes, sure, and a ton more optimizations, too. I saw some grass foliage objects inside some building geometry whenever I cut into a ceiling or spawned in a floor. Removing the excess geometry and textures should be done eventually but I feel like even if the game was heavily optimized, it wouldn't make the game more popular or bring back the players who got bored of it.
Posted March 21.
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0.1 hrs on record
Impressive visual feat to make it run so smoothly, but I suspect it's just a flat render rather than a render per eye. It would have been neat if it was an endless environment, but unfortunately, it was a relatively small environment compared to most fractal environments I've seen. Overall, it's worth your time to try the free level, but the DLC could add up quickly. Without the DLC, you can still do a "preview" video fly-through of the other DLC levels, but the free level will only take a few minutes to see all there is to see.

Like other reviewers have mentioned, there's a lack of keyboard and mouse controls, and there's a very obvious size limit to the environments. The environments aren't true fractals and get old way too fast. I'd pay for a fractal generator that let me make my own fractal environments, but having this limited of options in levels, it gets old too fast.
Posted February 16. Last edited February 16.
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3.0 hrs on record (0.3 hrs at review time)
I bought S2Engine a long while ago (2016, 2-3 months after release), but I refunded it due to performance issues. I was a heavy user of Unity back then and still am today. I have experience with many other game engines and frameworks, including Flash, HaxeFlixel, HaxePunk, PhaserJS, NeoAxis, Unreal, and BGE just to name a few. My favorite engine has been Unity for a long time, and I don't really see myself moving away from it anytime soon, but I'm always open to trying new things and keeping an eye on the competition for that matter.

In 2016, S2Engine was unusable, so I refunded it after about a hour just trying to make it work. I had just upgraded from a 750 Ti to a 1060, and I was surprised to see the engine's scene editor was like 2 fps, and the play mode made it to maybe 5 fps if I was lucky.

Many years later, the engine had been at its all time lowest price, $4 USD, so I figured why not give it another go. I'm surprised it's as good as it is. I've barely used it, so I'll update my review as I use it more, but from what I can tell, it's a very competent game engine with some really nice terrain editing tools and good demo projects to get you started. The framerate on my 1060 is a steady 50-60 fps on the default zombie scene from the demo projects (in play mode), and on my 3080 Ti, it's basically off the charts, never seeing anything lower than 300 fps. That's pretty good considering how complex the scene is.

The water in the zombie project looks fantastic. It has shoreline foam, ocean scale rendering, and underwater effects! Great staple for any engine. The water, however, isn't straightforward to edit. I'll have to watch tutorials in order to figure that out. I think it might be part of the scene settings somewhere. Regardless, it's definitely worth $4 just to toy with this stuff.

Some room is available for improvement:

Scene editor takes a poop sometimes for no apparent reason. You have to wait 2-3 minutes for it to think about what it's doing and then it works itself out, but then you can undo whatever was done. In my case, I was using the terrain ramp tool on a dirt track in the race demo scene where the player car object was, and when I raised the terrain, the scene editor froze for 2 minutes to figure out where to move everything. When it was done being stupid, the edit I made was totally bizarre and the player was well below the terrain.

The demo projects aren't really well designed for any purpose. They don't act as good starting points for much of anything. The default two projects are a race scene and a first person shooter zombie scene. The race scene isn't even a race. It's just a drive-around scene with a dirt track, and it has awful sound effects. It has a minimal GUI/HUD, but it really doesn't do you any favors. Perhaps it could help a new user figure out how the GUI works? I think a better racing demo project would go a long way to sell the engine and teach new users best practices.

I can't seem to find any info on whether or not S2 Engine supports VR. The closest I can find to confirmation is this post from 2018 that says VR and character generation are planned for 2019: https://steamcommunity.com/app/443970/discussions/0/1732090362048436125/
The character and VR DLCs aren't anywhere to be found, so I assume these features are taking a lot longer than planned to implement. I think the lack of VR support is the primary reason to stay away from the engine in my book. Half my life is centered around VR and mixed reality, so not having that in this engine definitely hurts my ability to use the engine for my most fun projects.

My overall impression so far is that it's a good engine with some very promising built-in features to help new indie developers jump into the scene. I would pay $4 for this again. Is it worth full price? Well, Unity and Unreal are both free to get into but have royalties after a certain project margin, while S2Engine doesn't have royalties at all. They have a Patreon you can use to show further support if you want to, and there are DLCs for the engine which are 100% optional. I say get the engine on sale for sure. It's the price of a McDonalds kids meal. Everything else, well, that's up to you. I'm a pro Unity user, so I probably won't switch to S2Engine for any big projects, but it's definitely fun to toy with, and I'm probably going to put a few hours into it every now and then just to learn the workflow.
Posted January 4.
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0.3 hrs on record
Honestly, this is a simple, casual RTS that's free. It should be an easy recommendation, but it has a major flaw. Fix the distance the player can travel. Some maps are completely in favor of the AI and unbeatable because you can't travel to the AI nodes but they can travel to you.

Here are some other ideas for improvement that are not necessary but would be cool:
1. Add some more optional complexity to the maps. Perhaps add collapsing nodes as a kind of trap/obstacle.
2. Add Twitch channel points integration to let viewers sabotage you.
3. Add bigger ships that you can build by toggling to slower production mode on a node. The bigger ships could be harder to destroy and travel slightly farther. They could also colonize nodes slightly faster and produce their own drones. Might even be a good idea to call these ships "colonizers."
4. Liv mixed reality integration or at least a good spectator view that isn't just the FPV. Helps sell the game... even though it's free. lol
Posted December 19, 2021.
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14.8 hrs on record (13.5 hrs at review time)
This is best compared to Touring Karts, another Mario Kart-esque arcade kart racing game for VR. I'll list the pros and cons of each game for you here...

Pros of Dash Dash World:

1. Beautiful and highly animated maps. Great theming on every map.
2. Decent wheel support. I used a Logitech G29 and had minimal issues.
3. The drifting and drafting mechanics are really good, and the gameplay feels exciting all the time, even when it shouldn't.

Cons of Dash Dash World:

1. Maps don't change elevation dynamically. If you're looking for this kind of effect in your racing maps, go with Touring Karts.
2. The menu system is broken and has debug text shown in some places.
3. The game has a lot of odd behaviors that aren't necessarily broken but could be done a lot better. For example, loading screens show comics to the side of you instead of in front of you. And those same comic screens are what lets you know it's done loading. Otherwise, you're staring at a black void, wondering when the game will start.

Pros of Touring Karts:

1. It's cheaper and a lot of people get it through Viveport Infinity or via game bundles. It has a larger playerbase because of this.
2. The input options are a little more versatile, and the presentation of the input options on the start of the game is nice. Wheel support is also fine in this title.
3. The maps move and change as you're driving. You get areas of the map changing into tilts rather than flat land. I don't really see this affecting races much, but it's a cool effect.

Cons of Touring Karts:

1. Visuals are pretty awful. A lot of low poly geometry and almost nothing of interest to look at.
2. Very limited gameplay elements compared to other arcade kart racing games. Power-ups feel too basic a lot of the time, and when they aren't too basic, they're too unwieldy. Most players didn't bother using the projectile power-ups in my experience.
3. Very dull map designs/layouts. Nothing strikes me as exciting or interesting except the changing elements.
4. No effort put into theming or storytelling at all. No lore. No interesting characters.

Dash Dash World is worth the $20, and you probably won't regret the purchase, but know about the problems before going into it. It's crazy glitchy on the menus but seems fine during the actual races, where it matters most. The game is a blast, and I highly recommend it even to players of Touring Karts.
Posted December 15, 2021.
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