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Most realistic war game I've ever seen


Hell Let Loose is the closest you can get to a realistic action game. It's built on real events and involves drivable tanks, trucks and more. The game involves a lot of teamwork. You don't have to take part in this though. But if you do want to, there are a lot of servers out there with people looking for more members to fight together. The realism of this game is what makes it feel this great, I think. For example, Killing someone doesn't give you a pop up on your screen. You will have to see if the person is dead or alive. There are no indicators stating that someone is an enemy. You will have to watch the environment and see where your allies are getting shot from and where everyone is shooting at. The game requires you to think, play tactical.

I'd suggest buying this game if...

You're looking for a realistic action game based around war. The game lets you drive tanks and trucks, call in airstrikes and place structures to support or defend. The game involves a lot of teamwork which you don't have to take place in to play the game. It's more fun with friends since the game then becomes even a bit more realistic or just makes it feel faster. You're telling each other where to look and shoot. There are also a lot of servers looking for more members so you can all fight together if that is what you're into. This game is worth buying if you're looking for the most realistic action game ever. It's easy to enjoy and hard to hate. Buy this game it's worth it.

Hell Let Loose is by far, the most atmospheric and realistic war game I've ever played. There are a lot of servers you can join. They go as far as having their own Discord servers and planning and managing how and when to attack. This is not necessary for the main game though. The main game takes places at a variety of maps and all of those maps are famous landmarks in history. You're fighting the other team which is, for example, Germany VS America and the other way around. The game lets you work together as a team and involves driving tanks, requesting a bomber, driving trucks and building structures to make it easier for you, or more difficult for the enemies. You will need to play the game for a while in order to get used to the mechanics of the game. The game is very realistic and for example, doesn't give you a large message stating you've just killed someone. You will have to check on them to see if they are moving or not.

The game has a lot of different equipment and weapons, etc, you can use. It is hard to get bored in this game. If you're really looking for a fight and a real gun game, then this is the game for you. If you'd like, you can join one of the many servers on Discord. You will probably be more involved in this game than any other game. This game is nothing like COD or R6. It's built around realism. I think that is what makes this game that great. From tanks to planes, airdrops to barbed wires, the game makes you fight like no other game. You're in the middle of the battle and are somehow immediately working together with your teammates.



There is nothing else like this. This game is completely different than every other shooter out there. It involves driving, planning and working together. It's extremely realistic and gives you the kick that other games don't. It's everywhere. Even in the bullet sounds for example. The game is regularly updated and has a lot of daily players. The game is hard to hate and easy to love. You won't get bored. Oh, I almost forgot to say, the game also involves amazing maps and mechanics and just looks. It's this all together that makes this game amazing. I love this game and while writing this. I'd actually want to play it now.
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Just the average delivery van (I fixed the rear blinkers (the rear left blinker was set as the rear right one, etc) you might have to re-subscribe in order to get this fix (I also fixed some other things (see change notes)) I actually have nothing more to
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