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No longer live over at .
Currently hard at work working on a YouTube channel named GameET .

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:tiger: Most of my items are tradable; that said: For the right price.
Feel free to look at my inventory. Interested in something? Send me a trade offer, or a message.
:tiger: I expect you to slightly overpay on a trade regarding one of my items.
:tiger: I will never get first on trades outside of steam, third-party items or gift-trades.
Don't try to convince me; If you don't trust me then don't risk it.
:tiger: On Steam Trading Cards I expect a 2 for 1 trade, or a 1 for 1 with a random item.
:tiger: When we're doing a trade do not ask me to pick something, you are the one trading with me,
so I will not offer as that is your job.
:tiger: I don't trade outside of steam, therefor the rep I have is found on my profile comments.

:tiger: Trade offers can be placed via this link:

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I'm also getting into the art of Livestreaming on , Be sure to stop by sometime!

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[TBB] Angry. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . - € 85.-
MrGPN . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . - € 55.-

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:tiger: Private profiles will not be accepted unless I know you.
:tiger: VAC (valve anti-cheat) banned accounts will not be accepted unless I know you.
:tiger: When you add me I'll be looking at your profile first; if it looks fishy I will not accept
the request to become friends.
:tiger: Invites from people with Steam levels of 8 and below will be ignored.

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Hi! Thank you for checking out my Coffee Talk mod. With over 1300 lines recorded and edited, and over 80 hours of work through the course of a month, I would like to present the first finished, fully recorded mod for the game Coffee Talk. I hope you'll enj
170 ratings
Created by - Joelvn
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Hood: Outlaws & legends is a near- perfect mix between real- time strategy, stealth and head-to-head Combat.

In Hood: Outlaws & legends you take on the role of Robin, John, Tooke or Marianne in a nerve wracking race to steal from the rich and give to the poor- But there's a catch. You're not the only ones sneaking in tonight.

Each of the characters features a unique play style and is relatively easy to understand, but difficult to master.

Robin is an archer; He can take opponents out in a single shot with a well placed headshot. He comes with an ultimate ability that will shoot a 'sticky' explosive arrow at his foes, and has a flash bomb that temporarily blinds his attackers. He lacks on the melee department. However, he does have a basic melee attack in case of emergency. The most precious thing to learn as Robin is strategic positioning. He can turn the tide of battle with a well placed arrow and buy time for his team at the extraction.

Tooke is a monk; wielding a flaming morningstar. He is able to use medium range melee attacks that vary in attack style. Deadly up close, this monk also comes with a very powerful supportive ultimate ability that lets him heal himself and teammates nearby, as well as reveal the position of nearby enemies for a short duration. For those struggling with him, and missing most melee attacks, try locking onto your target with 'F'. He is able to block attacks (including projectiles).
He comes with a poisonous gas grenade that confuses his enemies.

John is a blacksmith; Wielding a giant hammer, this tank is able to lift portcullis gates to create an opening for his teammate. Besides also being able to carry the chest faster, he features a big health pool, a devastating running ground- slam attack and grenades. John is the easiest character to get into, but balancing stamina in combat, especially during blocking will prove to be the challenge. And will set apart the beginners from the experts. He too is able to block attacks, including projectiles.

Marianne is an Assassin; Featuring the most 'Assassin's Creed' style approach, she is able to render herself near- invisible using her ultimate ability, and is able to take enemies out with ease, assassinating AI both from behind as well as the front. Players, however- can only be assassinated from the back. She also comes with a powerful hand crossbow which can be charged to allow for 3 simultaneous shots. land these on the head, and your enemy will be gone before they can say ''who's that over there?!''. She comes with a smoke grenade that can turn the tide of battle if used properly.

Above that, any character is able to silently finish off an enemy from behind. Whether it's AI or a Player. This can be a strategic move during team fights, and if you find yourself in a 2 versus 1 scenario, entering sneak and assassinating the enemy may just be the most valuable play.

A lot of complaints I've seen surface come from the combat mechanics and auto lock-on abilities such as John's Run and Jump. However, over time you'll start recognizing attack patterns and will learn to evade these with a well timed dodge.

After a match, you'll be returned to your 'Main hub', or Hideout located in Sherwood Forest.
Here you can target practice, check your dailies, listen to lore, upgrade your characters' skills, change character, change and buy (with in-game earned gold coins) cosmetic skins, and of course matchmake either for a 4v4 raid or a private game with friends.

More about the 4 v 4 raid (main) game mode below;

Hood is a PvPvE game in which two teams fight over treasure. Gameplay can be divided into 4 sections:
1) Sneaking into the castle in search for the Sheriff. He's the one who carries the key to the treasury.
2) Finding and opening the treasury.
3) Carrying the treasure to one of several extraction points.
4) Extracting the treasure / Winching stage.

Now this might sound simple. But there's a catch.

Each map has control/respawn points labeled A, B and C. These can strategically be captured, either to provide your team with a respawn point close to the objective/extraction, or to hinder the enemy teams progress by taking away their ability to respawn close by.

The real beauty of this comes forth in the end game/ winching stage, when one of the teams has been able to place their chest at the extraction either between the two players spawns, or at one of the extractions closest to their own (to insure close by respawns.) When playing with a team of pre-made friends, or have a team of randoms with communication, you really learn to utilize this mechanic.

Allow me to paint you a picture:
You were able to place the chest at the extraction near your spawn, hurray! However, those blasted enemies took you by surprise and are now winching away at your treasure! Quick, let us run at them and kill them. *or..* If two of us distract the enemy and buy time, two of us can capture their respawn point, attack from behind, potentially win the fight and buy the team up to a minute of time, which can be enough to extract the last 3 or 4 notches on the winch.

Lastly, I'll end with a 'pro tip': If you were able to kill the enemy team, and are winching away, but know their respawn is fairly close and they'll reach you before the finish, don't winch the second to last notch. Chances are the enemy will get a well placed arrow or grenade in, and a fight will ensue. By the time you're respawned, they'll have killed the remaining teammates and started winching. You will have enough time to run back and kill them before the very last notch most of the time.

Remember, Outlaws- It's the last notch that counts.
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In Divinity: Original Sin 2 you take over the role of a somewhat obese dwarf named Robert, Though things aren't what they initially seem, no. Robert wakes up on a ship on it's way to an island- theme park by the name of Fort Joy. It is on this journey that Robert gets reacquainted with his one true passion in life.. Sauce.

See, Robert is no ordinary fine dine-ey dwarf- No. Robert has dedicated his lifetime tasting, creating, mixing, studying and gobbling sauce, He was known across Rivellon for divine sauces the likes of Satay, Mayonaise, Curry- Ketchup and Red-Hot Samurai sauce. (The last of which was known for its spice, but no one ever learned the meaning of the word 'samurai', or its origin)

It was on this trip he learned of 'The Reds'.. An evil faction dedicated to eradicate any and all Saucerers, to prevent another evil from wreaking havoc across the realm, Voidwoken;
After meeting several other people that were also put on a ship towards happiness involuntarily and bonding a little, Our pal Robert stumbled upon a kerfuffle.. An evil Saucerer who removed her collar, and by the power of sauce (probably the spicy kind) set fire to the entire bloody ship. (Mind you, the deck wasn't bloody at this stage- Just wait for it)

Panic ensued, people dropping over as the ship creaked and moaned whilst the fire bellowed out a thick smoke blocking eyesight and the catching of breath alike all the while the waves pushed and pulled on the beast.

It's on your way to the upper deck Robert meets a dog named Brian, who happens to talk. Brian disliked sauce though, and attacked us over our preference to have a relish with our meal. He slipped on sauce and broke his neck, the irony.

Anyhow, On the top deck, ♥♥♥♥♥ on fire too, and Robert's having none of it. He throws a barrel of water down on top of it to put it out, when a bunch of giant octopus arms embraces the ship in some kind of doomsday cuddle; People died, and now the bloody deck is indeed bloody. It was time to leg it, else our days of saucering would be short lived..
On the other side of the deck, Robert stumbled upon a rowboat labeled 'Emergency only'. It was filled with kids, This wasn't going to be a fun ride, Robert told himself.

The kids chanted something along the lines of ''Robert, oh robert, dwarves and children first and all, but you're the size of an oversized ox man, go down that hatch and save those other sauce fanatics from an inevitable death!!''

This had Robert thinking for a moment.. Those fond memories from 45 minutes ago, where they shared recipes and talked about their favorite condiments, these were good people..
Robert concluded: ''♥♥♥♥ nah, I'm outey.'' and hopped aboard the rowboat--

At that very moment however, a giant, saucy explosion ensued.. The kraken reached the kitchens sauce reserves..

Will we ever hear from Robert again? Did he make it to the theme park? Perhaps one day, we'll find out.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 Is an amazing, fun-filled D&D(-like) Adventure that shouldn't be missed by anyone with a bit of patience and a craving for freedom and good dialogue. I give both the game as well as the creation kit a 9,5. Thank you;
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Vlad can finally rest.
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