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Not a huge fan of cookies. Damn dry stuff, they are.
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A Camp In The Woods [] 2017-10-09
Age of Steel: Recharge [] 2016-04-06
Bombernauts [] 2018-08-11
ConflictCraft [] 2017-04-04
Drawful 2 [] 2017-04-18
Industry Giant 2 [] 2016-03-10
Space Rocks [] 2017-11-28

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Block'hood [] 2017-06-11 (2017-06-05)
Tenshu General [] 2016-02-10 (2015-12-18)
Wishmaster [] 2016-02-21 (2016-01-23)
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Designed as an experiment to see how far you can ramp up the gamma in the Unity engine, the scientifically accurate Badger Simulator 2015 primarily serves to teach kids that badger cubs are omnivores that eat a grown cat's RDA every hour. In an epic play full of deep & morally relevant messages about adolescence, parenthood and the circle of life (sans Elton John), you are assigned the part of Badger Mommy, genetically engineered not to need any food whatsoever herself, and you bid your time (your hour, to be precise) babysitting your most adorable [citation needed] kids along a reasonably linear path of invisible boundaries, not passing go or collecting $200 until the game eventually runs out of scripted encounters. In the meantime, this corridor shooter without any shooting will hurl tons (I measured!) of emotionally charged music out of your speakers. Functionally it's a bit like a third person Lemmings game with the Lemmings following you 95% of the time, furthermore devoid of the various joyful abilities proper Lemmings have. Worth the purchase (or the effort of playing) only for the peculiarly jolly Predator-esque airborne takedowns Badger Mommy can perform on the various hostile mobs inhabiting Gammaland.

Length: 1 hour
Evils: Unity; scripted as much as any CoD campaign; omniscient bird AI; bugs
Replayability: You can hypothetically strive for a perfect playthrough. Depends on how often you'd like to endure "dat gamma".
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Ross Aug 14 @ 12:54pm 
Great, thanks - just wanted to make sure you were interested. I'll have them sent to you.
☢The NUKE☢ Aug 10 @ 5:32pm 
saw you on lestrade i got some offers for you
Do you sell games for gems and CSGO/TF2 keys?
I want to make some questions if it´s possible
Herah Aug 3 @ 5:26pm 
Time to go see a summer blockbuster. Should it be....

Sci-fi :summerufo::boostitem::teleportitem::dubwarsship::planetvenom::planetwater:

Supernatural :sectarymask::mommy::nirvana::subeye::voodoo::skullgirl::darkhead:

Fantasy :al_grib::creep::reddark::fbump::dwarf_gs::orc_gs::omdgoblin::omdshaman::omdmushroom::poisoncauldron::swhappy::gargoyle::wftosad::mechanov:

Black & White :theathlete::theplayboy::thewelder::oldlighthouse::rustedhouse::cottagekey::evp:

Noir :misterx::headshot::cocktail::arson::tommygun::capitalist::trouble_disguiser::christine::stare:

Have an awesome weekend, whatever you do!
Spirit Jul 31 @ 12:46pm 
Found my way here because I see you turning up on almost every game I add to my wishlist so I figure you got to have excellent* taste. Turns out there are alternate explanations and I had to scrap my previous plan of browsing through your wishlist for gems :)

I'm almost glad there are some worse of then I am when it come to game consumption ^^

* Excellent taste is taste aligned with my own in this context :P