Hello, I do not have any free games for you, sorry. :) Also not interested in your phishing link. :)

If I don't recognise your picture from somewhere, you should probably write a message... :)

Try SteamTrade Matcher [] if it's about cards, or otherwise. But any gifts are probably for giveaways @ SteamGifts [].
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Kollege Jan 31 @ 3:05am 
Give me free games or I send you all of my phishing links.... just kidding :TheSmiley:
+rep for the trade
Kissu Jan 25 @ 7:02pm 
Hello my dear friend! I hope that you are not tired of me yet, because I have come to you overcoming thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes and all sorts of other restrictions in order to bring you and present my little heart. I hope you don't trample him deeper into this wicked and cold ground. And I hope you are doing well and you are healthy. Now let me please show my little heart as a symbol of love, kindness, affection, care and trust.

       __..,,__   ,.。='`1
     .,,..;~`''''    `''''<``彡 }
  _...:=,`'    ︵ т ︵  X彡-J
<` 彡 /  ミ  ,_人_. *彡 `~
  `~=::              Y
    i.             .:
   .\       ,。---.,,  ./
    ヽ /゙''```\;.:HealthSD:{    /
     Y   `J..r_.彳   |
     {   ``  `   i
     \         |
夜に駆ける Jan 23 @ 8:55am 
Thanks for buying my "Super Switch" Foil card :selphinehappy:
✘ Coronel Maꭗi Jan 17 @ 8:06am