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I play games, run gameservers and do maps, not in any particular order. If you want to support my journey in making maps, you can buy map stamps or filters from the TF2 ingame store for Brimstone and Hellstone or by using these links: (you need to be logged into steam for it to work)

🔗 Brimstone Stamp: http://store.steampowered.com/buyitem/440/1941
🔗 Hellstone Stamp: http://store.steampowered.com/buyitem/440/1932
🔗 Brimstone Filter: http://store.steampowered.com/buyitem/440/6548
🔗 Hellstone Filter: http://store.steampowered.com/buyitem/440/6538

All map stamp revenue goes directly to me. I have no idea who bought stamps so I want to thank everyone who did. However, i do not want you to spend your money to these if you need the money yourself. Thanks.

My computer specs

CPU :: Intel core i7 3770 3,4GHz
Motherboard :: Asus P8Z77-V LX2
GPU :: MSI AMD Radeon R9 290 Gaming 4GB GDDR5
Memory :: 32GB - Corsair 4x8GB DDR3 1600MHz
Harddisk :: Samsung SSD 840pro
Screen :: Asus XG32VQ 32" & Benq XL2411Z 24"(2 screens)
Bluray/DVD :: Asus BW-12B1ST
PSU :: Super Flower 850W Golden King Platinum
Case :: Coolermaster HAF X Full
Keyboard :: Roccat Isku FX
Mouse :: Roccat Kone EMP
Headset :: Sennheiser pc-350
OS :: Win 7 pro 64bit

What you should not waste your money at :
❌ ROCCAT products, Antec PSU's, Chieftec PSU's, Samsung DVD drives, and Club3D graphics cards.

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We did it! Thanks to everyone who voted and liked the map!
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Workshop Showcase
The chopper where our 4 survivors escaped in The Parish campaign, has fallen into harms way. Co-pilot of the chopper was not immune and started to turn into infected. The other pilot got bitten by the infected one but managed to land the chopper. However.
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Created by - ICS ✅
>:FrozenDragon:< Nov 17 @ 4:00pm 
Hey man how does your random spell system work in brimstone?
ICS ✅ Nov 16 @ 12:25pm 
If you played rc1 of moonbase, that is an old outdated version. Capping C increases RED teams spawn time and there are 3 other routes around that spot into the final area. Its winnable atm, even in RC1 if the team BLU just keep pushing and have a medic to take out those sentries from RED.
Aisé Nov 16 @ 12:04pm 
the RED spawn door on the right should be closed once BLU caps C on pl_moonbase_rc1
this door makes it unprobable for BLU to win
Office Knight Nov 2 @ 3:53pm 
No problem! Thank you so much!
Office Knight Nov 2 @ 3:11pm 
Hello sir, I have Primeval Warrior badge. Could you please approve my join request to your group?
NolkyZ 左 Oct 30 @ 4:40pm 
added to ask question about one of the props on vaneri