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Open Road
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Jan 29, 2013 @ 10:59am
Aug 10, 2014 @ 9:33am
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Open Road

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The chopper where our 4 survivors escaped in The Parish campaign, has fallen into harms way. Co-pilot of the chopper was not immune and started to turn into infected. The other pilot got bitten by the infected one but managed to land the chopper. However. the chopper soon exploded, caused by the rough landing in the woods. Survivors need to scavenge what they can from the vicinity of the chopper and get moving. There is a long way ahead through Open Road, that starts from Cliffside swamps. Are you ready to survive?

For more detailed story and if you want to know how i did this, have a look at the campaign feature page http://ics-base.net/openroad/

I have also released the development files of the campaign 14th of March 2020. You can take a look at the source files and see how this was done by downloading them from here: http://ics-base.net/openroad/release/openroad_dev_release.zip

- Over a year long project that had it's share of problems along the way
- 6 complete and original maps: Cliffs, Path, City, Forest, Salvation and Aftermath
- Coop and Versus modes available on maps 1-5!
- Scavenge and Survival modes available on map 6, created specially for this purpose

Thank you everyone for downloading and playing this map! Thanks also to following people:

bunny - helping out with map 1 navigation flow issue
hstle - helping out with the alarm cars randoming
Jompparna - shortcut/glitch hunter
Testers: othername, DrShush, wurtsi, PertsaReponen, Jompparna, hstle and Furior
delffi - SteamGroup logo
slantyr - giving idea about the ending lag fix
For others who i forgot to mention - many thanks!

Map names: (campaign, versus)


Map name: (scavenge, survival)

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Oct 25, 2020 @ 2:01am
Kyle's Review of "Open Road" - 3/5
Kyle H. McCloud
Aug 7, 2018 @ 10:20am
where is the download
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ICS  [author] May 28 @ 2:31pm 
Thanks for confirming my suspicions and thanks for the kind words as well as feedback. I try to reply to most people and I do read everything even if I dont respond. My purpose was mainly to reply some of the recent comments while I am here again, on this campaign page years after its release. All feedback is welcome! Just a note for everyone, make it constructive. Helps the most that way.

This campaign was a huge step forward in my map making and good practice for me too. If I would do this today, I would propably do some things a bit differently and I would have more skill than 12-13 years ago. This was a big stepping stone forward for me and i'm glad people still play it!
Táiga Kanáshima May 28 @ 9:01am 
And by "Not very appealing" & "very easy" I did not mean the campaign is bad (if you thought so). No, you have done a great job, especially with the balance! It is just that I do not like swamp maps and maps with lots of bushes everywhere. :cinnamon2:
Táiga Kanáshima May 28 @ 8:53am 
As an experienced modmaker and an advanced player myself who experimented with the game in various ways, I can say for sure that usually the survivor replacers are the main reason for crashes. The ones that consist of a lot, A LOT of polygons and are NOT properly optimised. I was running the campaing with a ton of HQ weapon models and one manually optimised HQ survivor model — I have not crashed even once.
It is generally better to just stick to the default survivor models, if you cannot differentiate an unoptimised model from a model that is split into parts for optimisation (one will need to decompile the model and look how many .smd files it has). The engine allows only a certain amount of polygons per model, therefore some HQ models may consist of several parts and some are just solid models with no optimisation done.
The framerate issue is simply caused by HQ models running on an old engine in general. More HQ models = less FPS.
ICS  [author] May 28 @ 8:26am 
Couple of things:
I think the framedrops you experience are mostly from the recording and mods you run, not from the campaign itself. Its very light in terms of graphics, effects and textures. Same for the crashes, theres nothing known that would cause crashes and its been played by thousands of players before you.

I get that there are lots of opinios by many people. Some like this, some dont. Its completely fine. But as far as I know, it has no flaws and difficulty is a but higher than the basic campaigns within the game. This is intended and it has been played through on expert by several people and it still said being too easy. Cant make it better !

Thanks fpr playing, everyone!
BECKBRU May 28 @ 7:36am 
10/10 map the map drops a lot of FPS and closes and gives a lot of error makes the map close gameplayer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcoPxWUuzLM&ab_channel=BECKBRU
Táiga Kanáshima May 13 @ 2:34am 
Not very appealing. Was very easy even on "Realism, Expert".
Goofyahhballs Apr 21 @ 9:41pm 
9/10, very nice cp with decent map design, feel so official
I thought the finale will be run (similar to Parish/Cold Stream) but I couldn't be more wrong
Reichuu Oct 2, 2022 @ 8:30am 
very vanilla friendly,combination of parish and swamp fever. absolutely enjoyed that playthrough! thou i'm pretty sure there's an special infected spam on chapter 4 but it wasn't that bad, could use more illuminated arrows, certain parts of the chapter is a bit confusing e.g chap 3 and chap 4 is crucial but overall no major bugs nor issues i'd encounter! giving this an 8.5/10! very light fun map!
Angelo Aug 20, 2022 @ 2:42pm 
eyes hurt