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Jallybwan : Spirit's got counterplay bruv it's called flipping a coin, licking your finger, putting it up in the wind and consulting the star charts to find where the spirit is

Outs1de!n : rush b
(Terrorist) Outs1de!n @ T Start : go a

(Counter-Terrorist) þ§‎ @ CT Start : LETS PUT OUR ANGRY TO ENEMY
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I play stuff and edit watch YouTube.

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PS: I like to give unnecessarily lengthy reviews for games I play, check them out if you want to . :tinder:
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Thank you, Sad King , for being the first person I added on steam, the person who taught me how to play TF2 . An amazing person that was willing to spend hours teaching a complete newbie. :tinder:

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This is the virus featured in the Dying Light game. This will be a bit different then my Resident Evil one as you have to manually mutate the zombie types yourself, I've also changed some Transmissions and Abilities instead of only the Symptom
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A chronological guide on how to get every achievement in "A Plague Tale: Innocence".
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I have not written a review like this in quite a long time but I felt like I had to for this game, so here we go. A Plague Tale is probably going to be my top story game for awhile, I don't see any upcoming game being better then experience I had with this one.

The story is interesting, fun and engaging, I won't go into spoilers for obvious reasons but the game does a good job at keeping you immersed in the story, I don't think I've ever been into with a story game like this before. A Plague Tale is a linear thirdperson story-adventure game with a pretty dark setting and atmosphere, it gets you interested in the story very early on and the story as a whole is well written. However, there's a minority of dialogue that I thought could be better but they are quite minor and did not take away from the experience.

The gameplay is pretty simple. It's easy to get the hang of whilst being fun as well as a satisfying combat system that doesn't get old. You pretty much always know where you're going and will rarely be lost despite not having any HUD indicators. A big portion of the game is spent getting from one place to another stealthily, avoiding or distracting guards. The stealth portion at no point felt repetitive, as the game has amazing pacing, because of that I never once thought "oh, sneaking around again". There are also a number of puzzles throughout the game that aren't boring while being relatively easy to complete.

The visuals looks gorgeous, and is definitely one of the best looking games out there. It has great attention to detail and beautiful looking level designs, paired with smooth and realistic animations. The game's graphics were done to near perfection, I say "near" as the facial animations could use a bit more expression and is the only thing I thought needed some touch up on. If you really pay attention you'll also notice some clipping (mainly with the spear death animation) but that's a nitpick.

Now what I think was done perfectly. The music. The soundtrack composed so well and I still can't get over how good it was. A Plague Tale's soundtrack puts you in the right mood even without the gameplay. The music queues perfectly and was composed to fit every scene. Combined with the stunning visuals and gameplay, it delivered such a good experience overall.

EDIT: Completely forgot this but there was also a minor issue with visible archers T-posing which took me out of it for a second as it was just funny.

tl;dr - A Plague Tale is a great story game with an interesting story, good gameplay, fantastic visuals and an even better soundtrack. Highly recommended.

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