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"With great power comes great responsibility"

Marvel's Spider-Man is a big game that is undoubtedly worth buying and that excels both in the narrative department and from a pure gameplay point of view , an adventure that "in its entirety really deserves to be experienced by everyone.
Insomniac Games has meticulously curated every aspect of it, writing a story that tells in its own way the adventures of the friendly neighborhood Spider -Man - enjoying occasionally hints and references to comics and cinema that will please long-time supporters. - without letting the action take a back seat. In fact, if there is one praise in particular that has been repeated, rightly, ad nauseam by players and critics over the years and that we feel like repeating once again, it is the extraordinary ability of Marvel's Spider-Man to make you try the the thrill of wearing the colorful superhero clothes. The title does not miss anything. Street fights and spectacular fights with the spider's greatest antagonists are interspersed with sections of stealth, investigation and above all adrenaline-pumping flights over the iconic cobwebs among the surprisingly detailed New York streets .

To be completely honest, it's hard to find a disappointing element in gameplay that continually manages to convey an addictive sense of power and freedom . Probably, the only small criticism that we could allow ourselves to make concerns a level of difficulty that is not exactly very high. For lovers of challenges, in fact, it is necessary not to go under the Ultimate mode , a "defect" that we gladly forgive and that, paradoxically, there is everything: on the other hand, how many chances would a group of armed thugs ever have to overwhelm a super hero with superhuman strength able to dodge bullets?
From a purely technical point of view, the PC version of this remaster does not disappoint . The developers of Nixxes Software have done a great job of taking full advantage of the platform's eclectic possibilities, putting all the tools in the hands of players to experience the experience in the way they prefer.
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