You are now witnessing the devolution of rap music. The death of poetry & smoothness, they use this. The absence of a message. The inability to create meaningful change through words & verses, but the worse is they don't even know they hurt this artful purpose. It's tragic. - Rakim

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About Me:

I've been into games since way back in the C64 & Amiga days. Play all sorts of games, but a good arcade, tower defense, puzzle, sci-fi or strategy game would have to be my favourites. I also like playing co-op games and occasionally some multiplayer; still rock some of the retro 'nostalgia' games from years' past. I have published a few popular Steam Guides & run the True Blue Reviews Curator Group .

Friends Requests:

Kind Regards. FR are welcome, but I like a small list of good, mature friends over 'collecting' friends. I will generally only consider these days if you have similar gaming interests &/or friends in common &/or are active on Steam &/or have an interesting/independent mind. If you do not have a public profile/games you will not be considered. English only. Steam is not Facebook. I'm here to play & discuss games, & to have fun!

Some random quotations & comments .....

“Knowledge, like air, is vital to life. Like air, no one should be denied it.” ― Alan Moore, V for Vendetta :butterfly:

"Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding." ― Albert Einstein :DNAstrand:

"We exist in a bizarre combination of Stone Age emotions, medieval beliefs, and god-like technology, many people can reach." ― Edward O. Wilson, 2008 (author of On Human Nature) :sniperbrain:

"The worst sin towards our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them: that's the essence of inhumanity" ― George Bernard Shaw :cluck:

"Steam is like reverse piracy; Instead of not paying for games I play, I pay for games I don't play." ― Abomination :beatmeat:

"Some things never change. 200 000 years of evolution and we're still just monkeys throwing shit at each other." ― RKawa :spacemonster:

"Ignorance is a poison & knowledge will nourish." ― KRS-One :tapewithmusic:

"The object in life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane." ― Marcus Aurelius :deadlyrabbit:

"I did absolutely nothing and it was everything I thought it could be." - Peter Gibbons (Office Space)

"Life is but a game ... and I really like cookies :) " ― Aussiedroid (My original profile description) :electro:
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Aussiedroid May 14 @ 7:03pm 
Seen some nice scores you have set in FX3 last I was playing :) Welcome the competition! Oh those big rigs can be impressive, but on the open road coming at you at 120kph in a convoy as you wrestle to keep on the road, it becomes more intimidating :lol:
Max May 14 @ 12:47pm 
Greetings mate nice to see a friend of A-Jey, big fan of Aussie/NZ big rigs too lol :steel_ball:
Awakeneer May 8 @ 5:27pm 
Thank you for the add! :horns:
See you on leaderboards :zzz_bumper::metalball::pba_flipper:
Liberteer May 8 @ 5:15pm 
Greetings, Droid!
Talana Apr 15 @ 7:59am 
:moonflower:Today is not a holiday
It isn't even your birthday
But I still thought I'd like to send
A special message to my friend
Just Because -
ヽ( ⌒o⌒) ``:shinygoldenstar::hug:´:sundae::happyheart::mobchoco::ticketsmile:·:mmj_curious_egg: Happy New Week Ahead :efb_hopeful:.:shinygoldenstar:(⌒-⌒ )/
Talana Mar 10 @ 10:23am 
.:efb_hopeful:´¸.:sirstar:*¨) ¸.:sirstar:*¨)
(¸.:shinealight:´ (¸.:shinealight:´ .:shinealight:´ ¸¸.:moonflower:¨¯`:sibstar: Happy Blessed Fun Weekend :siystar::ButterflyBeydo::mbnecoup::rarebutterfly::SunnyDay::mlyf_17::WoTB_Choc::hugs: