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Aussiedroid's Enhanced Warthog Script v4.3.0
By Aussiedroid
"Welcome Commander, let me introduce myself, I am Engineer Aussiedroid, & I offer only the best Grade 5 Controller mods in the bubble! No lower level enhancements, no no .. only the best, for the Elite of the Pilot's Federation. Not all of my mods are, shall we say 'approved' in all duristictions throughout the galaxy, but I see in your eyes that's why you are here, is it not? No questions asked, I understand, please browse the shop & remember for Pilot's Federation Members it's just the one low payment of a 'rate up' required."

The Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS is an excellent bit of kit, but with its conventional 20th Century design, many things did not map as expected across to a futuristic 34th Century space sim.

Some consider the Blasted at 'The Blaster's' Camp!lack of twist & button options make this device far from ideal for Elite Dangerous, but I found this certainly not to be the case. That being said, after trying to configure things in the TARGET GUI & ED and being unhappy with the results, I decided a new approach was needed and began creating this script so everything would work properly.

The goal was to use all of the wide array of buttons/toggles/axes to function correctly in game and to ensure everything was mapped to the HOTAS & is accessible when needed. Controls should be intuitive, minimise hand movements & never conflict or have failure points.

A challenge to say the least, but I think I have come up with something that ticks all these criteria. Incorporating over 1000 lines of code, it utilises most of the feature available in the powerful TARGET Scripting language, so at a glace the profile can appear complex. In the cockpit seat however, the basics should fall in place quickly and more advanced options will start to show themselves as the situations arise.

In order to map everything, this script uses Modifier buttons. A Modifier button when held down and combined with another button press will give a different command. This combination is represented in the reference map pictures by [x] prefixing command name. Eg. [1] Next Target. This feature allows multiple mappings for a single button, different layers, that also offers some protection from accidental presses. You will find most of the potentially dangerous commands configured with Modifier keys, along with lower priority tasks that do not get used as often.

The Scavenger!To further enhance the Modifier button system, some buttons have also been designed to offer different commands based on the length of time you hold the button down. Some buttons offer up to 3 different commands based on Short, Med, Long timings. More detail on these features can be found in the guide below.

I hope you find this profile a decent upgrade that enhances your Elite Dangerous experience.

Enjoy, and Fly Safe CMDR!
Enhanced Features

Efficient mapping design originally based off my 3301 generation X55 profile, ensures frequently used keys are quick and intuitive to use while also enabling the complete key mapping offerings through layered modifiers & specific placement to ensure no conflicts.

Everything is mapped! Practically everything you can set in Elite Dangerous Controls has been added to the Warthog, plus the hidden shortcuts to control your FPS & Bandwidth displays and to Hide Your Ship's GUI.

Scripting files are properly formatted & contain full comments to help understand what the code is doing. Best viewed in TARGET SCRIPT EDITOR & best run in TARGET GUI. Additional keys & content are present if you want to modify further, including additional Throttle presets, PIP presets, Next/Prev Subsystem presets & all the commands not currently mapping in the script (but mapped in ED). DX Mapping & Conversion table also included in the Key Mapping file to help with changes.

There is many advanced functions present in this profile, including the following highlights:


  • Safety Rating A++, Improved Safety Features, including limiting access to Ship Boost based on presets or IDLE lock, additional combination required for Jettison All Cargo to prevent mishaps & disabling Throttle when IDLE is enabled. Nothing critical to the ship can be accidentally pressed.

    Top 2 Should Be On By Default.
  • Full LED Lighting implemented for core Ship Systems, plus full LED Backlight manual control for the Throttle. --->

  • 21st Century Comforts: Dim your Throttle Backlights automatically when you enable your Ship/SRV Lights or Night Vision.

  • Proper implementation of the dual stage trigger on the Joystick, to allow combined Primary & Secondary fire or for the trigger to be separated to Primary fire only.

  • Repeater Fire option on both Primary & Secondary fire repeatedly fires (Auto-Fire), togglable on & off. Excellent for scanners!

  • User Configurable settings available to customise your setup easily! No coding required.

  • Comms Panel Auto-Response System. An upgrade offering up to 12 pre-configured text chat responses mapped to Joystick to assist with quick responses for general day-to-day interactions.

  • Automatically Clear All Text in Chat Box at a press of a button!

  • Fast Automated Game Mode Switching.

  • Full Support for Thrustmaster MFDs, TFRP & Pendulum TPR Rudder Pedals.

  • Automatically Start Up ED & other 3rd Party Apps when you Run the Script. (Win 7 Only)

  • ED-BAT Multi-Launcher + Binding Backup Batch File. 3 Versions available. Simplify & speed up loading of Elite Dangerous, and setting up your hardware & apps. Allows you to run many 3rd party apps plus the ED Launcher in a single shortcut!


    Aussiedroid's Engineer Biodome
  • Auto-Docking Request procedure.

  • Auto-Repair/Refuel/Restock ship 'Hangar Automation' for Stations, Settlements & Fleet Carriers.

  • Three Joystick Curve & Throttle Mode Presets that can be configured on-the-fly. For TM Pedal Users, there is also an option to apply Joystick Curves to the Rudder Axis for FAOff Specialists.

  • Frame Shift Drive & Super Cruise engage on Throttle @ 100%. Millennium Falcon style! (Enabled only with Modifier to ensure full control)

  • Flight Assist OFF (& also Microphone) offer Hold & Toggle options where you normally need to chose one or the other in the mapping. Best of both worlds!

  • Flight Assist OFF like a boss, with automatic sensitivity adjustment mod in hold mode.

  • Take-Off Assist Sequence to set PIPs to Shields/Engines, engage Vertical Thrusters for 4 seconds & retract Landing Gear. (Works on both Station & Planetary Surfaces)

  • Full Throttle Afterburner (Throttle Lock) implementation, that will cut your speed to zero in both the Ship & SRV (via handbrake), and prevent accidental boost (Lateral Thrusters can still be used).

  • Automatically Enable Precise Throttle Controls when Cargo Scoop is Deployed.
    (Optional in User Preferences & Toggleable Override available)


  • Three Tier PIP Management Hat Switch offering different presets depending how long you hold down the button. (For ease of use, this is set to Two Tier PIP controls by default but the optional configurations for the Three Tier PIP system & also default One Tier PIP system configurable in the user preferences)

  • Defensive Pattern Delta: An advanced withdraw tactic from combat that will set PIPs to defensive, retract your hardpoints/cargo scoop/landing gear (as needed) & attempt to Supercruise/High Wake out. (Optional configurations for firing Engine Boost & Chaff can be toggled in preferences.)

  • Signal Light Sequence: Flashes your Ship/SRV lights on and off. Short & Long sequence options available for a bit of fun!

  • Automatically fire a Heat Sink when entering Silent Running (Can also be fired separately).

  • Fast Jump Next/Prev Sub-Systems to help find the Module you need.

  • Automated toggle of Report Crimes Against Me, for PvP or other general mischief.


  • Comprehensive Integration of 3rd Party Software/Hardware.


    - TrackIR[naturalpoint.com] Head Tracker
    - MFG Crosswind[mfg.simundza.com]Rudder Pedals + also TM Pedals.
    - Nvidia[en.wikipedia.org]/ AMD[www.amd.com] Video Capture Support
    - External Voice Comms (such as Discord[discordapp.com],Ventrillo[www.ventrilo.com], Skype etc)
    - Secondary External Voice Comms also available for Streamers (using OBS, Twitch, Youtube etc)
    - Steam Screenshots
    - Voice Attack (HCS Voice Packs[www.hcsvoicepacks.com])
    - VR Headset support with Center mapped, and Text Chat commands.

    (These are ALL optional & NOT required for base profile to run)

    ** Script is also capable of automatically running ED Launcher or other 3rd Party Apps on Run **

    (Note: If you are not using MFG Crosswind pedals, then you will need to map a couple of axis/commands found below in the Legend under 'Other Mappings', or map to your own pedals/devices for example.)

** Click on any Reference Map below to ZOOM & see High Resolution Enlargements. **

    (Printable versions available in the download pack)
Reference Map: LEGEND

** Click On Me To Zoom **


By default the ROLL (Along with Camera Roll + more) are mapped to the MFG Crosswind Pedals. If you Do Not use MFG Crosswind pedals you will need to map ROLL along with any other commands you want from the legend section above (Other Mappings / Pedals).

** Please check that everything is mapped above before piloting your ship. **
Reference Map: JOYSTICK

** Click On Me To Zoom **

Reference Map: THROTTLE
** Click On Me To Zoom **

** Click On Me To Zoom **
Reference Map: KEYBOARD

These keyboard commands are used to map to both HOTAS and to Voice Attack.

They should not have to be used directly, but listed here for easy reference.

** Click On Me To Zoom **

Settings: TRACKIR

This is transplanted from my Ultimate X55 profile set, offering controlled curvature towards the extremeties with zero acceleration zones at key areas where panels etc occur.

Offers a very realistic feel with head movement.

** Click On Me To Zoom **

For those who have a set of MFG Crosswind Rudder Pedals, these are the settings I am using with my profile. Toe Brake is combined & I have the tension on both the Toe & Rudder fairly high to offer good accuracy.

Please ensure you are running the latest software/firmware version from here[mfg.simundza.com].

** Click On Me To Zoom **
Things You Need To Know: BASICS

To help you get a deeper understanding of the profile & how specific functions work, please continue to read the dot points below. These start with more general information for newcomers & extends to cover more advanced features. Any questions, please leave a comment.

(In no particular order)
  • Install the Thrustmaster TARGET Software package found here[support.thrustmaster.com] to enable this script/profile & also ensure your HOTAS is running the latest firmware.

  • Profile uses a combination of direct ED mapping, keyboard mappings & script functions. All profiles need to be loaded and aligned.

  • Always setup your hardware toggles & load scripts before you start Elite Dangerous. If you do not, then ED has a tendancy to delete all the button & axis mappings if you load into the game.

  • If something is not working, test it out using the Event Tester & Device Analyzer in TARGET SCRIPT EDITOR or GUI.

  • Most buttons will have multiple mappings based on situation or modifiers and others will include different mappings if you hold down the button for 0.5 sec or 1 sec. This greatly increases the number of possible mappings which is essential to map everything ED has to offer.

  • Commands listed with a [x] number before the name require the corresponding Modifier button held in conjuntion with the primary button (Both buttons must be held). eg. [2] Toggle Combined Fire Mode, requires you to hold down the CMS Hat Push then press Primary Trigger.

    Don't Let Your Toggles Get Out Of Alignment!
  • If any physical toggles get out of alignment, press the corresponding keyboard mapping to realign.

  • Ensure all toggles are off before starting the game. Set your Landing Gear UP/DOWN based on your last location, such as station, planet side or in space. Overrides are now available if you do not set but this is still good practice.

  • Throttle IDLE will disable Ship Boosters & Main Thrusters, but will still allow movement with the Directional Thrusters.

  • Alternate Flight Controls have been primarily mapped to allow Joystick to be used for precision Vertical & Latteral Thruster manoeuvres.

  • Alternative Landing Controls are not utilised. Not required.

  • Default mapping in my profile is to have Yaw on X Axis and Roll on Z Axis on Rudder pedals. This provides very natural movement in space. If you prefer conventional flight sim setup with Roll on the stick, feel free to remap yourself as required.

  • High Resolution Screenshots will not work in Open play. Switch to Solo or Group. This is an ED limitation not a profile limitation.

  • If your Frame Shift Drive path is blocked by an object, then hold down the CMS Hat Switch & engage full throttle to enable local Supercruise.

  • Lock your Throttle IDLE On when docked for a smooth takeoff (Allows vertical movement without thrust fwd/back, then toggle your Landing Gear & remove Throttle from IDLE).
Things You Need To Know: ADVANCED

(In no particular order)
  • In some situations one command is mapped to multiple buttons/axes. Almost all Ship/SRV Controls have both Analog & Digital keys mapped across the devices. This allows you to mix up your controls based on your situation. For example switching from Joystick steering to Digital steering on the throttle when in Turret mode.

  • Profile allows the use of up to three different voice communication sources. By default, this is mapped to the Internal Comms built into ED, and an External Comms program of your preference, plus a secondary External Comms accessible with Pinky Modifer key. Push to Talk key mapping for External Comms is '~'. You can change your voice program to match or remap the key in the AD_EDKeyMap.ttm file.

  • Microphone Push-to-Talk & Open Mic buttons will change mappings based on the Internal/External Comms toggle position on the Throttle. You can only use one at any given time, but can change quickly between channels. Open Mic will override Push-to-Talk.

  • Disengage Combat + Escape Vector is a preset 'bug-out' command. It assumes you are in combat, hence have your weapons out. It will retract your hardpoints, set your PIPs to SYSx4, ENGx2 and attempt to engage your FSD. It will engage supercruise if no target is set (but you may still be mass locked), or if you have prepared and set an escape system/next system then the command will engage Hyperdrive and High Wake to the next system.

  • For completeness, Jettison All Cargo has been mapped to the profile, but this has been hidden under 2 fail safe procedures. Firstly, you need to open your Cargo Bay as you would normally, but then before switching toggle, hold down both the Modifier 1 (Pinky Trigger) & Modifier 2 (CMS Button) then Close Cargo Bay. There is zero chance of accidental pressing!

  • The Auto-Dock, or Request Docking command will only work correctly if the Navigation Panel is in the default cursor position. This is a limitation of the macro as the panel will retain the position after loosing focus so will not always be in the right position. Most cases you will be fine, but if it doesnt work correctly then this is why. After a loading screen it will reset though, such as hyperjump.

  • There are some hidden speed presets on the UP/DOWN ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Hat Switch.

  • I have configured the Ship UI Panels to not display on look. This locks the display of these panels to the key press until you exit (UI Back). Its quick & precise in practice while also ensuring a pefect unobstructed view out of the cockpit when using TrackIR headtracking or headlook mode.

  • Using the Take-Off launch sequence will vary the vertical thrust depending on the ship used & the timing of your press. Larger ships will boost less than a small nimble ship. For faster, small ships try engaging the launch sequence straight after you hit the Launch menu button from the HUD. For larger, slow ships you can generally wait until the clamps have released to use it. With some practice you should be able to hit the mailslot alignment fairly frequently.

  • Throttle Mode Precision is good for Landing, Cargo Scooping or steady flying through asteriod fields, sightseeing or busy space lanes. It will max out your thrust to the middle of the blue zone. Forward Only can be useful in the SRV (Digital SRV Back can allow Reverse as needed). Default allows full scale range movement which is the preferred option for general flight and combat.

  • Joystick Curve presets to a degree are a personal preference, although the Slow option is particularly useful in extended Flight Assist Off sessions.

  • Reverse Thrust button for those using Forward Only Throttle will not work in this configuration due to the custom axis mappings. Please use the digital reverse thrusters mapped.

  • If you are using NVidia Screen Capture, the default key mapping to save last 20mins of footage (ALT+F10) conflicts with Hi-Res Screenshots in ED. Please update to ALT+F11. Any video capture software should be able to be configured as required.

  • Thrustmaster MFD Panel users will need to map what they want to the devices. Base code is included to assist, but remains unmapped by default.

  • There is a range of User Preferences available to customise your experience. Please see the section near the end of the guide for more details.

  • I spent waaaay too much time creating this profile!@! :)
User Preferences: OVERVIEW
It quickly became apparent after sharing my script publically that one solution does not fit all CMDRs. Some CMDRs are Explorers or Traders while other's sole focus is Combat. Some only use the Warthog, where others have headtracking, VR headsets or Rudder pedals. From the basic things like Throttle preference to Yaw/Roll positions, everyone is different.

Although it is not practical to have everything as a user preference, for key features & play styles I have tried to cover as many as possible in a simple to use User Preference section with the goal to make the script accessible to as many players as possible. This will help those who do not know the scripting programming language make quick changes to suite their needs.

In the following sections below, I will explain what each setting does & what options there are to configure plus cover off a few other setting you may wish to change to integrate your external software/hardware & localise for your keyboard layout.

How to Use: Loading the script into Target Script Editor, you can access the User Preference section in the AD_EDSettings_v4.x.x.tmh file. Once open you will see a screen similar to the below. The area highlighed in Red is where you make changes:

**Click to Enlarge**

On the right, the text in green offers further comments/instruction on how these work.

Remember: After making any changes to these values to press the Save icon in the top left of the Target Script Editor window. Press the Compile button to ensure there are no errors.

If you are a new player to Elite Dangerous and are not sure what some of the options you should choose, the first play the game & become familiar with the game & controls. You will need to ensure you set the right user preferences for your hardware under the 'CORE HARDWARE' Section. This will ensure things like TrackIR are enabled, Pedals included or MFDs.
User Preferences: DETAILS
Unregistered Comms Beacon in Formidine Rift

A detailed explanation of each of the 'define' values that can be configured in the script to suit your personal preferences.

As a general rule, a value of 1 is Yes, and a value of 0 is No, but many of the define values do offer custom values to be configured (as explained further below):

StartSoftware [Values: 1 or 0]
  • Allows the script to load other programs when it runs. This can include the Game Launcher for those not running through Steam, Voice Attack, TrackIR etc. Also, Elite Dangerous Community offers some great 3rd Party Tools to enhance your experience such as Elite Dangerous Market Connector, EDDI, EDFX & EDDiscovery.

  • Application paths & your own software selection can be configured in the AD_ED_v3.x.x.tmc file under START-UP: SOFTWARE section. By default these are commented out '//'. Remove the '//' at the start of the line to enable. Ensure the path written matches your install location.

  • Will not work on Windows 10 :(

UseMFD [Values: 2, 1 or 0]
  • Thrustmaster MFD Cougar Panels[www.thrustmaster.com] are multifunctional, customisable panels for use in Cockpits. The script supports up to 2 devices being connected. Select value 2 for both Right & Left panels or 1 for only the Right panel. If you do not use these panels leave the value as 0.

  • The base code for these panels has been added to the AD_ED_v3.x.x.tmc file, but remain UNMAPPED by default (unfortunately I do not own these to test out). To enable, copy the KeyMap code you wish to use to the Right or Left button mapping & remove the '//' at the start of line.

UseRuddersT16000 + UseRuddersTPR [Value 1 or 0]
  • This value should not require modification from 1 in most use cases. Even if you do not use TM TFRP/T16000 Rudder Pedals[www.thrustmaster.com] or TM Pendular Rudder[www.thrustmaster.com], the code will not fire unless they are plugged in.

  • FILTERED (Value 1) applies differential toe brake configuration, combining the toe brakes into a single axis for correct mapping in ED.

  • EXCLUDED (Value 0) performs no axis manipulation and keeps toe brakes separate which is not ideal for ED.

UseRudderAxisCurves [Value 1 or 0]
  • If enabled 1, this will set the custom axis curve on your Rudder axis based on Joystick curve toggle position. It will also apply a Precision Axis Curve setting to the FAOff Hold toggle. Good for fast ships, CQC/fighters & FAOff Junkies.

  • If disabled 0, the Rudder axis will follow linear acceleration.

  • Works for both TM TFRP/T16000 and TM Pendular Rudder pedals.

  • Please ensure both UseRuddersT16000 & UseRuddersTPR values are NOT set to 1. Only enable your device plugged in or function will likely error.

HeadtrackPref [Value 2, 1 or 0]
  • Elite Dangerous offers built in headtracking via a Mouse, but via this script you can also include correct integration for TrackIR or VR (HMD) headsets.Protecting the Probe Changing this value will change the mapping for the Engine Operate Ign/Norm LEFT UP toggle.

    Note: You may need to align the external mapping keys via AD_EDKeyMap_v3.x.x under External Bindings.

UsePIPPref [Value 3, 2, 1 or 0]
  • Set how you would like the PIP Hat Switch to behave. You can set standard ED PIP control or try out the Double & Triple Tier variants that allow different presets based on how long you hold the hat direction down.

  • Choose value 1 [Single Tier]
    - ED Standard Configuration (Tap = One PIP)
  • Choose value 2 [Double Tier] (default)
    - Two presets depending if you short hold or tap direction. (Hold = Full PIPs, Tap = One PIP)
  • Choose value 3 [Triple Tier]
    - Three presets depending if you long hold, short hold or tap direction.
  • Choose value 0 [Double Tier] (Inverted)
    - Opposite Two preset option for combat pilots. (Tap = Full PIPs, Hold = One PIP.)

ThrottlePresetUP [Values See Below]
ThrottlePresetMID [Values See Below]
ThrottlePresetDOWN [Values See Below]
  • This maps the Throttle 3-Way Toggle Switch for UP, MIDDLE & DOWN so you can change on-the-fly your main Throttle axis. For example, you could use Forward Only for SRV, but Full Range for Ships or set to Precision for movement around structures in space!

  • Each can be set to one of five preset axis values including: mThrottleFwdOnly, mThrottlePrecision, mThrottleFullScale, mThrottleFullScaleCustom, mThrottleTrimmed.

  • mThrottleFwdOnly [0 -> 100] enabled Forward Only Axis. This will use the full range of the Throttle in the Forward direction. (Press digital reverse thrust to move backwards)
  • mThrottlePrecision [-50 -> 50] reduces sensitivity of the Throttle by 50%. This means at 100% you will be flying in the 'blue zone' on your speed dial where this would normally be at 50%.
  • mThrottleFullScale [-100 -> 100] allows full range movement, with Throttle centered as 0 thrust. Move to bottom half you go in reverse, move to the top half you go forward. There is small deadzone in center.
  • mThrottleFullScaleCustom [-100 -> 80] is same as above but trims the range to 80% for less movement in the forward direction.
  • mThrottleTrimmed [-75 -> 75] reduces the movement range required to hit 100% by 25% in both directions.

CruiseOnThrottle [Value 1 or 0]
  • When value 1 is set, it allows you to enter Supercruise/Hypercruise by holding down the Pinky Trigger Modifier & moving the Throttle forward to 100%. Repeat the same action to disengage. Hold the CMS Hatswitch Modifier instead of Pinky Trigger if you target destination is blocked.

  • When value 0 is set, entering Supercruise/Hypercruise is done via the China Hat Switch. In this configuration, please see the reference maps above as it will remap some other functions on the China Hat Switch.

AutoChaffOnEscape [Value 1 or 0]
AutoBoostOnEscape [Value 1 or 0]
  • Both of these actions are optional parts of the Escape Vector macro, which will retract your hardpoints & engage Supercruise if you encounter trouble. By changing either of these values to 1, it will additionally fire a Chaff to mask your escape &/or perform an Engine Boost to get you clear of danger when Escape Vector is triggered.

  • Setting either value to 0 will keep these as a manual event for the player to action as required.

CustomDXSliderCurve [Value 1 or 0]
The Cosmic Dance
  • This attempts to smooth out the movement of your Sensor Range Zoom (Radar) in your
    cockpit by changing the axis curve.

  • Set value to 0 to disable, or keep as 1 to enable. Recommend Linear Acceleration in the ED settings.

User Preferences: DETAILS CONT. #1

ChatPresetMode [Value 1 or 0]
  • Chat Preset feature offers a way for VR users or those without easy access to a keyboard a way to communicate via the comms panel in game. These pre-defined responses can be edited in the script in the AD_EDFunctions_v4.x.x.tmh file to suit your personality/playstyle.

  • Setting value to 1 will give access to 3 tiers of responses (12 in total) depending on the position of the Pinky Throttle Switch (as seen in the reference maps).

  • Setting value to 0 will simplify this to a single tier of responses (4 in total). This will also add Game FPS/Ping & Hide Ship HUD to UP & DOWN directions for the Pinky Throttle Switch in its place. (Else, these are still accessible via Toggle Switch & Modifiers if value set to 1.)

  • For EXPLORER CMDRs, set value to 1. This will engage the Fire button for 6 seconds, giving you the perfect duration to complete your planetary body scan. After this time, it will automatically release. The 6 second timing can be changed if you have engineered scanners by changing the RepeaterTimer define value in the AD_ED_Settings file.

  • For COMBAT CMDRs, set value to 0. You can keep the Fire button repeating indefinitely until you choose to release it by pressing the button again. This means you can keep firing on your target as long as you wish!

ShipUtilityPref [Value 1 or 0]
  • There are two buttons on the Joystick, S1 & S2, that use a short & long press combo to fire. They are used to engage your Chaff/ECM/Shield Cell Boost/Heat Sinks. Depending on your playstyle sometimes it is better to have short press (quicker) access to some utilities.
    Voyager 1
  • If you are mainly EXPLORER/TRADER type, set value to 0. This will give short press priority to Chaff & ECM.

  • If you are mainly COMBAT type, set value to 1. This will give short press priority to Heat Sinks & Shield Cell Banks.

combinePriSecFire [Value 1 or 0]
  • This will set the behaviour for the Dual-Stage Trigger and how full depression of trigger will work.

  • Set value to 1, to combine Primary+Secondary Fire on Trigger 2. (Primary on first stage, Secondary on dual stage)

  • Set value to 0, to disable Secondary Fire on Trigger 2. (Dual stage will do nothing)

  • Using Modifier 2 (CMS Hatswitch) and the Trigger to toggle in game.

CargoPrecisionMode [Value 1 or 0]
  • To assist with reducing your speed when attempting to scoop up cargo & provide a greater level of control, you can enable this value to 1 to automatically change your Throttle axis preset to Precision mode.

  • If you prefer to keep your Throttle axis on your current Throttle Toggle Preset when scooping, then set the value to 0.

CargoReturnMode [Value 3, 2, 1 or 0]
  • This is used in conjunction with the CargoPrecisionMode variable above. If you enable CargoPrecisionMode, when you close your cargo scoop this setting will return your Throttle axis preset to your preferred configuration.

  • If your main Throttle axis mode is Forward Only, set this value to 0.
  • If your main Throttle axis mode is Full Range, set this value to 1.
  • If your main Throttle axis mode is Full Range Custom, set this value to 2.
  • If your main Throttle axis mode is Trimmed, set this value to 3.

ExternalMicCombined [Value 1 or 0]
  • When you enable the Open Mic toggle on the Throttle, this value will determine if one or both External Voice Channels are opened. Set value to 1 to combine, and value to 0 to keep them independant.

  • In some use case scenarios such with players who stream their game, it can be handy to disable/enable both channels at once. Another example of use could also be to map Voice Attack to your secondary External Streaming Channel to ensure VA doesn't fire when speaking to your audience, or to disable when using your primary external voice channel.

ExternalMicInverse [Value 1 or 0]
  • When value is set to 1, the Push-To-Talk Mic toggle on the Throttle Arm, will change the behavior to inverse the external channels between VoiceAttack & Discord (or your preferred external comms). VoiceAttack will mute and Discord channel will open, ensuring no voice commands are sent while conversing with friends. When button is released, VoiceAttack is activated again & Discord/Comms channel is muted.

  • When value is set to 0, the two external channels will operate independantly as per default action.

  • Note 1: If enable, VoiceAttack listening mode needs to be enabled prior to using the Push-To-Talk button. (This will ensure the correct alignment of the channels.)
  • Note 2: Set 'MicExternalAction' to 0 and enable PTT in Discord/Comms (map to '~')
  • Note 3: Enabling this option will also inverse the Internal Comms Channel with VoiceAttack.

MicExternalAction [Value 1 or 0]
MicExternalActionALT [Value 1 or 0]
  • Different External Voice Communication Software can often provide different way to enable or disable your voice channel. Some use a Push-To-Talk, others only provide a Toggle (some may provide both options). These two variables for your main external voice comms & your alternative external voice comms allows you to choose how the script will handle your external communicationRings of Haze software and align it so works correctly with the Push-To-Talk button and also the Open Mic Toggle.

  • Set the value to 1 if your software uses a toggle (On/Off) type setup.

  • Set the value to 0 if your software uses a hold down (Push-To-Talk) setup.

User Preferences: DETAILS CONT. #2

UserDTPinkyKeyBind [Value Variable]
  • Define what you want to map to the "Double Tap" feature on the Joystick Pinky Trigger. Squeeze trigger twice quickly to activate. Single press remains the Pinky Modifier key. Choose something you would frequently use or would like easy access to.

  • **From 3.3.0, the default action for the Double Tap is SwitchHUDMode. If you choose to change this to something else, then SwitchHUDMode will need to be mapped elsewhere to use Analysis Mode.**

  • You can choose any standard key to map to the Double Tap. Some suggestions below (or your own choice from the EDKeyMap file!):

  • -> COMBAT - FlightAssist, mJumpPrevSubSys, InternalVoiceCommsPTT, WingmanTarget, DeployHardpoints, UseShieldCell, mReportCrimesToggle
  • -> SHIP - ShipLights, SetSpeed75, CargoScoop, SilentRunning, QuickCommsPanel, mRequestDock, BalancePower
  • -> OTHER - mTextBasicHello, SelectNextSystemInRoute, FighterOrders, UIEscape, TakeSteamScreenshot, GalNetAudioPlayPause, LookToggle

BlingLEDBling [Value 1 or 0]
  • Adds a short Flashing LED Sequence when you flip a Toggle & will also enable a short start-up sequence pattern (just to be a lil' flashy ... pun intended lol).

  • Enabled by default 1, disable by changing value to 0.

SecFirePinkyPref [Value 1 or 0]
  • Depending on your playstyle, not everyone needs independant mapping of the Secondary Fire button (S3) on the Joystick. Sometimes the Dual-Stage Primary Trigger is sufficient. WIth this enabled 1, you can customise the Secondary Fire button with your own commands.

  • Both a long and short press mapping are available.

  • Set value to 0, to keep independant Secondary Fire button (S3) mapping (default).

  • Remember to set the PinkyBtnDefaultShort & PinkyBtnDefaultLong values in User Preferences. These will replace the Secondary Fire mapping

PinkyBtnDefaultShort [Value Variable]
PinkyBtnDefaultLong [Value Variable]
    Nebula's Heart in CD-26 1339 (Tourist Spot 0015)
  • These set the Short and Long press on the Secondary Fire button (S3) when SecFirePinkyPref is enabled.

  • Some examples are provided in the comments of the AD_ED_Settings file, but almost any of the commands defined in the AD_EDKeyMap file are also viable options.

APEngageShort [Value Variable]
APEngageLong [Value Variable]
APEngagePinkyShort [Value Variable]
APEngagePinkyLong [Value Variable]
APEngageCMSShort [Value Variable]
APEngageCMSLong [Value Variable]
  • User definable overrides for the Autopilot Engage (APENG) button on the Throttle base. Use your own custom macros or preferred 'easy access' commands you frequently use.

  • There are total of Six customisable commands. A Short and Long press for standard, plus a Modifier 1 (Pinky Trigger) or Modifer 2 (CMS Hat Button).

  • By default, Signal Light Sequences & Autodock Procedure are mapped, along with basic hello/farewell chat text commands.

  • Some examples are provided in the comments of the AD_ED_Settings file, but almost any of the commands defined in the AD_EDKeyMap file are also viable options.

ThrottleOverride [Value 1 or 0]
  • When ThrottleOverride is enabled, this will determine what Default Throttle Behaviour will be applied on script startup.

  • Example: mThrottleFullScale

ThrottlePresetUPALT/ThrottlePresetDWNALT [Value Variable]
  • When ThrottleOverride is enabled, this value will determine what custom 'Pulse' mapping is applied to the UP/DOWN directions of the Throttle Preset Toggle.

  • These variables have no pre-defined defaults.

  • Note: To avoid potential 3-way mapping conflicts, the MIDDLE position on the Toggle will remain NULL/Empty.

SyncLEFTTHRAxis [Value 1 or 0]
  • This setting will decouple the Left Throttle Axis from the Right Throttle Axis.

  • If Sync is Disabled, Throttle Presets will no longer be applyed to Left Throttle Axis (will alway remain Full Range).

  • If Sync is Disabled, Left Throttle can be mapped to another function (such as FSS Tuning which is useful if you use Forward Only main Throttle).

  • DisableLEFTTHRAxis will override this setting.

  • Default is 1 (Enable Left Axis Sync).

DisableLEFTTHRAxis [Value 1 or 0]
  • This setting will disable the Left Throttle Axis, leaving only the Right Throttle Axis enabled for ED.

  • By Default, whenever a Throttle Preset is applied, it is applied to both the Left & Right Throttle Axes.
    Close Encounters
  • ED only requires one axis to be mapped.

  • Freeing Up the Left Throttle Axis potential could allow another axis from another device to be included in the virtual device.

JoystickOverride [Value 1 or 0]
  • Allows replacement of the Joystick Axis Preset Toggle to custom mappings, set in the user preferences.

  • If you find you do use the Joystick presets very often, then you can replace them with your own custom commands. Both Up and Down directions can be mapped to any 'Pulse' command, with Middle considered Off.

  • If you enable this option, you will not be able to change your Joystick Axis Curves during gameplay.

  • Default is 0.

JoystickPresetDEF [Value 2, 1 or 0]
  • When JoystickOverride is enabled, this will determine what Default Joystick Behaviour will be applied on script startup.

  • Joystick Curve Presets are -> Fast = 0, Standard = 1 (default), Slow = 2

JoystickPresetUPALT/JoystickPresetDWNALT [Value Variable]
  • When JoystickOverride is enabled, this value will determine what custom 'Pulse' mapping is applied to the UP/DOWN directions of the Joystick Preset Toggle.'It shows you things... horrible things.'

  • These variables have no pre-defined defaults.

  • Note: To avoid potential 3-way mapping conflicts, the MIDDLE position on the Toggle will remain NULL/Empty.

User Preferences: DETAILS CONT. #3

TR_DEADZONE [Value 0-100]
  • Set the Thrustmaster Rudder Main Z-Axis Deadzone percentage. This is applicable to both TFRP & TPR devices.

  • Default is 5%.

TOE_DEADZONE [Value 0-100]
  • Set the Thrustmaster Rudder Toe Brake Axis Deadzone percentage. This is applicable to both TFRP & TPR devices.

  • Default is 20%.

JS_DEADZONE [Value 0-100]
  • Set the Warthog Joystick Axes Deadzone percentage.

  • Default is 1%.

TFULL_DEADZONE [Value 0-100]
  • Set the Warthog Throttle 'Full Range' Deadzone percentage.

  • Note: Do not set this too high! [Max ~15%] as it will intefer with the FSS tuning.

  • Default is 5%.

SLEW_DEADZONE [Value 0-100]
  • Set the Warthog Throttle Slew Axes Deadzone percentage.

  • Default is 20%.

Reminder: External Bindings can be modified in the AD_EDKeyMap_v4.x.x.ttm file to align with your software (TrackIR, HMD, Voice Comms & Video/Screenshot capture). Be careful not to choose something already mapped elsewhere in the script!

Reminder: If you use a non-standard English Keyboard (eg. KB_GER or KB_FRE), please update the 'define KBLayout' value to your local standard. This can be found in the AD_EDSettings_v4.x.x.tmh file near the top.

Hunting Grounds
Upgrading from a previous version?

Simply copy the new files to the appropriate locations below. Each major version update is numbered to ensure you don't override older settings. Minor updates may be overridden.

If you have made any custom modifications, always make a backup copy of your existing profile just to be safe. :)


Version 4.3.0 [Fleet Carriers Update]

(Click the Download Now Icon for the zip file)

If you are on the ED Forums, you can also discuss HERE[forums.frontier.co.uk].


  1. Extract the zip file pack.

  2. The Warthog Script can be opened & run from any location. All files need to be in the same folder though. Profile files are found in the '/Warthog Script' folder. Run/Compile via AD_ED_v4.x.x.tmc.

  3. First Run: Open & Compile AD_ED_v4.x.x & then Edit AD_EDUserPrefs_v4.x.x.tmh.
    Under User Preferences, check your preferred configurations, primarily the 'Core Hardware' variables to begin.

    Note: Here you can choose to enable/disable Rudders, MFDs, PIP Tier Preferences, Cruise On Throttle, Escape Vector Extras & Repeater Fire Config among others. Full details on these features are listed in the below section.

    (If you are not sure what you prefer at this stage, keep the default settings but ensure you have the correct setup for hardware devices you want to use under Core Hardware as mentioned, such as Rudders/TrackIR/MFDs)

  4. Run the script & Test Warthog commands prior to starting the game using the Event Tester & Device Analyzer. Ensure everything is working and calibrated.

    Note: Some commands are mapped directly in ED. These will not register anything on Event Tester. Don't worry we can test those in game later. Test commands such as PIPs/Autodock and other keyboard based mappings, Axis curves & buttons/toggles to confirm if mapping is loaded successfully.

    Close TARGET Script Editor (for now).

    Later, this can also be Opened & Run via TARGET GUI.

  5. Copy the Elite Dangerous Profile (.binds) from ED Bindings folder to:
    C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Local\Frontier Developments\Elite Dangerous\Options\Bindings

    Different binds are available for With and Without MFG Crosswind Pedals. Copy the appropriate on for your setup.

    Note: Run ED once after game installation to create the bindings folder.

  6. Copy the TrackIR Profile (Elite.Dangerous.4.x.AD.xml) from the TrackIR folder to:
    C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Roaming\NaturalPoint\TrackIR 5\Profiles

    Note: If the profile does not show up in TrackIR after copying to the above location (and restart TrackIR software didn't help), try copying the profile to:

    (64bit). C:\Program Files (x86)\NaturalPoint\TrackIR5\Profiles
    (32bit). C:\Program Files\NaturalPoint\TrackIR5\Profiles

  7. Load TrackIR & Set the hotkeys; Pause Key to PAUSE, and Center to END.
    Tick 'Exclusive' in TrackIR to autoload if you want.

  8. First Run: Set NVidia Shadowplay/AMD Relive Capture Last 20mins hotkey to ALT+F11 (as required).

  9. Edit ED-BAT Batch File and update the path/locations for any apps you use (as required).

  10. First Run: Map any other 3rd Party Keys such as Voice Comms Push-To-Talk, VR HMD Reset Key etc (as required to '~').

  11. Open TARGET GUI & Run, and then Start ED Launcher OR alternatively run it automatically via the ED-BAT file.

  12. PLAY, and remember to select the AD Enhanced Warthog 4.x.x profile in Elite Dangerous Config Menu & Apply.

  13. First Run: If you are not using MFG Crosswind Pedals, at this point, you will need to map the 'Other Mappings' outlined in the Legend Section above. This will configure Roll & some Galaxy Map axes (along with some optional custom configurations highlighed you may like). Ensure you have set UseRuddersT16000 to 1 if you use Thrustmaster TFRP/T16000 (see Step 3) or UseRuddersTPR to 1 if you use the Thrustmaster Pendular Rudders.

    Once you are done mapping, scroll to bottom and press Apply to save.

  14. *Test & Have fun!

**IMPORTANT** *Always make sure the script is running as well as any other 3rd party tools prior to starting Elite Dangerous.*

Pro-Tip: You can streamline starting up your 3rd Party Apps and the ED Launcher (while also backing up your bind files) by using the included Batch Script files called ED-BAT.

More info on GitHub[github.com].

Here is an example of a successful script run:

** Click On Me To Zoom **

"I am a leaf on the wind!"
Known Bugs/Limitations



- First time using the Throttle, after loading the script & loading ED, can leave the Throttle unresponsive (haven't figured out why!). Fixed 2.2.7

- User has reported script failing to create virtual device in Target Script Editor (causing looping connect/disconnect on run). May be isolated issue, but workaround is to load script in Target GUI instead. Fixed 2.2.7

- Minor: When 2 or 3 Tier PIPs are enabled, PIP Macros do not fire on first press. It requires two presses after which it will work as expected. Recommend: pressing each PIP on the hat switch twice before you take off. Fixed 3.2.0


- Minor: Toggles need to be in the correct location on load to align with Elite Dangerous in-game status. If not, an extra toggle via Keyboard is generally required. Fixed 2.4.2

- Minor: Joystick & Throttle curve presets (outside of default) need to be retriggered once in the game. It will not load these on script run. Ie, if you prefer Forward Only Throttle, you will need to set the toggle to the middle on script run, then toggle the switch up to apply the new Forward Only preset. Fixed 2.4.3

Warning has also been added to the script printout as a reminder.

- Minor: FAOff Toggle (Hold) will change the joystick curve but will not return to previous joystick curve settings. (Workaround: Toggle Autopilot again.) Fixed 3.2.0

- Very Minor: Running other software on startup via the script no longer appears to work under Windows 10. (Workaround: Batch File Added 3.3.0)

- Minor: Using your Ship/SRV Lights will override any manual lighting set when you move between vehicles. (Workaround: Hold Light toggle up to reset)

- Minor: If you enter Galaxy/System map via the switch on the Throttle & use the UI Back on Joystick, you may get an extra UI Back trigger when resetting the switch to the neutral position (or going to other map). (Workaround: Try to exit via the same switch to keep it simple)

- Very Minor: Adjusting the Throttle backlighting to a low level can sometimes cause the lights to go out randomly. (Not sure if this is my unit specifically or not, but can be fixed by readjusting the brightness a little higher)

- Little Annoying: When using the Forward Only Throttle axis configuration, default in-game Reverse toggle will not work. To compensate for this, digital mappings for both Forward & Back Thrusters have been added on the ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Hat Switch. If you do not require/use other Throttle axis profiles, then you may also change the Throttle to Forward Only in the ED Settings which will restore Reverse functionality (but will override the axis profiles set in the script).

- Minor: Escape Vector Macro can get out of alignment if you use your Fire Button to deploy Hardpoints. By default, Fire to deploy Hardpoints is disabled to prevent this. If you enable Fire to deploy Hardpoints then you can 'reset' the Hardpoints Flag by holding down the Hardpoint Deploy button for a Long press.

- Minor: Using the Docking Computer can cause the Landing Gear toggle to get out of alignment. (You can override this by using the Pinky Modifier key to change the position or simply toggle when locked down in the landing bay).

If you come across any issues/limitations yourself, please let me know in the comments.
Custom Warthog Plates
Thanks to the fantastically creative community member Tekadept, you can replace the default Warthog Throttle Plates with ones specifically designed for this script! These are made of a matte black on white engraving ABS material which diffuses the backlit LEDs nicely.

More information can be found on GitHub[github.com].

DISCLAIMER: Aussiedroid is not part of, or affiliated with TekCreations. This project is not created/maintained by Aussiedroid, but it is based off Aussiedroid's script design found on Steam/GitHub.

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants!

Creation of this TARGET Script would not have been possible without amazing ED Scripts I found online created by Alexandr Zhevedenko, Michael Lehman (WraithMG11235), DarKcyde & CMDR Touille. I was really strugging to get my head around the coding, and seeing practical examples really helped unravel it all. Sections of all their scripts have been incorporated into my design along with some other odds and ends I learned searching online (so if I missed calling out your name, sorry!).

Special mentions to CMDR Clicker for all his help squashing those bugs & code improvements in general across on the Frontier Forums & also to Tekadept for his Fantastic Custom Warthog Plates he created for this script!

The script continues to evolve with the fantastic community feedback, ideas, bug reports & sharing of code... the help & support shown on the forums/guide has been been amazing!

I would also like to recognise jgm whose site was super helpful to export a base line reference map which I used as a basis to create my custom reference maps above, as well as the keyboard button mappings list. As of Aug 17, jgm has stepped down on maintaining the website, which is now maintained by VerticalBlank.

Their fantastic tool can be found here[edrefcard.info].

If my profile is not your cup of tea, here are some links to other scripts that may interest you:

CMDR Clicker's WARTHOG TARGET Script[github.com]
CMDR Touille's Target Script[github.com]
Wraith's Thrustmaster Warthog Layout[forums.frontier.co.uk]
Alexandr Zhevedenko's Warthog Profile[github.com]
DarKcyde's Elite-Target-Script[github.com]
MikeTT's Thrustmaster Warthog Target Configuration & Sheets[forums.frontier.co.uk]
Gurney's TARGET Script for Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS[forums.frontier.co.uk]
TarodBOFH's Combined T.Rudder Pedal Code[github.com]
Herbrand's Thrustmaster Script Editor Advanced Pip Management Script[forums.frontier.co.uk]

Ya'll Rock! Thank you!
FAQ: Questions & Answers (BETA)

(In no specific order)

Q: How do I go Reverse Throttle when Throttle Mode is set to Forward Only?

A: When using the built in Throttle Presets in the script, Reverse can be enabled by using the 'Thrusters Back' (UP) on the ♥♥♥♥♥♥ Hatswitch on the Throttle Arm. This will override the the active forward throttle position and put you into reverse.

Alternatively, if you solely use Forward Only Throttle Mode and can forego the other Presets, you can also override by setting to Forward Only in the Elite Dangerous Bindings section in-game. Leave Throttle Preset toggle in the neutral position while playing. Reverse can then also be used via the Modifier 2 key on the Joystick.

Q: How do I swap the Rudder Pedal Axis (Yaw) and the Joystick X-Axis (Roll) around?

A: For CMDRs coming from a Flight Sim or Pilot background the axis configuration can seem backwards by default. To change, simply load into ED and go the keybindings config section and remap the two axes in question. No script changes are required.

Q: The Ship Panels do not appear when I look at them. How do I change this?

A: Panel behaviour is managed via the bindings file via the game menu. No script changes should be needed. You can choose if you want to have the panels display on look or via keypress etc. At the moment it is set to keypress as I find they always appear when I look around using TrackIR otherwise.

Q: I've copied the binding file to the right folder, as per the instructions, but they do not show up in game for selection. What could be the issue?

A: Firstly, ensure the script is running & that you have copied the correct version of the binding for your hardware configuration (with/without MFG Crosswind Pedals).

The bindings are designed to work with the Thrustmaster Virtual Device that is 'created' when the script runs. By design, Elite Dangerous will hide any custom bindings of devices it DOES NOT find when starting the game. This also goes for wireless controllers, so for example if you remap, say to use your own XBox Wireless controller for the SRV, ensure it is ON when starting the game else you might not see your bindings.

If still not seeing any bindings, I would also recommend copying to backup location then deleting all bindings. Re-copy back a fresh version of the Aussiedroid Bindings file and test again. (just to eliminate any other conflicts)

Q: When I run the script I get an error code similar to this: "Runtime Error: Symbol not found: TFRPHARudder in main ( line 49 in AD_ED_v4.X.X.tmc )"

A: Thrustmaster introduced a new high-end Pendular Pedal system in 2018 which are now supported by the script. This means if you are running an older version of the software, drivers & firmware you will likely get an error similar to above. To run the script you will need minimum version of:

TARGET Software of v3.0.18.328+
Firmware for WARTHOG Joystick of 12+
Firmware for WARTHOG Throttle of 23+

If you are having trouble updating, try uninstalling existing version first, restart PC and try again.

Q: With the script running successfully and the bindings applied in-game, how can most keybindings seem to be working fine but a few are not?

A: This strange behaviour has been seen when the wrong language is set for your keyboard. Thrustmaster offer English (default), German & French. Using the wrong one can cause strange mapping issues. To fix, open the AD_EDUserPrefs file and edit the KBLayout to KB_GER or KB_FR accordingly.

If your keyboard is not in the supported languages, then it may require remapping of those commands in the binding file and also the associated script mapping to fix.

Q: Will this script work with my Saitek HOTAS or Thrustmaster T.16000M FCS or other HOTAS?

A: Unfortunately the short answer is No. Other brand devices, as far as I know, do not support the Thrustmaster TARGET scripting language so would not understand the script. Things like macros or the logic behind the functions may be able to be ported but that is not something I can help with directly.

For other Thrustmaster HOTAS devices, like the T.16000M FCS, the functionality/code within this script should work fine with a T.16000M script, but given the controllers have different button layouts and different number of controls it may require quite a bit of remapping in the main script file to get working. There would be different mapping names for each button to match up with the relevant ones in the Warthog names. Would also need some remapping in the bindings file once the script has been aligned.

Certainly possible, but not out the box, and probably not a quick job unless you are good with coding and/or familiar with Target.

Q: Can the script turn off the Throttle Backlight when I stop playing ED/stop the script?

A: By simply plugging in your Throttle to a USB port the backlighting will be turned on. Through the script, it can provide control to change the LED intensity all the way down to zero, but it cannot (as far as I know) allow the backlights to turn off when you stop the script.

If you just want them off all the time when the script is running, set the user preference SetLED = 0.

Alternatively, if you want the Throttle lit during gameplay but turn off when exiting, you can manually adjust the backlight level using the Sensor Wheel + Pinky Modifier and turn it all the way down (it will reset to On when you run the script again) before you hit Stop on the script.

Q: I started up the game today and found all the bindings have been wiped in the AD Enhanced Warthog 4.x.x configuration. What happened?

A: Game client 3.x -> of ED seems to have some issues when a device is not present on game launch. So for example, if you had a wireless XBox controller mapped but not turned on when starting the game, it is likely the profile will be updated to wipe those bindings. Likewise, if you start into the game and have forgotten to load the script, it will not find the virtual device and wipe.

This is why it is vital to always keep a regular backup & remember to have everything running before you run ED launcher.

If it has happened to you, fastest way to recover is to copy back the original from your download pack.

Q: Everything is working on the script except one specific button or axis. How can I fix it?

A: It has been reported around a dozen times where everything works yet one odd command does not. The impacted button/axis seems random but is generally fixed by loading into ED with the script running, and going into edit your bindings. Once there, clear the problematic mapping, apply/save so it updates the binding file, then go back and map the button/axis again to the same mapping, apply/save again and retest. More often that not will resolve the issue.

If this is not fixing the issue, then check in Device Analyzer if the specific button/axis is working outside of ED. If it still not working it may indicate an issue such as a faulty device, bug in the script or could potentially be because you are running an older version of the firmware for the joystick or throttle. Double check you are up to date.

Protecting the Mothership!

Did I miss something?

Got an improvement suggestion for the profiles?

Could I improve this guide?

Your constructive feedback is welcome!

** Much appreciate your Awards if you found this guide helpful **



Aussiedroid  [author] May 25 @ 5:45pm 
Ghastous™ May 25 @ 6:40am 
Fixed it
Ghastous™ May 25 @ 6:28am 
found it and downloaded it but unfortantly it doesnt work i just get error now when i run it
Ghastous™ May 25 @ 6:22am 
Thx and yup cant find any beta branch lol github as always been a mess of a site to use
Aussiedroid  [author] May 25 @ 4:51am 
No worries .. here is the direct link, but you can choose the beta branch from the main github page too (just not that obvious to find):

Ghastous™ May 25 @ 4:44am 
I’ll have a scope around thx for the info
Ghastous™ May 25 @ 4:44am 
Didn’t see 5.0 download only a 4.xx
Aussiedroid  [author] May 24 @ 6:19pm 
Yeah, I have no idea if this works anymore as I haven't played the game for almost 5-6yrs and don't have my HOTAS anymore. Did you try v4.3 or v5.0 beta of the script? v5.0 was designed for the last update so should be more compatible unless you are still playing Horizons. Also to note, there are 21 forks of this script on Github so perhaps someone has already updated a version or modified to keep it current. Best of luck.
Ghastous™ May 24 @ 5:10pm 
Perfect example of this needs a update or someone that knows how to do this as i have no idea is when you press the button the use the ship boost it opens your friends list. The POV switch on the flight stick makes the game go mental going through menus on the ship before going into the main menu. Just buggy as hell and needs fixing
Ghastous™ May 24 @ 2:10pm 
tried it and didnt like it. Half the buttons dont work and the thruster having to sit halfway is terrible