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Lokation : Syddansk Erhvervsskole Odense
Linje : Datatekniker med Speciale i Programmering
Forløb : Færdiggjort Hovedforløb 5 på Talentspor - Oktober 2021
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Max DPS! A Measly 23519 combined DPS at Grand Master Difficulty! Ended my Day 1 Run at Wave 2001 with e16297 DPS. TIamat should be be at less than 25% by the end of the day. I wonder if the higher difficulties will be as easy.... thinking...
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Basic Info
Genre: Turn-based RPG Adventure
Difficulty: Medium-Hard

The main game consists of two modes, adventure mode and battle mode.
Adventure mode is a point-and-click mode, where you move around interacting with different objects and characters.
Battle Mode is a turn-based combat mode, where the player will select which potion, spell, ability or attack to use on the enemy.

The battles in Battle Mode can be won in two different ways.
The pacifist way, where you will drain their stamina and thereby stunning them. Once all enemies are stunned at the same time the battle can be won peacefully.
The aggressive way, where you will drain their health and thereby killing them. Once all enemies are killed the battle is won.

Each attack, spell and ability has it own unique mini-game and success in the mini-game determines the degree of success (or failure) the attack, spell or ability has. This is where the games origins can be seen the most, as this game was ported from mobile to PC and the mini-games shows this. This is not a mad thing, the game has full mouse integration and the only issue you may encounter is timing and precision.

The few puzzles there is in Adventure Mode is fairly straight forward.

The Narrative is presented in cut-scenes in the form of animated comic book pages.
The player is presented with multiple choices along their journey which influences how the story turns up in the story and which abilities different characters learns.
The story is brilliantly written. it will make you laugh and cry and everything in between.

Visual Presentation
As previously mentioned cut-scenes are shown in the form of animated comic book pages. The adventure mode and combat mode is pre-rendered 2.5D with bright colors in a cartoon style.

Audio Presentation
The music is most fitting for the game. The music in cut-scenes drives the emotion and the music in combat mode has your adrenaline pumping. The sound effects are top quality and very fitting for the game.

Final Score
If you are looking a great take on classic RPG adventure games with an amazing story, adorable graphics, relatable characters and lovely music, this is the game for you.

Submitted for Semeicardia Gaming.
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