boloxer (1:1 sets, 14 cards/set)
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TRAVELLING. I will be inactive from October 12 to October 28.
I'm getting a lot of bad trade offers. Examples include taking my last card and offer a triplicate for it, some of them pretending to be from Steam Trade Matcher when they clearly could not be. Others include set and cross set trades that do not follow what I've outlined. These are taking a lot of time for me to verify and taking time away from legitimate trade offers. Unfortunately, I 've decided to block the account offerers pretending to be from STM. Others will be given a warning in the counter offer but repeat similar offers will lead to being blocked.

I also block members who repeatedly spam me with chat messages. I will return chat messages when I can, not when you feel that I should while I am sleeping etc.

I generally do not accept Friend Requests from private profiles, accounts below level 10 or accounts that have been banned from Steamrep.

Unfortunately, these are the trade-offs I have come to make versus not generally accepting friend requests from unknown members. Thank you for understanding and respecting them.

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I have hundreds of game keys for trade. Check out my Steamtrades or Barter profile link below to see my availability list. I will trade for any Steam games that I don't own for games of similar value. I prefer games that have Steam Trading Cards. All of my keys have been purchased directly by me from sources that don't resell keys. I trade to activate keys for my own account. I avoid trades with key (re)traders and accept no responsibility for any subsequent trades that are made.

My Games List

10,000+ cards, 5000+ games, hundreds of sets and thousands of backgrounds/emoticons for trade

Trading for sets is an easy and cost effective way to level up. You can max all levels of a game, the same as if you owned it, but never have to pay for the game.

I'm offering 1:1 cards (same set extras), 2:1 cards cross sets, 1:1 complete sets, 14 mixed cards for 1 set. Please don't make offers that significantly vary from this. I will not make more than 1 counter-offer. Trades offering less cards than the number requested from me will generally not be considered. I also don't accept trades offering me cards that I have already levelled, or trades asking for cards that I currently need and that I am not offering.

Extra in your offer is required for me to consider offers with trade holds. If you want a counter offer make sure your inventory is set to public.

I have many emoticoms, backgrounds, gift games, and game keys that I don't actively trade but would consider reasonable offers.

If you have multiple game keys for a game that I do not own, I will farm cards and return them to you in exchange for the game key.

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Many cards and sets for trade. 1:1 cards (same set extras), 2:1 cards cross sets, 14 cards for 1 set, or 1:1 full sets.
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+rep. Thanks for the trade :retro_beer:
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:whiterose:Wish you a nice and relaxed weekend :whiterose:
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„Padawan“ you are blessed to recieve a gift cuz of your „Jedi Training"!
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+Rep good trader :InjusticeCatwoman:
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+REP Thanks! ;)