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I'm a gamer at heart. My preferred and go-to platforms are Nintendo, Playstation, and PC. I have more games than I have time to play and that's ok because it's a hobby I enjoy. My collection keeps me busy, it provides me with infinite options and the variety of gameplay never gets old.

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The genres I enjoy the most are RPGs, Roguelikes, FPS, Action/Adventure, and anything that is new in originality and innovative from the Indie scene. But you'll also find that I delve into games beyond those genres as well.
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At its core, The 7th Guest was Trilobyte Games runaway hit classic of the 90s, a point & click puzzle adventure that spawned a not-so-well-recieved sequel and several spin-offs. It along with several other classic point & click games served to promote and drive the sales of CD-ROM technology, being bundled together with many new computers during that decade.

I grew up on this classic, my first experience with it gave me nightmares. I loved it. The soundtrack stands the test of time, the puzzles are still just as fun and challenging today as they were then, the use of 3D & cinematic graphics were revolutionary for its time, and the story was pure classic 90's thriller/horror magic. The story was great, so much so that I still remember to this day the impact the game's twist ending had on me then. It had me thinking about it in an attempt to wrap my head around it for weeks afterwards.

For me, I will always have fond memories of playing this title. It was this gem that got me started on the point & click adventure genre. Yes it's old and some will say that it hasn't exactly aged well, but if you have the patience to do so:

"...take the time to find out what's inside, away from all this wind and rain, the six arrive - the fire lights their eyes, invited here to learn to play, the Game."
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