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Well made RTS, not that easy, with independent heroes, obstinate enemies, a lot of humour and an epic soundtrack.

Majesty 2 is a real-time fantasy strategy game unique in its genre. Each game has its own campaign, divided in several maps. Each mission has its own objective(s) and secondary quests, for example : gather enough gold in the given time, kill the dragon and retrieve the artifact, train a wizard to level 35, destroy your enemy's castle, etc. You can randomize the map (locations of the monsters dens, trading posts, etc) to increase the difficulty of the mission, but the game is rather difficult already. The more you progress in the campaign, the more difficult it gets, until you'll probably have to load from time to time or restart a mission if you had a bad start. If you want more, there are also around 10 single missions that you can try and a game editor that allows you to create your own maps.

First of all, as every ruler worthy of the name, you own a castle that you have to defend at any cost : if it is destroyed, it's game over. To help you with the constructions, peasants will build their houses around ; up to you to protect them in return for their hard work. Then, your Majesty, you should build other required structures such as towers to defend your kingdom, a marketplace to keep the economy running by offering potions and accessories among others, a blacksmith to equip your heroes, an inn where people can rest, gather and create parties, etc.


Now, the heroes ! You have to build the corresponding guild to recruit a hero, knowing that you can have 3 units per guild. You can count on warriors, rogues, rangers, clerics, wizards, elves and dwarves, each having specific stats and behaviour. The tricky part is that you don't get to control your heroes, you have to persuade them ; that's what the flags are for. There are 4 types of flags : attack, defend, explore and warning flag. Every time you place a flag, you have to set a gold amount to attract your heroes as well ; if nobody answers to your call, try increasing the reward. As every other building, you can upgrade the guilds too, in order to unlock special abilities and spells. If by misfortune one of your heroes dies, you can of course train a new one, but it's best to resurrect him thanks to the graveyard. Note that the price increases at each level and the graveyard also spawns skeletons and various undeads that will attack your kingdom.

And then there are the temples, that you can build if you upgrade your castle to the level three. Each temple allows you to recruit 2 special units and more spells for you to use. For example, if you build a Temple of Agrela, you can recruit 2 priestesses level 1 or train two already existing clerics in exchange for an important amount of gold. There are also 2 spells that you can unlock, one to resurrect dead heroes for 750 gold, the other one being an AOE healing spell.

If you're hesitating, I'd suggest to buy the bundle (Majesty 2 Collection) if you can : it's less expensive than buying Majesty 2 and then the DLCs.


Majesty 2 :
It all starts when King Leonard, staring at his ancestor's portraits, realizes that he's the only one in the lineage who hasn't faced a great danger and prevailed yet. Obviously, he decides to do something really stupid to fix it : he gathers the mages to summon a great demon. What could possibliy go wrong ? Thankfully, the (funny) advisor finds you, the last living with royal blood in your veins. It won't be easy to prove your worth, convince the people, defeat your opponents, gather the artifacts and slain the Barlog, but you're destined to become the Returned King of Ardania, through the 16 missions (including the tutorial).

Kingmaker expansion :
Kingmaker is a pretty hard DLC that I won't suggest to play before finishing the main game. There are 8 missions but it's advanced and expert difficulty, so even if you've already completed the first campaign and know how the game works, you're still gonna have a hard time through those intense maps full of strong opponents and multiple enemy waves. This DLC takes place after you defeated the Barlog : your kingdom prospers and the culture flourishes, but at night, people start noticing shiny creepy eyes luring in the dark... The Goblins and their poison are back and as you progress against the goblin-shamans, you'll discover that Grum-Gog himself, the goblin God of Plague, is involved ! Up to you to protect your lands and its inhabitants from the green skins, your Majesty.

Battles of Ardania expansion :
Battles of Ardania is the most difficult expansion in my humble opinion ; everyone who has played the Minotaur invasion mission will probably agree with me ! This DLC evolves around a conspiracy story and a - little too ambitious - mage who made a deal with a wearwolf and dreams of becoming a god. You will have the pleasure of playing the 8 available missions - that is, if you manage to beat them. Prepare yourself for the most challenging quests that will require a lot of determination, strategy and loading ! But in the end, it's always worth it ; you can't let the people of Ardania down, your Majesty !


Monster Kingdom expansion :
Monster Kingdom is my favourite DLC of Majesty 2. The Conclave betrayed the King - yourself - and stole the Artifacts. You and your adviser have no other choice but to flee and seek for new allies, for an army to return against the Conclave and the False King they summoned. Your only option is an army of monsters - yes, the monsters your previously opposed. You will have to convince them to fight by your side in return for equals rights, among other things, once you reclame the crown and the throne. Which means that your buildings and inhabitants will be monstrous as well : vampires as tax collector, gnomes as builders - unlike the peasants we're used to, the gnomes fight back at least ! - etc. The funniest part is the new units : Goblin archers, Goblin spearmen, Liches, Koatls, Minotaurs, Ratmen Robbers and Werewolves. All of them have new abilities, upgrades and new Majesty's spells to discover. There are 10 missions in this DLC, from advanced to expert mode ; strangely I found most advanced maps more difficult than the expert ones. Every kind of unit and the mission descriptions are fully voiced and the voice acting of the monster units is the best of the game in my humble opinion - after years without playing I still remembered a lot of lines. If you want to buy one and only one DLC for Majesty 2, get this one without hesitation.

The first time I discovered Majesty 2 was in 2011 (it was the very first game I added to my Steam account so maybe there's a bit of nostaliga here) and I loved it. Then I played it in 2013 again, and now in 2018 and still enjoyed it as on day one. I think this game is challenging yet amusing and differs from the other strategy games that I've played so far. I also like the work and details on the description of the quests and the advisor's tirades, there's always something funny about it. I just regret the lack of multiplayer content, because despite the multi-player tag on Steam, it's really limited : 8 existing missions, 1v1, 2v2, 2v1 or FFA. Maybe one day I'll create a co-op mission to test the game editor myself.
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Every single portrait was manually cropped, centered and repositioned for best composition and readabil
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