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Final Fantasy - Modding FF-Modding
July 26, 2015
United States 
Mod Update Summary, FF Pixel Remaster, Official Discord and More!
New(ish) Discord Server

In the anticipation of the upcoming release of the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series, there are several things that we would like to share with everyone in this community.

First, we would like to formally announce and invite everyone to join our discord group: VG Research and Modding:

This discord group has been the hub of updates and new mod releases for the past couple of years now with many not having been released in this group. We found it was much easier to collaborate directly on discord rather than using these forums, but we invite you to use both!

Krysan Thyme could use your help!

Starting things off with a serious note, Krisan Thyme the founder of this group, the original owner of the VG Research and Modding discord server, and a reverse engineer of many of your favorite games, including Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy XIII trilogy, and more, could really use your help right now!

If anyone has the time, please read what he's going through and if you can pitch in, please do so: https://www.gofundme(.)com/f/help-chris-combat-years-of-abuse--health-problems. (remove () from the URL).

I pitched in as well after reading his battle through life and am sure many of you will want to as well.


Now, with the announcement of the Final fantasy Pixel Remaster series comes the sad news that FINAL FANTASY V (Old Ver) and FINAL FANTASY VI (Old Ver) are both going to be delisted and will no longer be available for purchase on Steam. It is a bit of a sad situation, but fret not, as the modding community still has something to offer everyone that have these games in their libraries.

Be sure to pick these games up before they are gone forever!

FINAL FANTASY V has the following new mods (and more to come)
Opera Omnia portraits
Original Portraits that fits in text Window
Orchestral Soundtrack for FFV
FFV Steam GBA Music Mod
Font Mod
FFV White border Fix
Complete Sprite Collection (PSP Style - WIP)
Credits to: KAMO, HawkX, Payotcraft, Enfyve, Oscar92player, MtfujiInMyPants

Many of the mods you see above will be available soon in the Omega Weapon mod installer. We hope to release this prior to the Pixel Remaster version. Stay tuned!


FINAL FANTASY VI has received so much from the community. As a long overdue formal announcement in this group, Project Atma Weapon is the definitive mod installer/manager for FFVI which was originally released a couple of years ago. Project Atma Weapon features 3 main presets for mods in the game:, Remaster, A World Reborn, and Classic that you can install; as well as letting you fully customize the installation with more than 75 mods. You can manually select in-game portraits, fonts, orchestral soundtracks, world map textures, monster textures, summon sprites, and an overhauled game UI which conveys a classic look of the game, and more.

Here is the trailer we released for the last version (credits to KVG198x):

Here is a list of mods that have been released, since the latest version of Project Atma Weapon from 2020 (that have not yet been included in the installer):
PSP Style Sprites
Graphical Sprite (WIP)
Textured Chocobo Sprite
Graphical Sprite
Edgar and Sabin Opera Omnia Sprite
Graphical Sprite
Celes AWR Recolor Sprite
Graphical Sprite
Clyde’s Sprite
Graphical Sprite
Upscaled Monstered Sprites
Graphical Sprite
FM2 Battle damage font
Graphical UI
Sane UI
Graphical UI
Remaster Game Intro/ Title Screen
Graphical UI
Magicite 2.2, Frostlocke Magicite, Classical magicite
Graphical UI/Sprite
Beastiary Medal variants.
Graphical UI
Artomnia/Opera Omnia Style Portraits
Graphical UI
Colored UI Icons
Graphical UI
Auto Dash
Guardian Force Mod and Esper portraits
Graphical Sprite
Dancing Mad Metal Rendition v1.0!
FFVI steam save Editor
Luna Shade
Reshade Profile
Steam ROM editor (FF6Tools)
Credits to: Drag4you, Xerxes, Pixel, Matty, Daldec, kvg198X, Frostlocke, MtfujiInMyPants, Maki, Enfyve, Taser9001, FuZzle, faospark, Spyros, Madsiur, granvillimus

With the help of the newly updated FLB tool (forked by Enfyve) make sure to check out the latest versions of the UI graphical overhaul and SaneUI as both mods now feature better/optimized placements of UI elements.

There are also plans to update Atma Weapon again before the Pixel Remaster version is released which will include most of the mods featured in the table above. Stay tuned here as well!

FINAL FANTASY Pixel Remaster

As sad as it to see the Final Fantasy Anthology Duo be delisted and be relegated with the (OLD Ver) moniker … one might notice that they still have received plenty of mods from the community and continue to do so. When the world said they were horrible/bad, there were still people that gave love and respect to both games regardless of these criticisms. There is just a couple of weeks to go before Chaos wins in the world in regards to the original Steam versions of Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI. We hope you give them some attention with the mods listed above.

The clock ticks down for the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster series and be assured that if there is a possibility to mod the games, we will conquer these new games as well! We invite you to participate in the discord server while we explore these new games!

Chrono Trigger Updates

And at last, but not least, the Chrono Trigger version for Steam has also received a good amount of mods. We are sure you'll love these additions, since they give you a much better gaming experience while playing the game. Some of them were made for the first version of the game, previous to the official updates that came later which fixed many aspects of the game. However, most were updated to work with the current/latest version. While others are still in need of some testing. We would appreciate any participation to debug them and make them completely available and compatible.

This is the current list of mods for Chrono Trigger:
File Exploration / Replacement / Patching Tool
Sounds of Ivalice
Audio Replacement Tool
Zeal Debug Warp Access
Gameplay / Testing
Mads' Blake Robinson Orchestral OST
Enfyve's Font Decryption Tool
Graphical UI / Font Replacement Tool
Chrono Font
Graphical UI / Font Replacement
Overworld UI Buttons Removal (for Upd. 2)*
Graphical UI
No ATB & HP Bars for Default UI *
Graphical UI
Blue UI Mod (ver. 5)*
Graphical UI
Medium Gray UI *
Graphical UI
Lavos BGM Fix for Ochestral Mod
Chrono Trigger -ReWork- (Multi-language)
Graphical UI / Font Replacement
Character Battle Portraits
Graphical UI
PlayStation Buttom Prompts (Updated)
Graphical UI
*These may not work on the newest version of the game.

Come Join us!

VG Research & Modding:

We would really appreciate your collaboration, and we openly invite you to our Discord server so you can share with us the love for these classical jRPGs (and more), your experience in the modding community, and of course, your desire to work with us to expand them as much as possible.

Also for those wanting to mod the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy, please join Krisan Thyme's server "Fabula Nova Chystallis" which is dedicated to those games:

Thank you and happy modding!

Nova Chrysalia has been released!
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