[ZG] Zombie Gaming [ZG]
[ZG] Zombie Gaming [ZG]
November 5, 2008
ABOUT [ZG] Zombie Gaming

When there is no more room in Hell . . . the Dead will walk the Zombie Gaming Servers

Welcome to the Zombie Gaming [ZG] Community!

The Zombie Gaming [ZG] Community []was originally founded in November 2008 dedicated to the mission of providing the finest zombie gaming experience. We have members from all around the world who actively contribute to building a premier gaming environment. Our focus is on all past and present popular zombie games, television and movies. We host a number of well-known Steam Powered Source zombie first person shooters such as, Contagion[], Garry's Mod[], Left 4 Dead Series[], No More Room in Hell (NMRIH[]), and Zombie Panic Source (ZPS[]). We also focus on massive multiplayer online (MMO) zombie games such as Just Survive[]7 Days to Die[] and Infestation: The New Z[]Infestation: The New Z[] Above all, what truly sets us apart is in the mapping contributions provided by many of our community members who continue to produce breathtaking Contagion, ZPS and NMRIH maps for all to enjoy.

In addition to gaming, we focus on zombie entertainment in the forms of Movies, Television and Comic Books. This is a public community with a completely open enrollment to all players. There are no membership fees or special requirements in order to join. Therefore all are welcome to assign the [ZG] tag to your Steam Profile. Join the [ZG] Zombie Gaming Community right now by adding our Steam Group to your Steam Profile in addition to signing up as a member on our website at For any questions or comments, please visit our forums at or email

Zombie Gaming [ZG] Server Hosting Information

[ZG] Discord Server:

[ZG] TeamSpeak 3 Server:

Contagion (East Coast):

Contagion (West Coast):

Left 4 Dead 2 West Coast (All L4D & L4D2 Characters):

No More Room In Hell (East Coast):

No More Room In Hell (West Coast):

Zombie Panic Source (DeathMatch):

Zombie Panic Source (West Coast):
Official [ZG] ZPS DeathMatch Server Back Online
Zombie Panic Source 3.0.9 Update Now Live
ZPS 3.0.9 Changelog

  • Added a "Game Manual" button that opens the Steam overlay to our official ZPS manual. (Special Thanks to: Orphanage and the dev team)
  • Updated English and French translations.

  • Angelscript - Added "CHL2MP_Player.OpenSteamOverlayToWebPage( const string& in szURL )" function (clients can deny it's execution, see below).
  • Round Manager - Fixed an exploit where players could bypass starting zombie selection and late joining
  • Round Manager - Late joining as a survivor is now limited at "once per map" to prevent abuse
  • Round Manager - Players that try to bypass the new late joining limitation are punished by being forced to play as a zombie
  • Round Manager - Players that try to zombie skip are punished by being forced to play as a zombie
  • Round Manager - Starting zombies that tries to zombie skip are forced back in the zombie team as punishment.
  • Server configuration - Added "sv_allow_wait_command 0" to the default server configuration in an attempt to block fast pistol firing scripts.
  • ZP Options - Added a tab for custom content settings.
  • ZP Options - Clients can control if servers can open their Steam overlay to web pages (see Angelscript function above).
  • ZP Options - Move "Disable player sprays" option from the misc tab to the custom content one.

    User Interface (UI)
  • Added animations to the zombie lives counter for consistency with the rest of the HUD.
  • Added a warning threshold to zombie lives counter (will flash red if zombies are almost out of lives).
  • Health is no longer considered critical below 20 (HL2's value), it is now considered critical below 35 if you are a survivor and 80 as a zombie.

  • Fixed basement trap's door elevator
  • Fixed Zombie ladder at the light booth.

  • Fixed golf club dealing more damage on the stomach/chest rather than the head.
  • Decreased pistols firing rate, the time between 2 shots has been changed from 0,11 seconds to 0,13 seconds.

  • Increased movement speed for regular zombies 140 to 145.

Feel free to get on any one of our servers to enjoy the new release!

[ZG] Zombie Gaming reviews
"Zombie Gaming is in existence to follow, host and play the best Zombie games ever created!"
Here are a few recent reviews by [ZG] Zombie Gaming
Tomgreen Apr 8 @ 3:42pm 
server for zombie mutation gmod is up and open try out the new gamemode here
Tomgreen Apr 7 @ 3:07pm 
Hey my new gmod zombiemod is opening beta tonight likely. Here is the steamgroup if you want more info on the mod since I don't want to spam Quag's comment section here and here is going to be the beta server ip if you want to join (requires css) . Hope you guys enjoy it worked hard on this for a while.
Bob Jovi Mar 31 @ 12:42pm 
We need more life since the last discussion forum/comment was in the start of March
Tomgreen Mar 12 @ 10:25am 
Almost done on the new gmod zombiemod. Been working a lot on the UI. It running well is our #1 priority we won't accept any lag in the code. Should run very well compared to what people are use to in gmod. Hopefully we done by friday.
[ZG] Zombielle Mar 4 @ 6:54pm 
Can’t wait
Tomgreen Mar 3 @ 11:52pm 
The gmod zombiemod im making is getting near beta playability. Were plugging in a lot of the work we've been doing recently. I think any zombie mod lover will really like this new zombiemod for garrys mod. Its a pvp zombiemod with zombies as strong as humans so its fun to play both sides.