[ZG] Zombie Gaming [ZG]
[ZG] Zombie Gaming [ZG]
November 5, 2008
ABOUT [ZG] Zombie Gaming

When there is no more room in Hell . . . the Dead will walk the Zombie Gaming Servers

Welcome to the Zombie Gaming [ZG] Community!

The Zombie Gaming [ZG] Community []was originally founded in November 2008 dedicated to the mission of providing the finest zombie themed gaming experience. We have members from all around the world who actively contribute to building a premier gaming environment. Our focus is on all past and present popular zombie games, television and movies. We host a number of well-known Steam Powered Source zombie first person shooters such as, Contagion[], Garry's Mod[], Left 4 Dead Series[], No More Room in Hell (NMRIH[]), and Zombie Panic Source (ZPS[]). We also focus on massive multiplayer online (MMO) zombie games such as DayZ[]7 Days to Die[] and Infestation: The New Z[] to name just a few. Above all, what truly sets this community apart is in the mapping contributions provided by many of our community members who continue to produce breathtaking Contagion, ZPS and NMRIH maps for all to enjoy.

In addition to gaming, we focus on zombie entertainment in the forms of Movies, Television and Comic Books. This is an inclusive, friendly community, with continual open enrollment to all new individuals. There are no membership fees or special requirements in order to join. Therefore, ALL are welcome to assign the [ZG] tag to your Steam Profile.

Join the [ZG] Zombie Gaming Community right now by adding our Steam Group to your Steam Profile in addition to signing up as a member on our website at For any questions or comments, please visit our forums at or email

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Contagion (East Coast):

Contagion (West Coast):

Left 4 Dead 2 West Coast (All L4D & L4D2 Characters):

No More Room In Hell (East Coast):

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Zombie Panic Source (DeathMatch):

Zombie Panic Source (West Coast):

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Merry Christmas Zombie Gaming Friends!
Merry Christmas

We wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe Christmas. While this has been a challenging year for many of us, it is great to know that we are close to starting a brand new year with some new and exciting things to come. Thank you to all of you who make this such a great community.

Zombie Gaming Team

Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween 31 October 2020

We wanted to wish you a happy and safe Halloween this year. We hoped for a Zombie Apocalypse but got a Pandemic. . . Feel free to join us on Discord and the live Zombie Panic! Source server.

Zombie Panic! Source West Coast

Zombie Gaming Discord

Thanks for all of the years of good times. We hope to see you all around!

The Zombie Gaming Team

[ZG] Zombie Gaming reviews
"Zombie Gaming is in existence to follow, host and play the best Zombie games ever created!"
Here are a few recent reviews by [ZG] Zombie Gaming
Commander Ash Apr 9 @ 8:50pm 
Add me if ya want :)
watahashi Jan 21 @ 4:26am 
Hey! I'm a huge fan of zombies (like you I guess :D) if you like drama/horror stories with zombies - this may be something for you :)

game: Perseverance: Part 2
CalebBih Jan 19 @ 3:01pm 
CalebBih Jan 19 @ 3:01pm 
add me on discord calebmoyer11#0520 if you wanna play deerisle factions with us a group of 10 so far and we have a near unbreachable base just need active grinders and pvpers
Cosmicbrownie480 Jan 1 @ 12:40pm 
If you guy got time you should watch my 7 days to die vid :steammocking:

zle Dec 26, 2020 @ 4:00pm 
I use to play it, its really nice!
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