Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim
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Opdatering: 1. mar kl. 1:15pm

Init script
- Now has a delay to prevent a load spike collision with other mods that plunk all of their scripts right at the beginning.
- Now also adds staves.
- Periodic update function no longer defers to 2 other functions, reducing the number of script threads from 3 to 1, which should help out with those other mods that throw scripts at your game until it breaks.

- Tremble: No longer staggers targets that are not already staggered. Duration doubled.

- Conjure Xivilai Sorcerer: Fire damage to self now correctly affected by fire resistance.
- Conjure Xivilai Lord: Changed Magicka transfer functionality, making it compatible with NPC use.

- Renamed Thunderwave (again) to Shock Scythe; improved visuals.
- Renamed Warpstrike to Rift Bolt.
- Bolide: Reduced cast time from 2.5 seconds -> 0.5 seconds.
- Electrosphere: First strike damage is no longer incorrectly applied all the time or never. Increased missile speed. Greatly increased dual cast missile speed.
- Frozen Orb: Removed redundant Impact perk reference.
- Hailstone: Increased frost damage from 25 -> 30, but increased gravity and reduced speed.
- Shock Nova: Clarified rim damage.
- Tornado: Cast time reduced from 4.4 -> 3.0 seconds. Scroll version now correctly deals damage. Now correctly slows.
- Wildfire: AI helper damage increased from 0.1 -> 1.0.

- Figment of Guilt: Now dispels Evil Twin twice.

- Finger of Death: No longer has an unnecessary duration.
- Valkyrie: No longer erroneously considered a healing spell. Source now defaults to the caster if missing.

+ Staves

Added staves. Note that the staves will not be added to existing saves unless you uninstall/save/reinstall. Life sucks.

The following spells are available as staves:

Collapse, Detonate Lock, Wither.

Conjure Avenging Wraith, Conjure Dremora Berserker, Conjure Dremora Champion, Conjure Dremora Churl, Conjure Dremora Honor Guard, Conjure Herne, Conjure Xivilai Sorcerer, Conjure Xivilai Lord, Mass Summoning, Summon.

Bolide, Crackle, Creeping Cold, Electrosphere, Fire Seed, Fracture, Hailstone, Ice Shiv, Meltdown, Rift Bolt, Shivers, Shockbloom, Shock Pulse, Wildfire.

Compelling Whispers, Curse of the Silent, Empathic Agony, Illusory Flames, Iron Maiden, Lobotomize, Mind Control, Mind Vision, Scared to Death, Shadowbond.

Devastate, Equalize, Exemplar, Finger of Death, Leech Seed, Ruin, Slay Living, Spellwrack.

Opdatering: 1. feb kl. 1:21pm

- Minor Creation: Added a Grindstone; increased duration from 30 -> 120 seconds.

- Tornado: Now correctly deals damage to the direct target.

Opdatering: 22. jan kl. 3:25pm

- Wizen: Description is now correct - it's Magicka OR Stamina, not AND.

Opdatering: 22. jan kl. 1:48pm

- Ocato's Recital: Dragonhide is no longer excluded by default.

- Conjure Radac: No longer available to NPCs.
- Daedric Mind: Reduced cost by 15%; improved effect from 150% -> 200%.

- Replaced Monster Magnet with Enslave The Weak.

- Channel Energies: Reduced cost by 15%.
- Devastate: Reduced cost by 25%.
- Finger of Death: Reduced cost by 20%.
- Leech Seed: Reduced cost by 25%.
- Necroplague: Reduced cost by 30%.
- Poet's Whim: Reduced cost by 20%.
- Ruin: Reduced cost by 20%.

Opdatering: 11. jan kl. 12:45pm

- Added variance to Alteration Earth cast sounds.
- Note: a mistake was made that may cause you to lose the Feather Fall spell. Please rebuy it.
- Removed Hold.
- Removed Replicate.
- Removed Spellstrike.
- Added Galerion's Persistence.
- Added Minor Creation.
- Added Sword and Sorcery.
- Renamed Destabilize to Tremble.
- Dancing Stones: Fixed armor reduction being 120 instead of 150; doubled duration.
- Detonate Lock: Improved script execution speed; added animation when an object is unlocked; fixed race condition that could cause it to stop working if cast several times in succession; is now a ritual spell.
- Levitate: Improved script execution speed; reduced cast time from 5.5 seconds -> 3.0 seconds.
- Ocato's Recital: Functionality changed. Is now equipped in your right hand and stores the beneficial self-only spell in your left hand. Can store up to 3 spells. Cast with an empty left hand to clear. This also means it no longer uses a whitelist of keywords and therefore stores ANY valid spell, including from other mods.
- Knowledge is Power: Now gives an error message when it can't store a spell, regardless of the reason for the error; the power no longer refuses to work while a metamagic spell is active.
- Spell Sequencer: No longer affected by Apocalypse effects that increase spell duration.
- Tremble: Now drains 40 points of Stamina; if the target is already staggering, knocks down and drains 120 points of Stamina; now correctly gains duration when dual cast.

- Cloak of Souls: Updated cloak graphics.
- Conjure Dremora Berserker: Improved description.
- Conjure Dremora Honor Guard: No longer lies that the armor reduction only applies to targets attacking it; armor reduction -200 within 40 foot -> -300 within 15 foot.
- Conjure Lord of Bindings: Now gives an error message when it can't store a spell; Immaterial Bolt spell is now improved by Daedric Mind.
- Conjure Xivilai Lord: Rend Asunder spell is now improved by Daedric Mind.
- Conjure Xivilai Sorcerer: Doomfire spell is now improved by Daedric Mind.
- Daedric Crescent: Updated ingame model; can now be recast even if no charges have been used up.
- Daedric Mind: Improved description; no longer dispels many conjuration buffs.
- Detonate Dead: Modernised script, fixing several bugs. Increased damage from 160 -> 180. Changed damage from fire -> magic. Updated explosion, inventory and hand model.
- Necrowitch: Now warns you when no spell is equipped; improved description.
- Power of the Master: Now equipped in the caster's right hand and casts the spell in the caster's left hand (preventing it from casting metamagics etc).

- Removed Death Arc.
- Removed Magicka Burn.
- Added Crackle.
- Added Shivers.
- Renamed Blaze of Glory to Pyroclasm.
- Renamed Thunderstroke to Ride the Lightning.
- Renamed Stormclaw to Thunderwave.
- Renamed Stormweave to Weave the Storm.
- Ice Shiv: Updated ingame model. (Also, it was flying backwards all along)
- Inferno: Now deals the listed damage.
- Pyroclasm: Increased explosion radius; reduced threshold from 3 to 2 spells; reduced cost.
- Ride the Lightning: Modernised script; scroll version correctly no longer denied by spell absorb.
- Thunderwave: Now has a special dual cast model and covers a larger area when dual cast.
- Tornado: Updated ingame model.
- Warpstrike: Updated bolt animation; now teleports targets backwards instead of randomly; no longer teleports targets into objects.
- Weave the Storm: Now gives an error message when it can't store a spell, regardless of the reason for the error.

- Lobotomize: Replaced variable so it doesn't default to 20% instead of 50% for upgrading users.
- Vanish: No longer erroneously considered a metamagic spell.

- Removed Ocato's Dragonhide option because the new mechanics solve the original issue anyway.
- Removed now-obsolete Replicate option.

Opdatering: 27. dec 2014 kl. 6:25am

- Updated MCM with new options.

- Removed All In.
- New spell - Grindstone: Curses targets to take damage when they lose Stamina.
- Renamed Exhaust -> Collapse.
- Exhaust: Now has the correct inventory model.
- Levitate: Updated script.

- Removed Tempest.
- New spell - Lobotomize: Curses targets to take damage when they lose Magicka.
- Renamed Mana Void -> Magicka Void. THE FUN ENDS HERE.
- Death March: Cast time 3.0 -> 2.5 seconds.
- Scream of Pain: Cast time 3.0 -> 2.5 seconds.

- Removed Damnation.
- Removed Dispersion.
- Removed Skill Tap.
- New spell - Bloodseeker: Homes in and deals 175% of target Health gained/lost while in flight.
- New spell - Devastate: Reduces skill levels of targets in the blast by 6 for 60 seconds.
- New spell - Glimmershield: When struck, replenishes 15 Magicka.
- Updated "Necro" inventory model.
- Bleedout: Duration 6 -> 8 seconds, improved script speed, improved description, fixed crash when cast at activators.
- Bone Spirit: Fixed spirit not exploding if another actor is closer to it than the target.
- Circle of Death: Improved script speed.
- Dispersion: Instead of damaging attackers, now steals Magicka.
- Mystic Wind: Now considered a buff for Ocato's Recital purposes.
- Poet's Whim: Duration 10 -> 20 seconds, improved description.
- Slay Living: Improved script speed.
- Wizen: Actor target -> projectile, improved description.

Opdatering: 14. dec 2014 kl. 11:23am

Reuploaded due to incomplete upload.

Opdatering: 14. dec 2014 kl. 11:10am

- Renamed Runic Weapon to Spellstrike to prevent confusion with PerMa weapon enchant spells.

- Magicka Burn replaces Arcane Burst: Drains 50% of your Magicka and reduces a target's Magic Resistance by this amount for 8 seconds.
- Apocalypse: Damage 80 -> 130.
- Blaze of Glory: Damage 60 -> 90.
- Electrosphere: Base damage 20 -> 30.
- Finger of the Mountain: Damage 70 -> 120.
- Flamestrike: Damage 100 -> 160.
- Forbidden Sun: Fire resist penalty 150 -> 200.
- Frozen Orb: Damage 90 -> 120.
- Tornado: Damage per second 20 -> 30.

- Damnation replaces Resurrection: If target loses life while cursed, target loses 40% more life when it wears off.
- Skill Tap: Reduced from +10 to +8 skill levels; dual cast now increases duration instead of magnitude; now correctly doesn't steal skills whose level is below 75.

Opdatering: 16. nov 2014 kl. 10:26am

- Lifebloom: Stamina no longer regenerates while health does not.
- Skill Tap: No longer erroneously stacks with itself.

Opdatering: 26. okt 2014 kl. 4:26pm

- Destabilize (replaces Lift): Target staggers when struck by any damage.
- Exhaust (replaces Gravity Wave): Reduces target Health% to its Stamina%.
- Renamed Create Energy Orb to Create Lodesphere.
- Renamed Earthrune Weapon to Runic Weapon.
- Gravisphere: Can now be recast on targets already affected by it.
- Overshield: No longer available in scroll form (didn't work correctly).
- Runic Weapon: Increased enhancement duration from 2.5 to 3.5 seconds.
- Wither: Now slows targets by 25% per second, up from 20%.

- Daedric Crescent: Damage increased to 50 from 40; fixed description.

- Forbidden Sun (replaces Arcane Rain): Glowing fireball that reduces fire resistance based on the target's fire resistance.
- Apocalypse is now scroll only and is now a pure damage spell (Wizardfire gfx).
- Frozen Orb: No longer sets off NPC hit events on cast; damage vs dragons 1/4 down from 1/2.
- Inferno: Increased Ember Bolt damage to 45 from 35.
- Shattering Crystal: No longer erroneously given to NPCs through ASIS.
- Tornado: DPS increased to 20 from 15; dual cast now works; added impact effect; improved desc.
- Thunderstroke (renamed from Thunderball): Damage increased to 80 from 70; changed scripting to fix a bug that caused no damage to be applied in certain circumstances.

- Curse of the Silent (replaces Discharge): Target rapidly loses Magicka until he or she casts a spell.
- Death March: Now deals 15% temporary damage per second, up from 10%.
- Evil Twin: Clones now have -200 armor and -50% magic resistance.
- Ghostwalk: Added a 0.4 second recall delay to prevent a race condition; increased magicka cost.
- Mana Void: No longer erroneously says it is less effective on dragons, but dragons are now immune.

- Lifebloom: Now correctly affected by Respite.
- Resurrection: Shellshock can now wear off after 15 seconds instead of a minimum of 120 seconds.