The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim
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Opdatering: 25. aug kl. 10:38am

- Added Sapphire Star.
- Added Thunderstone.
- Removed Frost Nova.
- Removed Shock Nova.

Opdatering: 20. aug kl. 8:25am

- Spell Twine: heal twine now takes effect over 2 seconds and does not stack.

- The following spells now correctly scale up visually when dual cast: Bolide, Bombardment, Dragon's Teeth, Inferno, Sleet Storm.

- Illusory Flames: no longer erroneously stacks when cast from both hands; dual casting now does something (increased duration); no longer has a magnitude of 1.
- Illusory Pyre: now correctly makes the health bar show up.

- Replaced scroll-only Stendarr's Brilliance by Stendarr's Embrace.

Opdatering: 15. aug kl. 4:14am

- Added Shared Trauma.
- Removed Counterspell. (Use Backlash for your anticaster needs.)

- Backlash: clarified description.
- Compelling Whispers: now has a fancy new command animation.
- Dispel Magic: changed from apprentice -> novice.
- Empathic Agony: area effect now correctly ignores line of sight blockers.
- Harrowing Dirge: no longer crashes the game if the projectile impacts with specific furniture; will now remove actors that are too far away from the pool of valid targets.
- Illusory Flames: no longer deals janky damage over time, but now deals 30% temporary damage and has a 2 second duration until you stop casting; can now be dual cast.
- Illusory Pyre: fixed awkward description; reduced effect from 30% -> 25% temporary damage to slightly nerf stacking with the greatly buffed Illusory Flames.
- Wyrd: increased radius from 40 -> 50; improved description.

- Improved IllusionBlue body animation.
- Improved IllusionShadow hand animation.

- Healed a few nifs.
- Fixed load screen typo.

Opdatering: 24. jul kl. 11:55am

- Entomb: no longer loses the entombed actor between loads.

- Conjure Deadeye Captain: no longer loses the sunken corpse between loads.

Opdatering: 22. jul kl. 2:26am

Fixed a tome with an incorrect spell name.

Opdatering: 21. jul kl. 6:11am

The changelog is very long, apparently far too long for the Workshop. Go to the Changelog page on the Nexus.

Opdatering: 27. mar kl. 1:22pm

- Raise Wall: increased cast speed from 2.0 -> 0.5 seconds.

- Figment of Pain: no longer works on dragons.

Opdatering: 27. mar kl. 11:28am

- Added 5 loading screens.

Opdatering: 27. mar kl. 10:49am


Opdatering: 27. mar kl. 10:27am

- Wither: now correctly reduces speed and attack damage by 5% per second for 10 seconds and lasts for 10 more seconds, instead of 10% per second for 10 seconds; no longer erroneously affected by magic resistance.

- Corpse Explosion: fixed excessive damage in certain circumstances.

- Defy Death: fixed imagespace modifier getting stuck permanently.