Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim
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更新:11 月 16 日 @ 上午 10 時 26 分

- Lifebloom: Stamina no longer regenerates while health does not.
- Skill Tap: No longer erroneously stacks with itself.

更新:10 月 26 日 @ 下午 4 時 26 分

- Destabilize (replaces Lift): Target staggers when struck by any damage.
- Exhaust (replaces Gravity Wave): Reduces target Health% to its Stamina%.
- Renamed Create Energy Orb to Create Lodesphere.
- Renamed Earthrune Weapon to Runic Weapon.
- Gravisphere: Can now be recast on targets already affected by it.
- Overshield: No longer available in scroll form (didn't work correctly).
- Runic Weapon: Increased enhancement duration from 2.5 to 3.5 seconds.
- Wither: Now slows targets by 25% per second, up from 20%.

- Daedric Crescent: Damage increased to 50 from 40; fixed description.

- Forbidden Sun (replaces Arcane Rain): Glowing fireball that reduces fire resistance based on the target's fire resistance.
- Apocalypse is now scroll only and is now a pure damage spell (Wizardfire gfx).
- Frozen Orb: No longer sets off NPC hit events on cast; damage vs dragons 1/4 down from 1/2.
- Inferno: Increased Ember Bolt damage to 45 from 35.
- Shattering Crystal: No longer erroneously given to NPCs through ASIS.
- Tornado: DPS increased to 20 from 15; dual cast now works; added impact effect; improved desc.
- Thunderstroke (renamed from Thunderball): Damage increased to 80 from 70; changed scripting to fix a bug that caused no damage to be applied in certain circumstances.

- Curse of the Silent (replaces Discharge): Target rapidly loses Magicka until he or she casts a spell.
- Death March: Now deals 15% temporary damage per second, up from 10%.
- Evil Twin: Clones now have -200 armor and -50% magic resistance.
- Ghostwalk: Added a 0.4 second recall delay to prevent a race condition; increased magicka cost.
- Mana Void: No longer erroneously says it is less effective on dragons, but dragons are now immune.

- Lifebloom: Now correctly affected by Respite.
- Resurrection: Shellshock can now wear off after 15 seconds instead of a minimum of 120 seconds.

更新:09 月 15 日 @ 下午 1 時 23 分

- Implemented parity with Nexus version regarding targetting requirements.
- Reave: Now correctly affected by Master of the Mind.

更新:09 月 15 日 @ 下午 1 時 10 分

- Gravity Wave: Now deals 50 damage on top of its fall damage.
- Loot Magnet: Now skips Dragons and Dwarven Spheres to prevent looting the crossbow or wings and leaving inaccessible items in the player's inventory.
- Wither: Now degrades speed at a rate of 20% per second from 10%.

- Conjure Dremora Assassin: Death Mark duration increased to 10 seconds from 5.
- Conjure Gateway Wraith: Ecto Blast damage increased to 40 from 25.
- Conjure Lich: Necrobolt damage increased to 45 from 40.
- Conjure Lord of Bindings: Immaterial Bolt damage increased to 35 from 25.
- Conjure Nether Lich: Disease Bolt dps increased to 6 from 5.
- Conjure Radac: Tech Blast damage increased to 75 from 50.
- Conjure Xivilai Lord: Rend Asunder damage increased to 120 from 80.
- Conjure Xivilai Sorcerer: Doomfire damage increased to 35 from 25.
- Necrowitch: Now regenerates 25 Magicka per second.

- Elements Unleashed: Replaced with Arcane Burst.

更新:09 月 11 日 @ 下午 12 時 09 分

- Prevented Evil Twin, Figment of Guilt, Shadowbond, Empathic Agony and Vanish from affecting dead targets and non-actors.
- Reave: No longer works on illusions spawned by Evil Twin, Figment of Guilt and Mirror Entity.

更新:09 月 1 日 @ 上午 9 時 58 分

- Horrid Wilting: Added missing 50% health condition to scroll.

更新:08 月 31 日 @ 上午 7 時 36 分

- Fixed incorrect settings on Scroll of Horrid Wilting and Scroll of Necrowitch.

更新:08 月 31 日 @ 上午 7 時 28 分

- Alarm: Now starts detecting intruders after a fixed 2.5 seconds regardless of any bonuses to spell duration.
- Earthrune Weapon: No longer functions when cast on NPCs since it didn't work anyway.
- Mark and Recall: Restricted to outdoors use only to prevent accidentally breaking quests or getting stuck.
- Ocato's Recital: No longer works with summoning spells (which occasionally caused a bug preventing you from casting any spells if the summoning spell couldn't resolve due to invalid terrain).

- Dremora Honor Guard: No longer taunts enemies into attacking it, but enemies that do attack it now have their armor reduced by 200 instead of 60. The taunt effect is still available on the illusion spell Monster Magnet.
- Necrowitch: Now learns the elemental spell that is in your left hand at the time of casting, as opposed to the elemental spell you have equipped when you enter combat. This should make her more responsive. Is now one handed and costs half as much Magicka. Scroll of Necrowitch is no longer available because the spell does not and never did work properly when cast from a scroll.

- Arcane Rain: No longer erroneously works with self-targetted spells or indoors.

- Horrid Wilting: Damage increased to 50 from 35 but only affects targets above 50% Health.
- Necroplague: Can now be cast on targets below 50% Health instead of 25% Health.

更新:08 月 18 日 @ 下午 3 時 38 分

- Improved the maintenance script to reduce scripting load (this only affects new playthroughs).
- Channel Energies: Can now only be equipped in your right hand and look at the spell in your left hand, as opposed to being ambidextrous and looking at the spell in your "other" hand. This makes it compatible with contingencies, scrolls and staves. Now also works on commanded actors.
- Compelling Whispers: No longer a hostile spell.
- Conjure Nether Lich: Its Ruin spell now lasts 120 seconds instead of permanently.
- Levitate: Another attempt at fixing the invisible walls issue (sigh).
- Ruin: Now lasts 120 seconds instead of permanent, but Magicka cost reduced.
- Twilight Zone: Reduced mana cost.
- Fixed Twilight Zone scroll being Shroudwalk instead.

更新:07 月 29 日 @ 上午 11 時 49 分

Spells that do something based on your other equipped spells can now only be equipped in your right hand and look at the spell in your left hand, as opposed to being ambidextrous and looking at the spell in your "other" hand. This makes them compatible with contingencies, scrolls and staves.
- Arcane Rain
- Knowledge is Power
- Lord of Bindings
- Stormweave

- Dancing Stones: Now correctly removes the spell at the end even if you race shift.
- Gravisphere: No longer hits non-actor targets and wards.
- Knowledge is Power: Can now be used in other metamagic spells.//removed check
- Levitate: Fixed invisible walls.

- Atronach Mark: Reduced damage from 20% to 15% of current Health.
- Conjure Avenging Wraith: Fixed typo.
- Conjure Dremora Champion: Fixed typo.
- Conjure Dremora Honor Guard: No longer causes combat to briefly end when taunting.
- Conjure Gateway Wraith: Cost reduction now works by checking for the presence of the Gateway Wraith magiceffect instead of it being in combat, fixing a bug if the Gateway Wraith is deleted by the game.
- Conjure Lord of Bindings: NPC version is no longer erroneously a ritual spell; no longer keeps adding conjuration spells when transitioning through doors.
- Necrowitch: Improved responsiveness when inheriting spells upon entering combat.

- Arcane Rain: Halved cast height; excluded ground AoE spells; halved magicka cost.
- Char: Can no longer be given to NPCs by ASIS.
- Death Arc: Reduced first hit bonus damage from +100 to +45.
- Finger of the Mountain: Now one handed; lowered cast time from 1.5 to 1; reduced damage from 90 to 70; halved magicka cost.
- Flamestrike: Now one handed; reduced damage from 160 to 100; halved magicka cost.
- Frozen Orb: Now one handed; reduced damage from 180 to 90; halved magicka cost.
- Inferno: Now correctly removes the spell at the end even if you race shift.
- Jolt: Can no longer be given to NPCs by ASIS.
- Stormweave: Halved magicka cost; fixed typo.
- Thunderball: Now one handed; refactored script to prevent a race condition; no longer heals the target on cast; no longer NPC capable; halved magicka cost.

- Cloak of Mimicry: Now correctly an Expert level spell.
- Compelling Whispers: No longer hits (and aggros) converted targets.
- Monster Magnet: No longer causes combat to briefly end.

- Breath of Arkay: Now correctly restores Speech and Archery as well.
- Circle of Strength: Lowered magicka cost multiplier from 4.5 to 2.5, increased stamina absorb from +4 to +6.
- Orcish Healing: Own damage is now scripted and therefore no longer affected by difficulty.
- Valkyrie: Lowered cast time from 2 to 1.

- The MCM setting to restore skills when casting a heal now correctly restores Speech and Archery as well.

- Added Arcane Rain scroll.
- Added Knowledge is Power scroll.
- Added Lord of Bindings scroll.
- Removed duplicate novice scrolls in the master scroll list.
- Scroll of Restore Skills now correctly restores Speech and Archery as well.