The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim
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Update: 10. Jan. um 9:20 Uhr

- Fixed textures that were erroneously included into another mod and were erroneously included into Apocalypse.

- Defy Death: the heal effect is now correctly flagged as a healing spell.

Update: 8. Jan. um 15:48 Uhr

- Invisible Manager entry points now have a higher priority to avoid collisions with Ordinator perks that would cause those specific bonuses to become additive instead of multiplicative.

- Deep Storage: removed impact set from explosion to prevent it from tossing objects.

- Added Defy Death.
- Added Sealed Resolve.
- Added Tree Rings.

- Removed Biorhythm.
- Removed Poet's Whim.
- Removed Valkyrie's Embrace. (Made a copy and put it into the hidden chest.)

- Renamed Bleedout -> Welling Blood.
- Renamed Equalize -> Nature's Balance.

- Reduced size of Restoration Blood hand animation.

- Circle of Death: no longer works on essential targets; now works on daedra.
- Decompose: quietened annoying sound effect; no longer displays a disease shader on the caster; updated leech beam description; no longer causes allies to play "pain" sounds when leeching life; now causes tree branches to grow on the target; now works on undead and daedra.
- Finger of Death: no longer works on essential targets, automatons or undead; no longer reduces the caster below 1 -> 2 points of Health (to avoid Health rounding down to 0 somehow.)
- Godform: removed unimmersive crescent moon animation; reduced effectiveness from 80 -> 50 points of Magicka per second; now uses Restoration Arcane colour palette.
- Healing Blossom: now gains both heal strength and duration from dual casting. (It appears that the delay period gained duration unintentionally, causing the heal to have an effective duration of 0. To fix this, I made it a feature.)
- Horrid Wilting: now works down to 25% Health instead of 50%; removed bonus damage vs plants to reduce script load; now works on daedra.
- Leech Seed: now works on undead and daedra.
- Nature's Balance: now works on undead and daedra.
- Necroplague: reworked, is now cast on a corpse and infects enemies near the corpse, then spreads; damage increased from 5 -> 8 per second; no longer erroneously works on undead.
- Slay Living: no longer works on essential targets; now works on daedra.
- Wild Healing: reduced healing amount from 75 -> 55, increased Magicka cost. (This was OP.)

Update: 23. Nov. 2015 um 13:34 Uhr

- Lamb of Mara: no longer generates Papyrus log messages if the target is not taking damage.

Update: 8. Nov. 2015 um 12:02 Uhr

- Necrowitch: any reanimation spell works on Necrowitch regardless of level cap.

- Wildfire: reduced projectile speed, increased range and hitbox.

- Disease shaders now time out faster.

Update: 1. Nov. 2015 um 18:28 Uhr

- Drop Zone: the buff now sticks for 1 -> 2 seconds and the radius is now a little more lenient.

- Some players prefer "simple" spells that are straightforward to use and don't require much metagaming. To accomodate this target audience, I replaced the worst spell (Hailstone), the most bugged spell (Shock Scythe) and the least interesting spell (Wildfire) with three concentration type spells that fire a steady stream of projectiles as long as the button is held down. Scattershock pierces and is cheap but is short ranged and doesn't shoot straight, Hailstorm is long ranged and perfectly accurate but single target and expensive, Wildfire shoots slowly but fires exploding bolts.
--- Added Hailstorm.
--- Added Scattershock.
--- Added Wildfire (v2.0).
- Creeping Cold: improved graphics; now detonates after 8 -> 6 seconds.
- Fracture: cleaned up code; now triggers faster when struck by a concentration spell; improved visuals; improved description; enchantment is now correct.
- Frost Nova: damage changed from 20 +10 per nearby target -> 45 +15 near the centre. (The old version scaled exceptionally poorly with dual casting, gaining all of 12 points of damage regardless of how many enemies were nearby.)
- Pyroclasm: no longer requires 2 casts to charge up, but now has a 2 second cast time.
- Shock Nova: now deals 30 -> 50 damage in the middle, but edge damage is still 80.

Update: 25. Okt. 2015 um 4:52 Uhr

- Frozen Orb: in an environment with heavy script lag, no longer continues firing spikes after the orb has disappeared.

- Added 2 missing textures.

Update: 11. Okt. 2015 um 21:56 Uhr

- Fixed name of Malviser's Gauntlet spellbook.
- Fixed name of Lamb of Mara spellbook.

Update: 11. Okt. 2015 um 11:45 Uhr

(Fixed missing file.)

Update: 11. Okt. 2015 um 11:30 Uhr

- New spell: Malviser's Gauntlet. (Told you Alteration and Destruction are one. -Maro.)
- New spell: Raise Wall.
- New spell: Talons of Nirn.
- New spell: Undermine.
- Removed Orum's Cramps.
- Removed Sword and Sorcery.
- Relegated Tremble to the hidden chest.
- Relegated Gravisphere to scroll only, but greatly increased duration.
- Reworked Dancing Stones: stagger and armor reduced by 150 -> stagger and 150 points of Stamina damage.

- Collapse: animation is now different from Xivilai Rend Asunder and other similar effects.
- Longstride: now uses a less unreliable condition to check combat state.
- Shalidor's Mirror: added impact data set, hit effect and shader; improved description; experience gain is now based on the amount of stats moved.

- Renamed Cloak of Souls -> Soul Cloak.
- Renamed Detonate Dead -> Corpse Explosion.

- Consuming Power: clarified description to indicate that it works on all friendly conjured creatures.
- Corpse Explosion: no longer drains additional Magicka when cast.
- Flames of Oblivion: changed damage around summoned minion from 100 damage per second -> 225 instant damage.
- Flesh of My Flesh: now works on any conjured creature instead of just daedra.
- Gateway Wraith: clarified description.
- Oathbound Guardian: now also works on conjured creatures, but not on other Oathbound Guardians.
- Power of the Master: now also works on dead minions.

- Renamed Cinder Bolt -> Carbonize.
- Renamed Shockbloom -> Shock Bloom. (So it sorts correctly with Shock Scythe and Shock Nova.)

- Apocalypse: now more robust to high script latency conditions. (It still fails if a stack dump occurs.)
- Carbonize: no longer costs additional Magicka on impact; fixed description.
- Frozen Orb: ice bolts no longer apply slow and perks against the caster; improved script.
- Ride the Lightning: no longer costs additional Magicka on impact.

- New spell: Wyrd.
- Relegated Death March to the hidden chest.
- Reworked Figment of Guilt -> Figment of Pain: instead of attempting to transfer damage, it now equalises Health between the illusion and the target towards the lower value. This makes it a lot more accurate and reliable.

- Renamed Cloak of Mimicry -> Mimic's Cloak.

- Illusion Blue type beams no longer have a duration of 0.
- Counterspell: hit animation no longer looks as blocky.
- Evil Twin: slightly reduced XP.
- Mimic's Cloak: keywords no longer applied to the caster for the entire duration even after the spell is replaced by another cloak.

- New spell: Lamb of Mara.
- New spell: Decompose.
- Relegated Devastate to the hidden chest.
- Removed Circle of Scorn.

- Renamed Circle of Flame -> Circle of Glory.
- Renamed Lifeblossom -> Healing Blossom.
- Renamed Valkyrie -> Valkyrie's Embrace.

- Flagged Leech Seed as a healing spell.
- Flagged Biorhythm, Circle of the Moons, Mystic Wind and Valkyrie's Embrace as not a healing spell.
- All instant death spells (Slay Living, Circle of Death, Dust to Dust) now deal damage equal to 2 times the target's Health.

- Finger of Death: no longer capable of killing the caster (it will deal reduced damage to the target when necessary to keep the caster alive at 1 Health).
- Horrid Wilting: now always dispelled after the target drops below 50% Health instead of lingering; now dispelled on death.
- Necroplague: fixed issue that caused the disease spreading AoE to trigger at the initial location of infection instead of being centred on the infected target.
- Ruin: skill level reduction improved from 3 -> 4 points.
- Valkyrie's Embrace: no longer removes or is removed by elemental cloak spells (while the effect in your effects list remained active).

Scroll only
- There is now one Master scroll only spell per school, each casting a powerful basic effect associated with the school:
--- Alteration: Gravisphere.
--- Conjuration: Oblivion Unbound.
--- Destruction: Wizardfire. (Already in previous versions.)
--- Illusion: Mind Fog.
--- Restoration: Stendarr's Brilliance.
- Hold is no longer available in the hidden chest because it has been superseded by Malviser's Gauntlet.

- Added MCM options for Shalidor's Mirror XP, Undermine Heavy Stagger Chance, Undermine XP.

- Updated a few proc spell names.

Update: 9. Aug. 2015 um 8:49 Uhr

- Flesh of My Flesh: fixed erroneously high experience gain.