Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim
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อัปเดต: 16 เม.ย. @ 9:05am

Apocalypse v5.08
- Fixed gray face bug affecting many conjured minions since the previous patch.
- Necrowitch: No longer has a lootable dagger when summoned.
- Thunderball: Removed redundant condition that made the damage scaling fail.

อัปเดต: 11 เม.ย. @ 12:44pm

Apocalypse v5.06
- Necrowitch: Starting dagger can no longer be looted.

อัปเดต: 11 เม.ย. @ 11:53am

Apocalypse v5.06
- Conjure Xivilai Sorcerer: Now deals 50 damage to self instead of draining 25 conjuration.
- Frozen Orb: Damage is now reduced vs dragons.
- Ghostwalk: Now generates a detection event of volume 75-(illusion/2) when teleporting back.
- Infinite Light: Removed splash hit because for some reason this causes friendly targets to aggro.
- Ocato's Recital: No longer ignores valid spell check when storing right handed or ritual spells; no longer accepts Vanish to prevent an infinite loop.
- Pale Moon: Now uses a script to modify weapon damage, ensuring it is not affected by blanket illusion spell bonuses like Kindred Mage which caused its weapon damage bonus to go through the roof.
- Shroudwalk: Invisibility now lasts for the entire duration of the spell.
- Thunderball: No longer pushes targets in the wrong direction; collision damage pierces absorbs.
- Added console-only spell: Teleport Cantrip - apprentice alteration, 150 magicka, 0.5 second cast, range 50.

อัปเดต: 14 ก.พ. @ 5:15am

Apocalypse v5.05
- Cloak of Souls: No longer causes hostility when attempting and failing to apply to a target.
- Death Arc: Reduced first shot damage from 120 to 100.
- Finger of the Mountain: No longer triggers twice per second when affected by shock cloaks.
- Ghostwalk: Disabled location check to fix erroneous messages.
- Hailstone: Flattened projectile arc.
- Horrid Wilting: Now deals 35 damage to living targets instead of 60 damage to poisoned targets.
- Infinite Light: No longer causes hostility when used as a heal.
- Jolt: Electrocution effect now knocks down instead of up.
- Levitate: Fixed a race condition that could result in invisible walls appearing.
- Loot Magnet: Looted items are no longer tagged as stolen.
- Orcish Healing: Reduced self damage from 100 to 75.
- Scream of Pain: Duration increased from 10 to 20 seconds.
- Stormclaw: Increased mark damage from 50 to 60, reduced hit threshold from 6 to 5.

อัปเดต: 2 ก.พ. @ 1:48am

Apocalypse v5.04
- Added spell ID affixes to ensure ASIS compatibility.
- Elements Unleashed: MCM option now works.
- Mystic Wind: no longer erroneously a master spell.
- One With Nothing: fixed empty description.

อัปเดต: 27 ม.ค. @ 7:51am

Apocalypse v5.03b
- Reuploaded to fix a broken upload.

อัปเดต: 27 ม.ค. @ 7:42am

Apocalypse v5.03
- Populate Levelled Lists script: no longer indicates normal operation in the log.
- Populate Levelled Lists script: now runs every 8 seconds instead of every 6 seconds.

อัปเดต: 26 ม.ค. @ 1:14pm

Apocalypse v5.02
- Electrosphere: fixed bug causing bonus damage to apply to all targets.
- Necrowitch: added dead man's switch to destroy the minion should the spell copying effect be lost.
- Stormclaw: no longer applies marks to objects.

อัปเดต: 25 ม.ค. @ 6:04pm