The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim
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Atualização: 24 de jul às 11:55

- Entomb: no longer loses the entombed actor between loads.

- Conjure Deadeye Captain: no longer loses the sunken corpse between loads.

Atualização: 22 de jul às 2:26

Fixed a tome with an incorrect spell name.

Atualização: 21 de jul às 6:11

The changelog is very long, apparently far too long for the Workshop. Go to the Changelog page on the Nexus.

Atualização: 27 de mar às 13:22

- Raise Wall: increased cast speed from 2.0 -> 0.5 seconds.

- Figment of Pain: no longer works on dragons.

Atualização: 27 de mar às 11:28

- Added 5 loading screens.

Atualização: 27 de mar às 10:49


Atualização: 27 de mar às 10:27

- Wither: now correctly reduces speed and attack damage by 5% per second for 10 seconds and lasts for 10 more seconds, instead of 10% per second for 10 seconds; no longer erroneously affected by magic resistance.

- Corpse Explosion: fixed excessive damage in certain circumstances.

- Defy Death: fixed imagespace modifier getting stuck permanently.

Atualização: 27 de mar às 10:27


Atualização: 10 de jan às 9:20

- Fixed textures that were erroneously included into another mod and were erroneously included into Apocalypse.

- Defy Death: the heal effect is now correctly flagged as a healing spell.

Atualização: 8 de jan às 15:48

- Invisible Manager entry points now have a higher priority to avoid collisions with Ordinator perks that would cause those specific bonuses to become additive instead of multiplicative.

- Deep Storage: removed impact set from explosion to prevent it from tossing objects.

- Added Defy Death.
- Added Sealed Resolve.
- Added Tree Rings.

- Removed Biorhythm.
- Removed Poet's Whim.
- Removed Valkyrie's Embrace. (Made a copy and put it into the hidden chest.)

- Renamed Bleedout -> Welling Blood.
- Renamed Equalize -> Nature's Balance.

- Reduced size of Restoration Blood hand animation.

- Circle of Death: no longer works on essential targets; now works on daedra.
- Decompose: quietened annoying sound effect; no longer displays a disease shader on the caster; updated leech beam description; no longer causes allies to play "pain" sounds when leeching life; now causes tree branches to grow on the target; now works on undead and daedra.
- Finger of Death: no longer works on essential targets, automatons or undead; no longer reduces the caster below 1 -> 2 points of Health (to avoid Health rounding down to 0 somehow.)
- Godform: removed unimmersive crescent moon animation; reduced effectiveness from 80 -> 50 points of Magicka per second; now uses Restoration Arcane colour palette.
- Healing Blossom: now gains both heal strength and duration from dual casting. (It appears that the delay period gained duration unintentionally, causing the heal to have an effective duration of 0. To fix this, I made it a feature.)
- Horrid Wilting: now works down to 25% Health instead of 50%; removed bonus damage vs plants to reduce script load; now works on daedra.
- Leech Seed: now works on undead and daedra.
- Nature's Balance: now works on undead and daedra.
- Necroplague: reworked, is now cast on a corpse and infects enemies near the corpse, then spreads; damage increased from 5 -> 8 per second; no longer erroneously works on undead.
- Slay Living: no longer works on essential targets; now works on daedra.
- Wild Healing: reduced healing amount from 75 -> 55, increased Magicka cost. (This was OP.)