Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim
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Atualizado: 1 Fev às 13:21

- Minor Creation: Added a Grindstone; increased duration from 30 -> 120 seconds.

- Tornado: Now correctly deals damage to the direct target.

Atualizado: 22 Jan às 15:25

- Wizen: Description is now correct - it's Magicka OR Stamina, not AND.

Atualizado: 22 Jan às 13:48

- Ocato's Recital: Dragonhide is no longer excluded by default.

- Conjure Radac: No longer available to NPCs.
- Daedric Mind: Reduced cost by 15%; improved effect from 150% -> 200%.

- Replaced Monster Magnet with Enslave The Weak.

- Channel Energies: Reduced cost by 15%.
- Devastate: Reduced cost by 25%.
- Finger of Death: Reduced cost by 20%.
- Leech Seed: Reduced cost by 25%.
- Necroplague: Reduced cost by 30%.
- Poet's Whim: Reduced cost by 20%.
- Ruin: Reduced cost by 20%.

Atualizado: 11 Jan às 12:45

- Added variance to Alteration Earth cast sounds.
- Note: a mistake was made that may cause you to lose the Feather Fall spell. Please rebuy it.
- Removed Hold.
- Removed Replicate.
- Removed Spellstrike.
- Added Galerion's Persistence.
- Added Minor Creation.
- Added Sword and Sorcery.
- Renamed Destabilize to Tremble.
- Dancing Stones: Fixed armor reduction being 120 instead of 150; doubled duration.
- Detonate Lock: Improved script execution speed; added animation when an object is unlocked; fixed race condition that could cause it to stop working if cast several times in succession; is now a ritual spell.
- Levitate: Improved script execution speed; reduced cast time from 5.5 seconds -> 3.0 seconds.
- Ocato's Recital: Functionality changed. Is now equipped in your right hand and stores the beneficial self-only spell in your left hand. Can store up to 3 spells. Cast with an empty left hand to clear. This also means it no longer uses a whitelist of keywords and therefore stores ANY valid spell, including from other mods.
- Knowledge is Power: Now gives an error message when it can't store a spell, regardless of the reason for the error; the power no longer refuses to work while a metamagic spell is active.
- Spell Sequencer: No longer affected by Apocalypse effects that increase spell duration.
- Tremble: Now drains 40 points of Stamina; if the target is already staggering, knocks down and drains 120 points of Stamina; now correctly gains duration when dual cast.

- Cloak of Souls: Updated cloak graphics.
- Conjure Dremora Berserker: Improved description.
- Conjure Dremora Honor Guard: No longer lies that the armor reduction only applies to targets attacking it; armor reduction -200 within 40 foot -> -300 within 15 foot.
- Conjure Lord of Bindings: Now gives an error message when it can't store a spell; Immaterial Bolt spell is now improved by Daedric Mind.
- Conjure Xivilai Lord: Rend Asunder spell is now improved by Daedric Mind.
- Conjure Xivilai Sorcerer: Doomfire spell is now improved by Daedric Mind.
- Daedric Crescent: Updated ingame model; can now be recast even if no charges have been used up.
- Daedric Mind: Improved description; no longer dispels many conjuration buffs.
- Detonate Dead: Modernised script, fixing several bugs. Increased damage from 160 -> 180. Changed damage from fire -> magic. Updated explosion, inventory and hand model.
- Necrowitch: Now warns you when no spell is equipped; improved description.
- Power of the Master: Now equipped in the caster's right hand and casts the spell in the caster's left hand (preventing it from casting metamagics etc).

- Removed Death Arc.
- Removed Magicka Burn.
- Added Crackle.
- Added Shivers.
- Renamed Blaze of Glory to Pyroclasm.
- Renamed Thunderstroke to Ride the Lightning.
- Renamed Stormclaw to Thunderwave.
- Renamed Stormweave to Weave the Storm.
- Ice Shiv: Updated ingame model. (Also, it was flying backwards all along)
- Inferno: Now deals the listed damage.
- Pyroclasm: Increased explosion radius; reduced threshold from 3 to 2 spells; reduced cost.
- Ride the Lightning: Modernised script; scroll version correctly no longer denied by spell absorb.
- Thunderwave: Now has a special dual cast model and covers a larger area when dual cast.
- Tornado: Updated ingame model.
- Warpstrike: Updated bolt animation; now teleports targets backwards instead of randomly; no longer teleports targets into objects.
- Weave the Storm: Now gives an error message when it can't store a spell, regardless of the reason for the error.

- Lobotomize: Replaced variable so it doesn't default to 20% instead of 50% for upgrading users.
- Vanish: No longer erroneously considered a metamagic spell.

- Removed Ocato's Dragonhide option because the new mechanics solve the original issue anyway.
- Removed now-obsolete Replicate option.

Atualizado: 27 Dez, 2014 às 6:25

- Updated MCM with new options.

- Removed All In.
- New spell - Grindstone: Curses targets to take damage when they lose Stamina.
- Renamed Exhaust -> Collapse.
- Exhaust: Now has the correct inventory model.
- Levitate: Updated script.

- Removed Tempest.
- New spell - Lobotomize: Curses targets to take damage when they lose Magicka.
- Renamed Mana Void -> Magicka Void. THE FUN ENDS HERE.
- Death March: Cast time 3.0 -> 2.5 seconds.
- Scream of Pain: Cast time 3.0 -> 2.5 seconds.

- Removed Damnation.
- Removed Dispersion.
- Removed Skill Tap.
- New spell - Bloodseeker: Homes in and deals 175% of target Health gained/lost while in flight.
- New spell - Devastate: Reduces skill levels of targets in the blast by 6 for 60 seconds.
- New spell - Glimmershield: When struck, replenishes 15 Magicka.
- Updated "Necro" inventory model.
- Bleedout: Duration 6 -> 8 seconds, improved script speed, improved description, fixed crash when cast at activators.
- Bone Spirit: Fixed spirit not exploding if another actor is closer to it than the target.
- Circle of Death: Improved script speed.
- Dispersion: Instead of damaging attackers, now steals Magicka.
- Mystic Wind: Now considered a buff for Ocato's Recital purposes.
- Poet's Whim: Duration 10 -> 20 seconds, improved description.
- Slay Living: Improved script speed.
- Wizen: Actor target -> projectile, improved description.

Atualizado: 14 Dez, 2014 às 11:23

Reuploaded due to incomplete upload.

Atualizado: 14 Dez, 2014 às 11:10

- Renamed Runic Weapon to Spellstrike to prevent confusion with PerMa weapon enchant spells.

- Magicka Burn replaces Arcane Burst: Drains 50% of your Magicka and reduces a target's Magic Resistance by this amount for 8 seconds.
- Apocalypse: Damage 80 -> 130.
- Blaze of Glory: Damage 60 -> 90.
- Electrosphere: Base damage 20 -> 30.
- Finger of the Mountain: Damage 70 -> 120.
- Flamestrike: Damage 100 -> 160.
- Forbidden Sun: Fire resist penalty 150 -> 200.
- Frozen Orb: Damage 90 -> 120.
- Tornado: Damage per second 20 -> 30.

- Damnation replaces Resurrection: If target loses life while cursed, target loses 40% more life when it wears off.
- Skill Tap: Reduced from +10 to +8 skill levels; dual cast now increases duration instead of magnitude; now correctly doesn't steal skills whose level is below 75.

Atualizado: 16 Nov, 2014 às 10:26

- Lifebloom: Stamina no longer regenerates while health does not.
- Skill Tap: No longer erroneously stacks with itself.

Atualizado: 26 Out, 2014 às 16:26

- Destabilize (replaces Lift): Target staggers when struck by any damage.
- Exhaust (replaces Gravity Wave): Reduces target Health% to its Stamina%.
- Renamed Create Energy Orb to Create Lodesphere.
- Renamed Earthrune Weapon to Runic Weapon.
- Gravisphere: Can now be recast on targets already affected by it.
- Overshield: No longer available in scroll form (didn't work correctly).
- Runic Weapon: Increased enhancement duration from 2.5 to 3.5 seconds.
- Wither: Now slows targets by 25% per second, up from 20%.

- Daedric Crescent: Damage increased to 50 from 40; fixed description.

- Forbidden Sun (replaces Arcane Rain): Glowing fireball that reduces fire resistance based on the target's fire resistance.
- Apocalypse is now scroll only and is now a pure damage spell (Wizardfire gfx).
- Frozen Orb: No longer sets off NPC hit events on cast; damage vs dragons 1/4 down from 1/2.
- Inferno: Increased Ember Bolt damage to 45 from 35.
- Shattering Crystal: No longer erroneously given to NPCs through ASIS.
- Tornado: DPS increased to 20 from 15; dual cast now works; added impact effect; improved desc.
- Thunderstroke (renamed from Thunderball): Damage increased to 80 from 70; changed scripting to fix a bug that caused no damage to be applied in certain circumstances.

- Curse of the Silent (replaces Discharge): Target rapidly loses Magicka until he or she casts a spell.
- Death March: Now deals 15% temporary damage per second, up from 10%.
- Evil Twin: Clones now have -200 armor and -50% magic resistance.
- Ghostwalk: Added a 0.4 second recall delay to prevent a race condition; increased magicka cost.
- Mana Void: No longer erroneously says it is less effective on dragons, but dragons are now immune.

- Lifebloom: Now correctly affected by Respite.
- Resurrection: Shellshock can now wear off after 15 seconds instead of a minimum of 120 seconds.

Atualizado: 15 Set, 2014 às 13:23

- Implemented parity with Nexus version regarding targetting requirements.
- Reave: Now correctly affected by Master of the Mind.