Steam is the BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD for customers to play games, and for developers to build communities. The potential upside for developers has never been bigger, and Steam Dev Days is about NAVIGATING THAT OPPORTUNITY. The business decisions, the technical hurdles, and the future - including VIRTUAL REALITY.

Steam has enabled game makers to be innovative, customer-focused and profitable, and we think openness and collaboration are driving that success. We believe that developers have just as much to learn from one another as they have to learn from Valve, and every developer who joins the conference makes it that much more valuable. Join the conversation. Let's get connected.

Business Strategies and Best Practices

Steam Business Update

Steam Business 101 & 201

UGC and Workshop in Ark: Survival Evolved

Games As A Service

Early Access

Healthy Publisher Relationships

The Psychology of games

Art of Communication: Decoding the Creative Relationship

Technical Integration

Steam Controller

Steam Inventory Service

Video Content on Steam

Building Unity Games for SteamOS/Linux

Game Server Hosting

Vulkan Graphics

Anti-Cheat for Multiplayer Games

Anticipating Fraud and Reconciling Transactions

Virtual Reality

The Future of VR and PC Games

Philosophy of VR

Developing The Lab

VR Content Panel

Unity Development for VR

Delivering Great VR With Simple Graphics

Shipping A VR Game With Unreal Engine 4
Mobile Guide
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