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[WOTC] Iridar's Akimbo Class
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Aug 26, 2018 @ 1:13pm
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[WOTC] Iridar's Akimbo Class


This mod adds the Akimbo Class, built around Dual Wielded Pistols

Akimbo is acquired and trained the same way as any other XCOM class. The lore is that an exile Reaper was sheltered by Avenger, and in gratitude he provides training in dual wielding.

Akimbo features several skill trees with custom perks, most of which are completely unique. There are several concerns regarding combatibility and configuration, so please check the respective sections.

See perks here: http://iridar.net/xcom2/akimbo-class-perks/

Akimbo is intended to be a "carrry" class, one that outputs a lot of damage, but requires support from other classes in order to unlock its full potential. It plays a lot like vanilla Ranger without concealment and with more range, and has the same stat progression.

Akimbo usually engages enemies with simultaneous attacks, be it two shots from Dual Shot, or twin melee strike from Pistol Whip. Each individual attack is indenpendent, and can hit or miss on its own. Due to this fact, Akimbo "double dips" into effects from special ammo or debuffs like Bewildered or Ruptured. However, it also double dips into damage penalties from enemy armor.

Akimbo lacks utility of other classes, since both primary and secondary weapon slots are occupied by pistols, and massively benefits from supportive abilities that provide cover destruction, extra actions, bonus damage or shred enemy armor.

  • Free Reload Anytime - allows Free Reloads from Autoloader to properly work with Spinning Reload. DO NOT get this if you use RPG Overhaul.
  • Cover Damage Reduction - reduces effectivenes of Dual Pistols against enemies in cover. Pistols get strong aim bonuses at closer ranges, making them frighteningly effective at killing enemies in cover. Using the mod makes it more balanced.
  • Metal Gear Raiden Customization Pack - among other things, add a black suit with a red tie. Perfect for tickling Hitman fetish.
  • Resistance Firearms - among other things, has many iconic pistols, such as Beretta 92, Desert Eagle and M1911. All of them work with dual wielding just fine.
  • Mr Koval's GTS-only trainable classes - will allow you to configure the Akimbo Class so it behaves more like a hero class, if you want that. For example, you can set it up so that only first Akimbo character can be promoted naturally, and the rest have to be trained through GTS.


Should work mid-campaign just fine.

Weapon Attachment Compatibility is here.

Compatible with Choose My Class and Commander's Choice.

Limited compatibility with Musashi's RPG Overhaul. It will allow any soldier to wield two pistols, and load up relevant animations, but most of the perks will fire from only one pistol, making the other one a deadweight.

Only perks from the RPG Overhaul Specialization Pack - Akimbo are guaranteed to work properly.

In the future I'd like to improve compatibility with non-Akimbo perks, but this is what you get for now.


To best of my knowledge, none of my mods have anything to do with reload disappearing. Please stop poking me about it.

1) A problem with class intro was reported: when you try to promote the soldier to Akimbo for the first time, the game softlocks, and you get a black screen and can't do anything. If that happens, you can get around it by changing "+b HasClassMovie=true" to "+bHasClassMovie=false" in the "steamapps\workshop\content\268500\1494158555\Config\XComClassData.ini".

2) Pistols appear holstered when customizing an Akimbo in Character Pool. For now just create your characters on Avenger, and save them into Character Pool from there.

3) Gun Fu skill tree puts a high emphasis on Overwatch Action Points, which are tracked via Hihglander's Focus UI in the lower left corner of the screen and under the soldier's health bar. Mods that override the UIUnitFlag class will disable the Akimbo's focus UI under the soldier's health bar. Focus bar in lower left corner will still work.

Notable mods that do that are:
- feel free to poke its author to contact robojumper for instructions on how to update Numeric Health Display to remove this compatibility issue.

4) A lot of AWC bonus perks are incompatible with Akimbo and had to be removed from the pool of abilities that Akimbo can get:
  • Serial - seems to restore action point cost only on mainhand kills.
  • Death From Above - arguably worse Bullet Time (corporal Gun Fu perk), and probably has same problem as Serial anyway.
  • Killzone - buggy as hell since it uses its own shooting ability.
  • Rapid Fire - works like a worse Dual Shot, firing two shots from the mainhand pistol with an aim penalty.
  • Chain Shot - same.
  • Guardian - I would love for this to work, but it doesn't :(
  • Ever Vigilant - same.

In similar vein, I have removed from Akimbo's AWC pool several perks from Richard's Classes, those that provide extra damage to primary or secondary weapons. They would probably work, but they would be as "must have" as Bladestorm or Reaper for Templars, making the class feel lackluster without them.

5) Dirty Kick currently consumes one action point even after gold move. This is not intentional, to be fixed.

6) Soldier is holding pistols like a rilfe when using TLP attitudes. That's because I haven't added animations for TLP attitudes, and don't plan to.


This mod would not be possible without the patient and qualified help of the legendary robojumper, Musashi, Ginger and Mr. Nice. Big thank you to CX Mod Team as a whole for providing valuable feedback, advice and a warm place to call home.

Support the illustrious Musashi on Patreon[www.patreon.com].

Please support me on Patreon[www.patreon.com] if you require tech support, have a suggestion for a feature, or simply wish to help me create more awesome mods.
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Hunter Gaming Jan 21 @ 7:11am 
i cant seem to get it to dual wield the dc-17 blaster pistol from the republic weapons pack like shown in the picture
Iridar  [author] Jan 19 @ 5:53pm 
The mod works with any pistol created by Primary Secondaries.
Gretschory Jan 19 @ 5:38pm 
So mod works but only with the vanilla pistol? No matter what I do I cannot change the primary weapon
Iridar  [author] Jan 19 @ 2:15am 
@「 LiTe Em uP 」
Most of the animations are in the Dual Wielded Pistols mod, you should just make it a dependancy for your class mod, just like Akimbo does.
「 LiTe Em uP 」 Jan 19 @ 1:20am 
is it ok if i use some of the animations and abilities from this mod?? as long as i provide credits to the right people who made this mod possible..

im creating a class mod, and it is very similar to akimbo class since it uses dual pistols..
Barren Soul Jan 15 @ 8:52pm 
That worked. Thanks.
Iridar  [author] Jan 15 @ 8:44pm 
@Barren Soul
Never heard of this problem. Try disabling the Class Intro in Known Issues 1)
Barren Soul Jan 15 @ 8:24pm 
To be clear, I have promoted this soldier multiple times before with no problems. It only started just now.
Barren Soul Jan 15 @ 8:23pm 
So, mod was working fine, then I got back from a mission and went to promote, only to have the soldier disappear from the screen, no promotion screen to appear, and the game to stop allowing interaction--no mouse clicks or key presses do anything. Music still plays, but nothing else happens. Hard quit, reloaded, and tried promoting from barracks. Same thing. Can promote other soldiers, but not my Akimbo soldier. Any fix for this?
Iridar  [author] Jan 15 @ 7:50pm 
Shouldn't make a difference, RPGO conversion uses exact same abilities, just distributed differently.