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This is a collection of monoportal puzzles that I personally find to be some of the best on the workshop, and that I think should be played if you want inspiration to make your own monoportal maps. These maps are not in any particular order, and the collection might be edited/expanded at any given point. Difficulty of puzzles might vary, consult the description of each map for more information.

You can check a list of each map's mechanics and interactions at the "Monoportal Hall of Fame" section of "HugoBDesigner's Guide to Monoportal Mapping":

Feel free to recommend me monoportal maps and I'll check them out whenever possible. If they're good enough, they might get featured here too, as well as on my guide!
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Created by HugoBDesigner
[Easy-Medium] Yet another single-portal puzzle. This time, funnel-fun! Or should I say... FUNnel? Anyways, you've got your faithful companion cube and your harmless edgeless safety cube to help you. Good luck!


Playthrough by Nockscitney: http...
Created by HugoBDesigner
[Medium] I couldn't trap you in Prisoner, and I couldn't fool you in Pointlessness, might as well just Punish you this time.

Mono-portal puzzle around gels, funnel and bridge. Eh, I'm starting to just accept gels. Not necessarily like them, though.

Created by HugoBDesigner
[Medium] As I was writing my Monoportal Mapping Guide, I came across having to tell people how they could use autoportals on ceilings... which I've never done myself. So as I sat there pondering about its applications, dozens of ideas came to mind. This te...
Pull the Leg
Created by HugoBDesigner
[Easy-Medium] A monoportal funnel map because I missed making monoportal maps, and because I had part of the idea for this map lying around for quite a while. Hope you enjoy! Feedback and criticism is appreciated, let me know if you found any unintended so...
Created by HugoBDesigner
[Medium] All passengers aboard the funnel ride!
Welcome to Passenger, a medium difficulty monoportal map with two distinct funnels. And yes, it's good to be back after such a long break. Feedback and criticism is appreciated as always, and let me know if ...
Created by HankyMueller
A remake of my map, Echo. Relayout by quaternary, embedded lightstrips by Konclan.

Difficulty: 9/10 (Very Hard)
Main Elements: Autoportals, Cubes

Created by HankyMueller
"Press the button!"

Welcome to Stalemate, a easy-medium difficulty funnel puzzle. Finally got around to installing beemod, so here's a monportal puzzle.

If you think you found an unintended solution, please let me know.

As always, all feedb...
Created by HankyMueller
A monoportal laser puzzle which will test your ability to calculate efficient package delivery routes.

Based on the environmental puzzle in Asphyxia by Ossy Flawol and Allison.

Thanks to Teo for playtesting and thumbnail advice.

Difficulty: Easy-M...
Created by Demon Arisen
Cave Johnson here. I've just been informed that a Mr L.B. from our programming department has been unwell recently. Sorry about that, it's probably the micro-parasites we put into your keyboard. Don't worry about it, all they do is make you feel unwell but...
Created by Demon Arisen
Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Cave Johnson, founder and CEO of Aperture Science, and I am proud to present to you Aperture's latest innovation in quantum tunnelling: the Aperture Science Handheld Mono-Portal Device, or Monoportal Gun for short. Why is i...
Created by Demon Arisen
Cave here. Apparently one of our employees was out "walking the dog" the other day - at least that's what he told me - when their dog just happened to dig up a lump of fossilised amber. Now, if you ask me it sounds like he was doing an archaeological dig w...
Created by K7 Avenger
Monochrome is a conversion gel puzzle using monoportals.

Inspired by Demon Arisen's "Axiom".
Thanks to Demon Arisen for helping with playtesting.
Thanks to HugoBDesigner for feedback.

Music: Rexaura by Mevious OST - Two

Found any bugs/exploits...
Mono Portal Play
Created by Alfe5
A quick mono portal puzzle. If you find any ways to break the chamber, please let me know. I'm not much for descriptions....
Created by Konclan
An update to Inverted from my chamber series.

Official Solution

Laser Collision Off

- Welcome To The Futu...
Melon's Sp 26 - "Stargazing"
Created by Konclan
Shoot for the stars! Be sure to stop by Wheatley on the way ^.^

Update: For some reason Portal 2 has been publishing new maps instead of updating. I'm going to try to fix this asap so if you were wondering what happened to your comment or why you were u...
Melon's Sp 27 - "Tragedy"
Created by Konclan
Well, you know the old formula...

Friendly Tips
- F6 to quicksave and F7 to quickload

Be sure to..
- Report bugs or exploits
- Leave a comment and rating as feedback is helpful
- Check out the rest of the melon's chambers series [url=ht...
Created by Innocentive
Monoportal puzzle. I'd rate the difficulty around medium though it may also be considered hard. Some logic and some agility needed but I wouldn't say that the solution requires any Ninja moves.

I tried as best as I can in Hammer to facilitate solving th...
Once Upon a Time
Created by asears16
Once Upon a Time is a map containing two easy-medium monoportal puzzles. The first puzzle revolves around a reversed funnel and cube management, and the second puzzle focuses on a laser.

Yes, you read all that correctly...after all this time I ha...
Created by Fumbly Bumbly
Easy Difficulty

Fortunately for you, you can't die in this test!
Unfortunately the companion cube can.

Main element is a reversed funnel.
First monoportal map, heavily inspired by Blanc Comme Neige by Aur3Dash: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfile...
Created by Fumbly Bumbly
Easy Difficulty

Monoportal puzzle all about shortening your final route.
Main focus is a timed cube dropper and lightbridge.

Music used: Science (Portal Pro) by Ben Bryan...
Created by Fumbly Bumbly
Easy-Medium Difficulty

A monoportal puzzle centred on laser logic. Also bears only three portal surfaces, one of which is reserved for an autoportal.

Please note that the shutdown delayers part of some connections are merely to prevent exploits. They do ...
Created by Fumbly Bumbly
Medium Difficulty

Creeping, crawling, on the floorboards... a frightful sight indeed.
Creeping, crawling slowly forwards... like a centipede.

A monoportal puzzle utilising Konclan's slim modification ...
Created by Nobody No-One
A monoportal map featuring two cubes and one funnel.

Difficulty: 5-6/10 (Medium)

- This puzzle relies heavily on timed sequences. If you do everything right, you should have enough time to easily complete every move. However, I would highly r...
Created by Teo
Designed for Trial by Fire #8

Difficulty: Easy to Medium

Welcome to my second monoportal map, this time focused on the lives of both cubes being controlled by a laser. Forcing portal management in a monoportal map without fizzlers was quite tricky, b...