ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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TOP ARK SERVER - MOD KOLLEKTION - Ragnarok - ARK Expansion Map - PVP x100 +Fun
FUTURE | 08/04 |x100| SHOP |AA| MECHWAR| FUN

2.0 Speed Mods, friendly community, custom shop system, rules and infos with F1 Menu, abberation dinos on Ragnarok and full Mech kits. join and look self.

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-->linksklick auf Favoriten

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Was ist auf dem ARK Server?
Stell dir vor, du strandest ohne Essen oder Kleidung auf einer geheimnisvollen Insel. Um zu überleben, musst du jagen, Früchte anpflanzen und ernten, Gegenstände herstellen und dir einen Unterschlupf oder ein Boot bauen. Doch das wahre Überleben beginnt erst im PVP. Kämpfe um dein überleben meide den Strand es befinden sich viele Piraten auf See! Baue ein Verteidigungsstand oder eine ganze Basis, Expandiere, oder versteck dich und greife im Hinterhalt an. Es ist vieles möglich. Benutze Geschick und List, um auf ARK lebende Dinosaurier und urzeitliche Lebewesen zu töten, auszubrüten und zu reiten und verbünde dich mit Hunderten von Spielern oder Handel dich allein zum Ruhm Arrr..

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Items (18)
Automated Ark 2.151
Created by blitzfire911
With over 2000 hours of development and testing, Automated Ark seeks to eliminate the tedious chores in Ark and provide an all in one storage system so you can spend more time Raiding Dinos and Taming Players!

Have Q...
Awesome Teleporters!
Created by Chris

This mod adds 3 new items to the game.


- Place these around the map and teleport between them (after a short delay) by bringing up the teleport UI (E).
- Only freindly Teleporters or ones that have been set to "Public" via th...
Boosted Fabricator+ [2.0]
Created by master aka eKun
Boosted Fabricator+


Fabricator 2.0:-
- 1000 inventory.
- 20% smaller.
- noise reduced.
- 10x crafting speed.
- Reduced spoil rate of poly.

Auto Chem bench:-
- 240 inventory.
- 20% smaller.
- Auto crafts Stimulant/Narcotic in stacks of 5,000...
Boosted Flyers+ [2.0]
Created by master aka eKun
The idea of this mod, is to boost flyers movement higher than Official without being crazy like before the Official nerfs.


Mod includes Argent, Moth, Ptero, Quetz, Tapes, Wyverns, Griffins.
- Damage from guns x2.
- Enabled walk backwards....
Boosted Tek+ [2.0] (Beta)
Created by master aka eKun
Boosted Tek+


Replicator 2.0:-
- Increased Health by 60%.
- Size decreased by 60%.
- Uses normal Power.
- 12x crafting speed (default)
- No Element to craft.

Ark Transmitter 2.0:-
- Normal transfer between Arks etc.
- Increased Health by 100...
Utilities Plus
Created by blitzfire911
Utilities Plus
Is a modification for ARK Survival Evolved that adds a version of many existing items that can be used over and over again plus some quality of life items such as:

* Reusable Bola
* Reusable Flare Gun
* Reusable Grappling H...
Created by Biggumzzz

TekBench allows Tek Engrams to be learnt without killing the Bosses of the ARK! TekBench is also a crafting station for the items and includes craft-able Element! All the Tek Structures are pickup-able! ...
Kibble Table
Created by DizZzy
A Unique Table Used To Exchange Metal Ore For Kibble & Taming Items Like Bug Repellant And Deathworm Horns!

Fully Stackable And Updated For Scorched Earth & Abberation!

Inspired By Clipz's Kibble Vending Machine!

Credit For Help: Mezzo & eNc | Ex...
Created by NarKotix
[ModID: 1156355959]

Welcoming the newest arrival to the EZ Suite!


EZAce will allow you to unlock and learn ALL Aberration, Vanilla, Scorched & Tek Engrams in one click! (Separate Unlockers). It wi...
Cross Aberration
Created by Biggumzzz

Cross Aberration spawns the Aberrant Creatures on any Map! Also allowing you to craft the Saddles and other Aberration Items in the Cross Aberration Workbench. You have the ability to craft the Gems, Element...
Editable Server UI (WBUI)
Created by Don Camillo

Sponsored by:

Editable Server UI
Clean and stackable
The UI will be shown if you hit "F1" per de...
Structures Plus (S+)
Created by orionsun
The Ultimate Building Mod!


- All items can be picked up(can disable pick up when damaged or prevent pick up after a certain time has elapsed)
- No building height limit
- Foundations are stackable
- Internal pipes and wires allo...
Better Beacons 2.0
Created by P0k3r
ALL mod items and a level 80 crate added!
This is my first mod and it is pretty much complete so I figured I'd make it public to get some feedback. Please be gentle! It will never truly be complete as Ark is constantly ...
Death Helper
Corpse Finder and Suicide Potion.
★ Find your corpse and death cache easily with the Corpse Finder.
★ Drink a Suicide Potion when you are stuck, or depressed lol.
This mod is clean and stackable, doesn't touch core files. Works in both single a...
Clap Trap Plus
Created by CROW
Hello and welcome to Clap Trap Plus.

This is the revamped newer version that has had a lot more work put into the animation graphs textures colorization and overall mechanics.

This mod adds everyone's favorite personal droid Clap Trap. He comes in a ...
StackMeMore (v1.34)
Created by Default
***PLEASE NOTE*** This mod and all files, to include but not limited to, the assets and preview images and descriptions/forum topics, are works of and by Simiyet. All credit goes to him for this mod. I wi
Rare Sightings
Created by Ertosi
An automated server event system. Rare Sightings allows a limited number of higher than max level dinos to occasionally spawn and notifies the entire server when they do. Tame them or slay them first for unique rewards!

Mod Id: 1300713111