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TCs Auto Rewards

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TCs Auto Rewards
This mod allows server admins to configure “Packs” to be purchased by their players using a currency which can be either distributed by admins in-game or automatically using realtime cycles. I have been told this mod can be used as a replacement for the kits plugin if you happen to be using a linux server.

Why Create This Mod?
I had originally created this mod solely for my server but it turned out so well that I thought I’d open it for any admin to use.
We have various events all the time on my server and I wanted an easier way to reward the winners than having to spawn in a bunch of items each time. With TCs Auto Rewards I can just open the admin menu and give the winner some points which they can spend on any of the rewards which I’ve configured.

Please Note:
There are no default packs in this mod, you will need to configure your own in game.
Check out the Config Settings Page for more information on the settings available.

Quick Facts
  • Multiple packs can be configured and each can contain any number of items.
  • The stats of the items are customisable; (Change the quantity, armour rating, damage, durability, insulation, etc)
  • Items can be vanilla or modded.
  • Include resources, consumables, armour, saddles.
  • Have themes for your packs; (i.e Taming Pack which contains a crossbow and some tranq arrows)
  • Lock Packs behind certain Tags (i.e Level requirement, Admin Only, Custom Tag)

Each player uses ARc (Auto Reward Credits) to purchase reward packs. A players ARc balance attached to their SteamID, this ensures if they create a new character their points will still be assigned to them. Admins can Update players details including their ARc balance via the admin menu. Please keep in mind that ARc balances are specific to each server. If you join another server that has TCsAR installed, your balance will not transfer over.

Income Systems
  • Time Based Income (Real Time; Distributed to everyone as long as at least one person logs on each day)
    7 Timeframes for Income
    • Daily
    • Weekly
    • Fortnighly (Every 2 Weeks)
    • Monthly
    • Quarterly (Every 3 Months)
    • Semiannually (Every 6 Months)
    • Annually (Every Year)

  • Played Time Bonus (Real Time; Distributed to each player as they play on the server only for the time they play)
More info in Config Settings Page

Reward Vault
Both the Admin Menu & the Reward Menu are accessed via the Reward Vault which can be learned at lvl 5 for 0 engram points. It can be crafted in your inventory using 20 Raw Metal, 30 Stone, 50 Wood & 25 Hide. It is a wall mountable metal vault with reduced health (1000hp) and 300 slots (INI Configurable). It does not yield very much xp per craft but may be a little overpowered in terms of having a cheap metal storage box accessible at level 5. If you feel it is too overpowered, you can enable a setting in the INI file to disable the ability for people to place items inside the Reward Vault.

Future Features
While I love suggestions, please remember I reserve the right to create the mod how I see fit.
Follow the link to the trello page to keep up to date with development and see all planned future features:
TCs Auto Rewards Trello Page[]

My Youtube Channel
My Patreon[] where you can support me
Community Discord[] where we can chat about the mod, Ark building or Ark in general... or even gaming in general.

Special Thanks
Glog - for helping me think of better ways to do things and generally troubleshoot bugs (I can't thank this guy enough) He is the author of the amazing Zoology mod, check out his workshop
Ghazlawl - Creator of Upgrade Station and many other brilliant mods for helping me understand how items work in Ark
Ark Modding Discord - for just being a great community

Correct Comment Etiquette
Please use the correct threads when commenting / asking questions.
  • Anything related to config settings or general use must be posted in the Config Thread
  • Anything related to bugs must be posted in the Bugs & Support Thread

    I will not tolerate blatant disregard for misuse of these threads and the comment section below.
    Consider this a fair warning
  • Any comment that doesn't follow these guidelines will be removed without warning.
  • Please be as descriptive as possible when explaining issues. If you don't even try, I won't bother responding.
This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.[]
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399 Comments Sep 9 @ 12:40pm 
not great mod ! BEST MOD !
Jonh Smith Sep 9 @ 5:24am 
great mod !!!
Cookieheart Sep 8 @ 1:23pm 
ah thank you
TimmyCarbine  [author] Sep 7 @ 11:19am 
Override Crafting Costs []
The Item Class String for the Vault is PrimalItemStructure_RewardVault_C
Cookieheart Sep 7 @ 10:43am 
I would like to know how to change the recipe in order to craft the vault, I'm not very good with coding so can someone help me out with this?
sloaney1_kenobi Sep 5 @ 1:28am 
This is without a doubt, in my opinion, one of the greatest mods for ARK, keeps the server fresh and interesting.
Malice Sep 1 @ 2:04pm 
He wants to talk about being able to see what kind of person everyone else is, when clearly he's just butthurt about something that happened on a server he played on and is trying to point the finger at everyone else. Chill out, dude. Stop blaming the author. If you don't like something, take it up with the server owners or just find a different server. Obviously, it wasn't the right place for you.

My servers have been using this mod for a few months now. We had people donating to help our servers long before we implemented the mod. Some servers just use a few of the mod functions to reward people who are kind enough to help support the servers.
TimmyCarbine  [author] Aug 31 @ 11:48pm 
Miscre8ted - "the fact that servers are using this to exploit players for real world money makes this the worst mod out there"

You are blaming my mod for server owner's actions?

I've spent a shit load of my free time trying to create this mod as a platform to encourage players to keep playing on servers. It is terrible if some server owners are misusing it, I do not support it but they make their own decisions.
=ADK=Crunch Aug 31 @ 11:43pm 
i agree
-BB- Aug 31 @ 11:11pm 
the fact that you have decided to host your cluster as a charity does not make it unfair for someone else to decide that they would like to recoup some of the costs of purchasing and personally hosting and maintaining theirs through a fair and thoughtful paid reward system. the only people doing anything wrong here are the ones accusing others of wrongdoing when none of what's happening is any of their business. at all.