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Upgrade Station v1.8i
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Dec 19, 2016 @ 9:07am
Feb 4, 2018 @ 3:40pm
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Upgrade Station v1.8i

In 1 collection by Ghazlawl
Ghazlawl & Friends Server
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Mod ID: 821530042

Allows you to upgrade the quality of weapons, armor, tools, and saddles from primitive all the way to ascendant. Even works with items from other mods! Can also salvage items for resources.

This mod doesn't change any core files and is stackable with other mods (see below).

... Yes, it works with TEK armor!


Rocket Launchers & Tek Rifles

Vanilla rocket launchers and TEK rifles can't be upgraded. However, I have created a small companion mod that allows you to replace your vanilla rocket launcher with an upgradeable one.

Feel free to sub to the "Classic Rocket Launchers" mod if you'd like to be able to upgrade your rocket launchers!

We may do the same for Tek rifles in the future.


Weapons, armor, tools, and saddles from other mods can be upgraded and/or salvaged as long as the mod author has used the appropriate item as a starting point for their items (Hatchet for "Super Hatchet", Boots for "Tek Boots", etc).

While I can try my best to ensure items from other mods can be upgraded and salvaged I can't control what other mod authors do in their mods. When in doubt, put this mod last in the load order. :)

The Upgrade Station can upgrade all items from any mod as long as the item has an upgrade path. Items that don't have an upgrade path (C4, Tripwire, Wooden Spear, etc) cannot be upgraded because they don't have a quality index. Some items, like the Builder's Helmet, will identify as being valid to upgrade but won't actually upgrade in a meaningful way.


Version 1.8i has been released! This update should fix the crashes that result from multiple players attempting to upgrade/salvage/blueprint/augment the same item. For more information, please see the Version 1.8i Release Notes.

Highly Configurable

If you're finding upgrade requirements to be too low for your liking please note that the upgrade formula is completely configurable via INI settings. Please read this discussion for more info as well as a link to the formula to give you an idea how it works:

Latest Updates
  • Fixed armor stat bug. (Was using hypo-/hyper-thermal multiplier.)
  • Fixed "Classic Rocket Launcher" not being upgradeable.
  • Added future compatibility with "Upgradeable Tek Rifle". (Working on it.)
  • Removed unused files.
  • Re-cooked with the latest dev kit to fix minor UI issues that WildCard's update(s) introduced.
  • Upgrade Station no longer removes colors when upgrading items. (Yay!)
  • Updated quality colors to match WildCard's latest changes.
  • Fixed freezing issue some players were experiencing when placing an Upgrade Station in the world.
  • Fixed item skin duplication bug.
  • Fixed various item skin bugs. Edge cases may still happen; please report in Bug Reports.
  • Fixed ammo duplication bug.
  • Fixed quality index colors not updating for some players when upgrading items.
  • Fixed Rocket Launcher upgrade/augment bug. (Vanilla rocket launchers can't be upgraded.)
  • Fixed Tek Rifle upgrade/augment bug. (Vanilla TEK rifles can't be upgraded.)
  • Fixed generic resource fishing rod upgrade/augment bug for some players.


Have a suggestion for this mod? Let us know! The current list of suggestions can be found here:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions? We have answers! Check out the list of frequently asked questions, or ask your own question, here:

Admin Commands

For a full list of admin commands please view the Wiki:

Primitive Tier

cheat giveitem "/Game/Mods/UpgradeStation/UpgradeStation/PrimalItemStructure_UpgradeStation.PrimalItemStructure_UpgradeStation" 1 0 0

cheat giveitem "/Game/Mods/UpgradeStation/BlueprintStation/PrimalItemStructure_BlueprintStation.PrimalItemStructure_BlueprintStation" 1 0 0

cheat giveitem "/Game/Mods/UpgradeStation/AugmentStation/PrimalItemStructure_AugmentStation.PrimalItemStructure_AugmentStation" 1 0 0

Metal Tier

cheat giveitem "/Game/Mods/UpgradeStation/UpgradeStation/PrimalItemStructure_UpgradeStation_Metal.PrimalItemStructure_UpgradeStation_Metal" 1 0 0

cheat giveitem "/Game/Mods/UpgradeStation/BlueprintStation/PrimalItemStructure_BlueprintStation_Metal.PrimalItemStructure_BlueprintStation_Metal" 1 0 0

cheat giveitem "/Game/Mods/UpgradeStation/AugmentStation/PrimalItemStructure_AugmentStation_Metal.PrimalItemStructure_AugmentStation_Metal" 1 0 0


This mod took a lot of time and resources to create. Also, hosting costs ain't cheap! :) Like all of our mods, this one will be always free. All of your comments, ratings, favorites, sharing, and subscriptions help a lot! However, if you would still like to contribute even more, please feel free to donate.

Thank you for your support! ^_^



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Celludriel May 29 @ 8:47am 
Could you consider to have an option to disable the upgrading ? If I like to offer a salvage option but not an upgrade option to my players for example ? I find the upgrading currently to easy, an upgrade weapon should be something special not with a click of a button. However the salvage function of this mod is A+ quality.

The salvage has the enable/disable maybe include the same option for the upgrading ?
Rootimus May 25 @ 12:52am 
@Kham - you mean I have to actually read the instructions? Oh, the humanity!
Kham May 24 @ 8:38pm 
If only it had some sort of configuration options to adjust how much it costs or the percentage of likely upgrade to stats, maybe some sort of ini settings, perhaps even a wiki page detailing all of that could really help... oh, wait.
Spirit3057 May 24 @ 7:52pm 
If you feel the mod is too OP, don't use it.
Dusk Sigma May 24 @ 6:09pm 
Mod is too overpowered and will ruin your game. Tone it a lot.
fcuhas May 21 @ 7:47am 
I've lost crafting option, tried to reinstall but nothing happens. Anyone?
nomadmalachi May 21 @ 4:45am 
I'm a single player, filthy casual and have used a number of mods in the short time I've been playing, but I can not recommend this mod enough! This is the sole mod that has ALWAYS been in my list because it's so damned useful! Thanks for the great work!
Voidblade May 20 @ 1:29pm 
@van Grunz that salvage multiplier doesn't seem to work to disable the gain of the blueprint station, only disables the salvage option on the upgrade station. already checked on the site and there's nothing related to the resources you get back from making blueprints (bypasses ungrindable genesis items and even gives back element from railguns and such)
Spirit3057 May 20 @ 8:04am 
Did you tag this mod then select the Add Mod button?
ChiefRyan96 May 20 @ 7:20am 
How come this mod doesn't show up on my mod list when i subscribe?