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Auction House v1.4a
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Auction House v1.4a

Mod ID: 898049820

This mod allows you to create, bid on, and buyout auctions for items, weapons, blueprints, item skins, etc, from players on your server or players on other servers. Modded items are supported!

This mod is highly configurable. Cross-ARK functionality is enabled by default but can be disabled completely or restricted to allow auctions from a cluster of servers that share the same token.

There are also INI settings to allow custom currencies such as "Megapithecus Coins" (included in this mod but not enabled by default) or Capitalism's "Glory Coins".

Place an Auctioneer down in your world to browse the auction house. Place a Mailbox down to collect your winnings.

We have an automated system in place that logs all transactions and we WILL know if you cheat. Please keep in mind that cheating is not tolerated and will result in a ban. Bans are tied to your Steam ID. We really do mean it when we say that if we catch you cheating you will not be allowed to use the auction house.

We're not dummies. We do this for a living. :)

"But Ghazlawl, what exactly defines 'cheating'?"

If you feel like what you're doing might be cheating then you're probably on the more questionable side of the line. Make good choices and always eat your vegetables.

Feel free to join our Discord server for installation help, trade requests, and to stay up-to-date regarding future updates!

Does this work with single-player?

Yes, because the auction house is connected to the global market by default even single-player games can create and buy auctions.

Can our server opt out of the global marketplace?

Yes, you can set a "Cluster Token" for your server. Servers that use a cluster token can only communicate with other servers that share the same token.

Does this mod work on all maps?

Yes, this mod works with all maps. It is especially useful for getting Scorched Earth items (sand, sap, etc) into non-SE maps.

Can we use our own currency?

Yes! You can specify your own currency using the INI settings. A built-in currency has been bundled with the mod but isn't enabled by default called "Megapithecus Coins". To enable its use, use "PrimalItemResource_AuctionHouseCoin_C" as an "ExtraCurrency" INI setting.

Can I buy and sell dinosaurs?

Not yet! But we're working on it. We should have something working soon. :)

  • Ability to buy and sell dinosaurs. (This one is taking a while.)
  • Official wiki.
  • Browser-based auctions list. (Browse auctions at work, maybe?)
  • In-game push notifications when auctions are bought, wishlist items are listed, etc.
  • Better mod support (stack mods and modded items).
  • Create Auction UI improvements, including average price, # sold, etc.
  • Browse UI improvements to specify requested payment.
  • "My Auctions" and "My Bids" screens.
  • Ability to specify bid amount. (No more +1!)
  • Ability to cancel auctions.
  • More configuration options for server admins.
  • Ability for mods to override structures using custom models. (*waves at eco*)
  • Additional auctioneer and mailbox models.
  • Add "first" and "last" page buttons.

This is Version 1 of the mod. Something like this has never been done before in ARK and there will be bugs. If you find a bug please report it in the Bug Reports thread and we will address it as soon as possible. We also value your feedback so please post your ideas in the Suggestions thread. We have a lot of ideas for this mod but we're always open to hearing your suggestions. :)

We will try to keep updates to a minimum as to not affect your gameplay but we will update the mod as needed if we need to fix a game-breaking bug.

Please keep the marketplace honest. If we catch you cheating, and there are systems in place to detect cheating, then we reserve the right to restrict your access to the auction house. Consider this an official warning.

  • RedDwarf and LittleSquirrel for providing valuable feedback.
  • RedDwarf, Cheese, Narkotix, and Osedax for helping test.
  • Everyone in the ARK Modding Discord for their ideas and continued support.

This mod took a lot of time and resources to create. Also, hosting costs ain't cheap! :) Like all of our mods, this one will be always free. All of your comments, ratings, favorites, sharing, and subscriptions help a lot! However, if you would still like to contribute even more, please feel free to donate.

Thank you for your support! ^_^


Links to some of our other mods:

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Ghazlawl  [author] 9 hours ago 
@Nextor - I just verified; your cluster token is no longer set for your server.
Ghazlawl  [author] 10 hours ago 
@Nextor - Please send me what's in your INI file, as well as the name of the server you play on. It sounds like your Cluster Token is having an issue.
Nextor 11 hours ago 
So, I did find some stuff that was placed on the market from local users a couple days ago - mixed in with the 67 pages of people from all over. And they need GP coins to purchase, which is actually no longer in the list of choices for "select an item to receive in exchange".
Nextor 11 hours ago 
So, since Iast played (few days this time) apparently the server cluster ID has had a problem? I now have 67 pages of stuff for sale on my server, none of which actually came from this server. Unless there is a whopper of a bug, I am guessing I am see another cluster's stuff that is for sale. Also the GP coin system is gone.
Primus 20 hours ago 
seems amazing, looking forward for dino auction.
Ghazlawl  [author] Jun 21 @ 2:32pm 
For those of you that don't follow me on Twitter, here are the upcoming changes in v1.4b. Should be out this week, hopefully before the weekend.

No fertilized eggs in this one, sadly. They're very complicated and I don't want to rush a release for the sake of releasing. Fertilized egg auctions are working in my tests but they're very buggy at the moment. Fertilized egg auctions will for sure be in the 1.4c release once we get the issues resolved.

Thanks! :)
Nellkay Jun 20 @ 3:08pm 
@Ghazlawl Thanks a lot!
Ghazlawl  [author] Jun 20 @ 11:19am 
@Nellkay - Megapithecus Coins stacking to 10,000 and being lighter confirmed in the next update. :)
Nellkay Jun 19 @ 12:29pm 
Make Coin stacks much larger pls, like 10.000 for example, or more. 100 is too small, and also, if you could reduce their weight it would be awesome
Ghazlawl  [author] Jun 19 @ 8:51am 
Auction House schedule, for those interested:

1.4b - Should be released this week. This update will include the Inventory Token (pulls items from nearby inventories when creating/browsing auctions) and Minimal Stockman (used to buy/sell fertilized eggs). The full Stockman model will be released with the 1.5a release.

1.5a - Should be released 1-2 weeks after 1.4b. This update will include the full Stockman (used to buy/sell dinos). There will be no difference between the minimal and full Stockman (will only be cosmetic) after this release.

Thanks! 😃