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Utilities Plus
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Utilities Plus

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Ark Dreamtime
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Utilities Plus
Is a modification for ARK Survival Evolved that adds a version of many existing items that can be used over and over again plus some quality of life items such as:

* Reusable Bola
* Reusable Flare Gun
* Reusable Grappling Hook
* Reusable Parachute
* Reusable Spear
* Ultimate Spyglass
* Fog Remover (ini server option that's on by default)

Thank you to all my Patreons Members for your support of my work! It means a lot!
Platinum Patreons: Anak1m, TNSEE, and Galvarin0

Join Us On Our Ark Server

If you want to experience this mod as we intended it then please join us on our Ark Server: Dreamtime PVP 4xXP 4xT 2xH 5xBreed +Events. We have this mod installed along with several of our other popular mods. New players and experienced players are both welcome. Join our growing community and talk with us when we're online.



The ModID for this mod is: 899250777

If you are running this mod on a dedicated server you must specify this mod ModID as a commandline arguement GameModIds=899250777 or as ActiveMods=899250777 in GameUserSettings.ini. You only need to specify it as a commandline arguement -OR- in the ini file - not both :) If you have another mod running then use a comma to separate the mod numbers. This mod is fully stackable and does *NOT* need to be called first.

Known Issues

No known issues at this time.
If you have any ideas for how an issue above, if there is one, can be resolved then please leave a comment below, we would appreciate it!
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7 hours ago
PINNED: Bug Reports
Nov 10 @ 2:38am
Servers Using this mod!
Aug 2 @ 2:51pm
Can't Place Fog Remover
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desnoyerse 23 hours ago 
And yes, I saw Enraged's comment, but it says in the discussions that it is on by default... so I would guess I do not need to add the lines into my .ini ..... I might try to add them although it says its default to ON. Would've prefered a structure though.
desnoyerse 23 hours ago 
How is this Fog Remover supposed to work? I don't see it in my engrams although I didn't disable it in my single player and it doesn't remove the fog when you install the mod (an "automatic" feature, if you will) I would truly like to not have to install another mod for a fog remover since this one said it has one... and I don't want to "cheat" and spawn one into my world.
Max Nov 13 @ 10:30am 
The spyglass has been bugged for about half a year now despite several revisions of the mod, use super spyglas instead and block the engram for this one.
Hermit Nov 13 @ 10:29am 
Say Blitz, not meaning to push you or anything, but is there any update on the bugs with the spyglass at all?

Just asking because glitches with it nearly got me killed last night in the Ragnarok swamp - I was taming an achatina and the 'Name Your Creature' screen came up while I was looking through the glass, freezing up my interface. Then I pressed ESC to try and cancel it, and that froze my controls completely, meaning I had to kill the game process in the Task Manager and log back into the server. Woke up to find myself surrounded by snakes and in the mouth of a kapro.

As I say, don't wanna rush you or anything, but these bugs are pretty big issues sometimes :(
Max Nov 13 @ 7:11am 
A fog remover removes fog, so in that respect its similar, yes, they have just one task.
Do they work is another question, sometimes they do, sometimes they don't.
Not all work on all servers or all maps, nor for each user logged in, this is from experience, not just my opinion.
Just try for your situation and good luck!
Arash8472 Nov 13 @ 6:28am 
Is the fog remover from this mod similar to the fog remover from mod 1148802682 ?
EnragedN3wb Nov 11 @ 11:13pm 
Nevermind the fog remover! I just noticed it was turned into an ini option!
EnragedN3wb Nov 11 @ 11:11pm 
Great to see this being worked on again!

I see an issue with the spyglass where if I open my inventory while holding it my mouse disappears until I click somewhere. I'm also unable to learn/craft or spawn the fog remover, & unable to spawn the lasso, but it shows up learn/craft.
jeltesneek Nov 11 @ 6:03am 
Anyone knows why this mod isn't working for our linux server?
Scott_hn Nov 9 @ 6:44pm 
... or try my go-to, the Omnicular: mod id# 538827119