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Automated Ark
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Dec 4, 2016 @ 7:32pm
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Automated Ark

Have Questions about the mod, bug reports, or want to keep up on the latest mod news? Join the mod discord here I do NOT monitor the comments or discussions here on steam due to the number of mods I have published. So if you have a question, ask in discord.

Check the Discussions section for info on what each item in the mod does and how to use them.

Welcome to the new Automated Ark

This version is a lightweight, vanilla themed mod with almost no custom models or textures designed for those that want function over form. If you want Automated Ark with custom structures, RP Theming and visual polish, check out the modular version of AA on my Steam Workshop.

Automated Ark is made to take some of the more mundane tasks in Ark and make them enjoyable so you can jump straight into the fun stuff. Automated Ark will not play the game for you, like some mods, but rather make the game more fun for you.

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Have Questions about the mod, bug reports, or want to keep up on the latest mod news? Join the mod discord here

Help support this and future mods by supporting me on Patreon! I would love to be able to afford some better models and save time to make more mods!

**If you would like to help fund future support of this mod and/or future mods, then please consider heading on over to my Patreon and helping out with a small monthly donation.

For info on how to use each structure in the mod click the discussions tab and look for the thread for each structure.
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DreamingVoid 9 hours ago 
Smithy top, instead of making new shocking darts, it is using up the mats and taking existing ones out of my freezer and putting them in the top as the output. Mats gone, but total count stays the same. E.G. Got mats for 52, had 48 in freezer, during crafting noticed oddities in the remaining mat counts, crafting finished and I had 48 in the bench and 0 in freezer - mats for the 52 were gone. E.G. 2: Had 48 in freezer, mats for 1, craft 1, have 1 in bench and 47 in freezer.
NEMESIS Sep 24 @ 3:28am 
id mod pls ?
The Dutchman Sep 19 @ 4:53pm 
@catclysm try reading, it isnt complicated. Smh
🔥Tempest🔥 Aug 14 @ 6:40pm 
SUPER happy to see this back.. I guess we cried and whined enough that Blitzfire got tired of hearing us LOL :P Thanks so much @Blitzfire911
Jods Aug 14 @ 8:48am 
a lot of the items mention .ini settings but i can't find any list of available options am i missing something?
catclysm Aug 10 @ 2:39am 
Bro i'm so curious, WHAT is this mod exactly doing? Can i find a description somewhere? :'D
I heard that a so called "Smithicator" would exist, that includes all engrams? So i could possibly remove the fabricator in my sever? :o
Zee Aug 9 @ 5:09am 
@blitzfire911 1. Love this version of the mod, glad you decided to update it. 2. Is there an INI somewhere I missed? I still have all my old settings from before, but I'm looking for something to make the gas usage a little faster on the wireless generator. 3. I really like the new menu for selecting the items to go to storage/ AA structures. Is there any way to have this work for something outside AA? I was trying to make it work for the S+ gotcha grav feeding instead of the trash can. Thank you for your hard work!!
Zee Aug 8 @ 11:02pm 
@Yatez Not sure where you look usually, however, on every workshop page for ANY game there is URL at the top. It always ends in id=######### and that will be the Mod id. Maybe you have url turned off in settings somewhere if you don't see that right under <-- --> Store Library Community (etc)... this is a good thing to have on.
Yatez Aug 7 @ 12:57am 
turns out if you search for mods through a internet browser, it has mod ID in the URL. I learned something new today. But it would still be easier for the ID to be on the Description page like other mods?
Yatez Aug 7 @ 12:50am 
NO MOD ID in Description??? Please add this? Gonna need to find the ID somewhere now.