ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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Editable Server UI (WBUI)
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May 12, 2017 @ 10:00pm
Jan 6 @ 8:09am
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Editable Server UI (WBUI)

Editable Server UI
Clean and stackable
The UI will be shown if you hit "F1" per default. it is adjustable via GUS.ini / ingame as admin

How to configure this UI:

for better help you could join my discord channel too:

If you have some ideas or something you really want in this mod, pls use the following thread:

Custom Backgrounds

Dont ask if it's possible to add custom backgrounds. It's not possible. not via adding a file on your server nor via an URL. It's NOT possible at all.

Thanks to UE4 forum and ARK modding Discord for the help
Special thanks to Chris, Ghazlawl and SamKO from ARK modding Discord for the awesome help


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Don Camillo
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SMooreAce Feb 16 @ 11:38am 
For tribe communication
TheExceed Feb 16 @ 11:38am 
Just curious but what is the tribe button for?
Don Camillo  [author] Feb 14 @ 10:32am

read and do whats descripted. if server reinstall didnt helped, the clients with the issue have to.
Link Feb 14 @ 8:47am 
so I keep having issues.... The UI doesnt seem to be enabling for everyone. some people can use it. some cant.... there is no F1 for more info icon at the bottom of screen?
SMooreAce Feb 4 @ 6:21pm 
It runs VERY well! I use it on 4 clusters with no issues at all!
Vesuvious Feb 4 @ 3:43pm 
This mod running well SMoore? ... i should have added something like this ages ago lol... timezones have only recently been a hindrance to getting info to players that dont make use of the discord
SMooreAce Feb 4 @ 6:51am 
Make you GUS.ini and Game.ini read only. It CANT ever change!
Azgeda [Jocke] Feb 4 @ 2:09am 
Hi Don Camillo i get your mod to work flawlessly but why is it not possible to get the icon in in the bottom right be more visible than 60 sec i have changed "hideafter" to 600 or 6000 but it allways go back to default value (60) what am i doing wrong?
Athena520 Jan 26 @ 6:20pm 
hi,please keep updating this mod ,thanks:steamhappy:
Slayerz Jan 21 @ 9:37am 
i delete my comment. my serv is ok no crash. Then i can note 5stars for this mod ! I cant use arkmod software becasue im noob whit the english xD..
For me its best alternativ for custom your server. Realy nice config simple and reactif.
Nice background thematic i have create button cave/dinoS.E/dino Aberration with cool wallpaper.
and if you have problem to show the UI, try to put fist loader mod. for me its work.

Seriously +1 vote/favorite and thanks you (DON CAMILLO)