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Space Engineers

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ULTIMATE GUIDE - Your journey in this wonderful universe✨
By PechuguitaPollo
How to survive, curiosities and advice from various areas of this exciting journey.
💼📔📜Table of contents of the guide📜📔💼
First of all, sorry for my English. It is not my main language but I wanted this guide to be also in English. Some texts of some of the screenshots below will be in Spanish, sorry for that too.

Welcome to space engineers, in this game there are a thousand things to learn, in this guide I leave some tips and tutorials on some topics. The things I cover in this guide, ordered from start to finish, are:

  • Alternative game types, scenarios and starts: 🌏⛺🌅
    - []

  • Your Beginning in survival: 🌲🌿🌳
    - Temperature and oxygen in the suit
    - Enemy signals
    - The jetpack
    - Inertial dampers
    - Energy types and energy in your suit
    - The thrusters and their differences

  • Ships, combat, speed and gravity: 🚀💫🌌
    - Speed
    - Gravity and its action on ships
    - Usefulness of the ships depending on the environment
    - Ships in combat, collisions and tips
    - Space travels, manage the ice

  • Resources: Energy and raw materials: 🔥⚡🍂
    - Minerals and their distribution
    - Rock collection by hand mining
    - About solar panels
    - Ice and its uses
    - Resources on the different planets
    - Scrapping parts

  • Bases and other survival tips: 🌁📘📰
    - Tips on hiding your base
    - Defenses at your base
    - Infrastructure in mining
    - Pressurization in the bases
    - Protect your ships and vehicles
    - Hangar doors or blast doors
    - Specialize your vehicles

  • Factions, trade and contracts: 🌇💰📒
    - Factions and their interactions
    - Trade with factions
    - Contracts and their types

  • Own blueprints, Workshop blueprints and their use: 📦📔📁
    - Own blueprints, Workshop and saving blueprints
    - Use of blueprints, projection and construction

  • Vehicle construction and design - Part 1: ⛽🚋🚚
    - Construction and design of land vehicles

  • Vehicle construction and design - Part 2: 🔋🚃🚛
    - Construction and design of land vehicles (Continuation)
    - Wheel configuration

  • Administration, generation of celestial bodies: 🌙⭐🎇
    - Placing of planets, asteroids and game management

  • Mods, infinite replayability: 👾🔮💜
    - Weapon mods, filling the available arsenal
    - Industry, processing, storage and energy mods
    - Mining mods, drill expansion
    - Armor Block Mods and Decoration Blocks
    - Faction mods, npcs, encounters

  • Unique mods and mod packs: 💎🌀💙
    - ULTIMATE MODPACKS, modpack examples
    - Progression mods, tiers, improvements in certain aspects
    - Graphic mods, lighting, skybox
    - 💎 Unique mods 💎
🌅⛺🌏Game ​​types, scenarios and alternative beginnings🌏⛺🌅
🌳🌿🌲 Your beginning in survival 🌲🌿🌳
When you start survival mode in space engineers and you spawn on the Earth, they drop you in a shEtty capsule to the surface of the planet. There are many things to take into account to survive, we are going to see some of them:

About temperature and oxygen in the suit

When you start in the Earth, you will have the oxygen and the temperature in optimum state. This means that you can survive with the helmet visor open, and the energy will slowly drop.

As you leave the atmosphere, oxygen and temperature will decrease. This will cause the energy to go down quicker. Better close the helmet visor.

When you see this, you are in space or on a planet without an atmosphere. Do not open the helmet visor or you will go to the bEtch. With extreme temperatures, your energy will be used up very quickly.


Enemy signals:

Enemy signals are antennas that broadcast the name and position of enemy structures or vehicles. Not all enemies show signs. You might think it's a good idea to approach one of these signs without a vehicle, it is not. As soon as you see a structure, a turret will vaporize you in less than a second, sending your body to the stratosphere and your backpack to the fifth circle of hell.

You might think that a lightly armored vehicle will do the job and might be enough to get you close to one of these signs, it isn't. As soon as you get closer, you'll see your vehicle fall apart so quickly that you won't know what the hell happened.

Most enemy structures and vehicles have automatic turrets that will target you at 600m-800m and thread the needle with each bullet, its precision is insane. It is not a good idea to approach if you are not really prepared.


The Jetpack is your enemy:

See that seemingly harmless tree? It is DEATH PERSONIFIED. When flying with the jetpack, be careful not to touch anything with a millimeter of elbow or you will go to hell. It is normal to trust yourself and go with the jetpack everywhere, but the truth is that you die more against trees and inside the base than outside of it. Watch out for speed. YEEEEEEEET


Inertial dampers
Inertial dampers will save you from thousands of accidents and turning them off in space will allow you to maintain your speed until you hit an object or enter a gravitational field.

Inertial dampers compensate with available thrusters to keep the ship or character as stable and still as possible. If you have them on while using the jetpack, they will keep you from falling down and allow you to stay suspended in the air. If you turn off the inertial dampers in midair, you will fall with nothing to slow you down or compensate. With them turned off, the ship or character will only use the thrusters used when pressing W,A,S,D.

In space, without air or gravity, there is nothing that varies the trajectory or the speed of the ship or the character. So if you turn off the inertia dampers in space, you can maintain your speed and travel as you please without using fuel or having your thrusters running.


Types of energy and energy in your suit
There are several sources of energy to power your base. Solar, wind, hydrogen and nuclear energy.
Once you build a wind turbine, a solar panel, an hydrogen engine, or a reactor powered by uranium ingots, the energy produced will reach all the connected blocks automatically. The armor blocks and the most blocks, even if they are not completely built, transmit electricity to any connected structure or block.

  • Solar energy is very accessible, but produces little energy compared to other sources, uses a lot of surface area and produces a maximum 120 kW if the orientation of the sun is perfect. If it's shady, night, dusk or dawn, it produces less or nothing.

  • Wind energy is also accessible at the beginning, it produces more energy than solar, about 370 kW if the height is correct and the atmosphere is rich in oxygen. It uses less space and works both day and night.

  • Nuclear energy is more difficult to create, but produces A LOT more energy than any other source. Small reactors produce 15,000 kW in bases and 500 kW in small ships . Large reactors produce 300,000 kW in bases and 10,500 kW in small ships. To work, you will need Uranium , which only appears in asteroids . This makes this energy source non-renewable.

  • Hydrogen-based energy is very affordable, you will need to build a hydrogen engine and H2/o2 generators on the base. The generators convert the ❄ICE❄ into hydrogen, which can be transmitted by conveyors to the engine.

This shows the energy in your suit, allows you to survive and use the flashlight.
You can charge it in survival kits, medical stations and powered cockpit.


The thrusters and their differences
To build any flying or space vehicle, you need thrusters. Remember that you must put at least one thruster in each direction: forward, backward, left, right, up and down. Unless you want to make a jet plane.
Each of the types of thrusters has its advantages and disadvantages:

IONIC thrusters
  • Ion thrusters only use electrical energy.
  • They have little thrust and little consumption.
  • It is advisable to use them in space since there is nothing to slow the ship.
  • With their low thrust, heavy ships will take a long time to stop.

HYDROGEN propellants
  • Hydrogen propellants use hydrogen, with h2 / o2 generators, they consume ice.
  • They have A LOT of thrust and a lot of consumption.
  • They can be used to make ships that can fly both in space and in the atmospheres.
  • The acceleration and inertial braking of these thrusters is exceptional.
  • To use them, the ship needs hydrogen tanks or h2 / o2 generators with ice.

  • Atmospheric thrusters only use electrical energy.
  • They have medium thrust and consumption.
  • They only work in atmospheres with oxygen.
  • Seriously, they don't work without air.


🌌💫🚀 Ships, combat, speed and gravity 🚀💫🌌
When building and operating a ship, there are many things to consider, the first of which is to have a thruster in each direction of the ship: forward, backward, left, right, up and down. This will cause that when activating the inertial thrusters, the ship will lose speed and tend to stay still.

Speed ​​in this fascinating and hostile universe:
It's really cool to go at full speed, but it has its dangers, especially for your ship. The speed limit is 100m/s , but with mods you can increase it to whatever you want. Note so, at high speeds, the physics tend to go to the shEt and everything flies into a thousand pieces. Which is also quite cool.

When doing hyperspace jumps, it is advisable to have the ship completely stopped, since you can jump and appear just a few meters of junk, asteroids or a gravitational field from which you may not be able to escape. When this happens, these types of situations occur:


I mention the Screaming Angels workshop , which has mods to change the maximum speed of large and small ships. There are many different speeds to choose from.


Gravity and its action on ships:
There are several planets with different properties. If you use mods, there are planets of all kinds, even black holes like the one in the BalCorp - Blackhole mod created by Balmung .
Ships that have only ion thrusters have no thrust to escape the gravity of a planet, most likely not even a moon. You have to take VERY into account the weight of a ship when visiting a new planet. The best option is to send a probe to the planet, a small ship with remote control, to see what gravity the new planet to visit has.

Gravity makes everything "weigh more", so landing a spaceship loaded with raw ore makes it very likely that it will burst into the ground. Hydrogen engines have enough thrust to escape the gravity of a planet, but it depends a lot on the gravity of the planet you visit and the weight of the ship. Better to add extra thrusters and counteract the planet's gravity than crash the ship to the ground.

If you see something like this, you're dead. 1G represents one time the gravity of the earth , some planets will have more and others less.


Usefulness of the ships depending on the environment:
But look at that ship, look at it, it seems very useful... The truth is that it is not worth a shEt. It is a junkyard ship with atmospheric flight. When it is filled with junk, it weighs so much that it goes straight to the ground, bursting half of the ship with one use. When it is full it cannot even take off, not to mention that the containers break and all the scrap goes flying.

On planets with gravity, especially if scrapping or mining is going to be done, it is advisable to make wheeled vehicles. It is advisable to plan and think a bit about the design of a vehicle before using time and resources to create it. It is also important to test it and improve its design, simplifying it and making a more efficient model.

An atmospheric scout craft can easily be made with four thrusters in one direction and a pair of wheels underneath. These types of designs require some handling to last you more than one use.


Ships in combat, collisions and tips:
Facing other ships without a shield mod always causes component or hull damage and repairs are sometimes an odyssey. When you are in a confrontation, sometimes you are afraid and you go to repair something that you consider critical in a hurry. Sometimes it happens that enemy turrets have blown a hole in the hull, and as they pass through it, they pin you down and kill you, leaving the ship unmanned and completely exposed. It is advisable not to get out of the pilot seat or cockpit as it is the only thing that keeps you safe from outside fire.
For small ships, it is advisable to make a safe, heavily armored, cozy and little exposed interior , since if some shots damage your cockpit, your character will get out of it automatically , leaving the ship adrift and your body sold out.
Ship collisions are only recommended if your ship has heavy armor and the target ship has light armor. Crashing will most likely damage components and various armor blocks. Heavy armor resists a lot of damage and obliterates light armor on collision , in some cases being able to split another ship in half when rammed perpendicularly.


Space travel, manage those ice cubes:
When you do space travel that involves landing on a planet, it is advisable to use hydrogen propellants, since they have a lot of thrust and this does not vary with external conditions. It is important for your trips to carry enough ice to produce oxygen to survive and hydrogen for thrusters. To save fuel, you can reach the desired speed and turn off the inertia dampers, you will maintain speed without wasting hydrogen while in space. Some asteroids contain ice or are made entirely of it, you can make a stop to refuel in case your ship has h2 / o2 generators. If you plan to go down to a planet, make sure you have enough hydrogen or ice to counteract gravity, land safely, and go back into space. Otherwise, you can land on a part of the planet that contains snow or ice and refuel.

🔥⚡🍂 Resources: Energy and raw materials 🔥⚡🍂
They are minerals Marie:
There are many resources throughout the universe, especially on the planets. You can find pure elements and ice if you don't have mods installed. On planets you can find common and rare elements such as iron, cobalt, magnesium, etc. But you will not find platinum or uranium.
Platinum and uranium can only be found on asteroids and modded planets.
  • In asteroids, the elements found are rarer, although less abundant.
  • On the planets, there are large deposits of more common elements.

There is a great mod that adds all kinds of mineral variants, making mining much more interesting. this mod is Better Stone, created by DranKof :
With these new variants, you can process minerals that not only result in a pure element, but also small pieces of rock and ice, as well as various pure elements.


Collect those rocks before continuing to mine:
Collect those rocks g o d d a m m i t, they disappear if you keep mining by hand. I think the number of objects on the ground is limited by default to 55 or so. If you mine and there are already that number of objects on the ground, they will disappear, so you will be mining and consuming the resource deposit without obtaining anything. Collect those rocks, store them in a container and continue mining.


Solar panels on a planet are not worth even for hanging clothes:
Solar panels on planets produce little energy, are expensive, fragile, and boring. In bases they produce a maximum of 120 kW if the orientation is correct, the sun shines on their entire surface and they are in a good mood. Also note that at night it does not produce and both at dawn and dusk its yield is low, also you have to give them a little sugar from time to time. In addition, you have to put it lying down, covering a lot of the roof of the base, in which you cannot land or put turrets. Its color is an insult, blue does not match almost any other element unless you put them on top of ice. They are capricious pets and show no respect for anything.
Have you heard of the wonders of wind power? It is a type of renewable energy and, most importantly, without shEtty solar stuff, which allows to have energy EVEN AT NIGHT!
Switch to foolproof and efficient wind power, producing 371 kW of POWERFUL electrical power twenty-four hours a day at best. Be the envy of your neighborhood producing energy with the wind, which is FREE. As if the advantages were few, these turbines spin a lot, which scares and disorients the curious. Also, being so tall, they make your base look like a base. They're also interchangeable and colorable, so you no longer have an excuse not to get stylish power.

It should be noted that solar panels are efficient in space, since in space you cannot use the wonderful wind turbines. Wind is free and cannot be everywhere.

The panels are especially useful in the space since it is always day and they receive sun 24 hours a day. Also, the turbines only support placement in stations, you cannot put them in large or small moving grids.


The ice is your friend:
Ice is not important at first, especially if you start on a planet with oxygen. But you will need it to leave the planet and use the jetpack, specifically for creating breathable air and to fuel the hydrogen propellants. If you try to escape the gravity of a planet with ion or atmospheric thrusters, you won't get out of the planet, because the ion thrusters do not have enough thrust and the atmospheric ones only work in atmospheres with oxygen. You will need ice. Try to make a base near an ice source, you will be able to get ice at starting from pure snow or ice. There is also ice in space in the form of asteroids.

This represents the hydrogen available in your suit and inventory for use in the jetpack.

The icons above the bar indicate the number of canisters available in the inventory, these will change automatically as you finish them when using the jetpack. When hydrogen goes to zero, you will fall or you will not be able to propel yourself in any direction.

To recharge the canisters, put them together with ice in an h2 / o2 generator.


Resources on the different planets:
On planets there are different concentrations of elements that you can mine. In some planets there is very little iron and a lot of cobalt, or a large quantity of a particular element. On the modded planet in this photo, Golden Zenon created by Zenon and Vega , most of the surface is pure gold.
It is advisable to visit each planet.


EXTREME scrapping:
Scrapping is the best way to get parts quickly. When you cut something with saws, you receive all the materials that make up the part that you have recycled. In my opinion, this is too overpowered, since the same thing that you recycle is as much as you can build. Not to mention that when you cut it with a f u c k i n g saw you should get scrap and not fully functional intact components. I recommend a mod, AwwScrap created by Thraxus and nukeguard.
With this mod, you receive scrap of different types that you can refine in the refineries to obtain part of the pure elements that make up each component. Without modules in the refineries, you receive about 45% of the pure elements that make up the scrap obtained.

In this image, you can see that I have attached several damaged cruisers with junction blocks and light armor structure. By joining them together with junction blocks, they share the handling, thrusters, power sources, stored energy, weight, etc. It is a convenient way to join various ship wrecks and take them to a recycling station.


📰📘🌁 Bases and other survival tips 🌁📘📰
Hide your base a bit, especially in space
The terrain has total resistance to shots and high resistance to explosions. In space there are no mountains or canyons to cover your base, any construction is very exposed. To survive in space and that any ship that comes does not blow up the entire base, it is advisable to build near concentrations of asteroids or by digging in one of them to build inside.

For the same reason, bases on land are much more likely to survive an attack if they are built inside an excavation. Reinforce the outer with heavy armor, as it is the only part of the base that will receive fire. The inside of the base is protected by the ground so you can make it of plasterboard if you want, as it will not suffer any damage.


Create automatic and manual perimeter defenses
It is important to have defenses of all kinds, not only passive defenses such as the terrain or armor layers, but active defenses such as automatic turrets and other larger weapons. Having a combat vehicle is recommended, since a large-scale attack can remove the energy from the base and leave the automatic defenses disabled.

The best option for combat vehicles are drones or remotely managed vehicles. These have independent batteries, allowing them to keep fighting even if the base falls.

One option that guarantees survival is to build a separate small base, deeper than the original base, with its own power source, batteries, remote control room, and antenna. The antenna must be underground to be covered and to be able to emit the signal that remotely controls the vehicles.


Infrastructure for your mining
Make some access to your mines, it is good that you can access them with a vehicle or without using a jetpack. Do not make vertical accesses, most likely you will end up staying inside the mine without being able to leave due to lack of fuel in the jetpack. Vehicle accesses greatly facilitate their movement since they will not have to navigate uneven terrain, potholes, etc. This is especially noticeable if the vehicles are loaded with raw ore.


Pressurization in space bases:
To have a spatial base with good temperature and rich in oxygen, you must close the base structure without leaving a single gap. Hangar doors count as insulation as long as they are closed. To produce oxygen, you must have h2 / o2 generators inside the base. The generators must have an air outlet in one of their hatches. The more vents, the faster the room will pressurize.
Pressurization is lost if a door or hatch is opened for a single second. For this reason, it is recommended to make double doors and accesses , which allow passage without depressurizing the entire main room.

Remember that you need ice to power the h2 / o2 generators. Hoard ice on your bases to have oxygen and hydrogen available for any use. If you connect a ship with hydrogen tanks through a connector to the base, these will recharge automatically.


Protect your ships and vehicles:
Automatic turrets target components instead of armor. If you have a vehicle exposed to the outside and suffer an attack, most likely is that the vehicle is damaged or unusable, since will be the first that will receive fire given their concentration of components. To avoid this, it is advisable to build a great hangar. It is best to excavate a hangar in the terrain, so it will be hidden and protected by the terrain layer.


Use hangar doors or blast doors:
You can use hangar doors or blast doors as an extra layer of defense. You can even put one behind each window to deploy them by hitting a button and putting your base in battle mode. The blast doors are modular, they can be built block by block and it is what has more resistance to explosions and shots. Vanilla hangar doors do not give much since their closing covers a short distance. I recommend a very useful mod, S - HangarDoor - DX11 created by Sektan.

This mod has hangar doors of up to 32 blocks in length , very useful for making large space hangars and making security locks on the base.


Specialize your vehicles:
Having multipurpose vehicles is great, but many times they require too much energy or have a lot of weight to perform each function as efficiently as possible . An excavator with turrets and solar panels will fight worse than a fast car with turrets and manual weapons. The weight, the agility, the consumption, the handling, the armor, the technical specifications and the design are not the same. There are certain tasks that require more specialization and a more practical design according to the tasks that the vehicle is going to perform, such as mining .

In addition, multipurpose vehicles or buildings require a large investment of materials and time. This is something that, being advanced in the game, you can do, since you can afford to lose a colonizer ship that does everything and deploys vehicles. At first, you can't afford it, because maybe the base and the multipurpose vehicle is all you have. It is not advisable to start exploring with a vehicle made for mining, it is not designed for it, most likely it will end up overturned in a ditch from which you cannot move it, or suffer an attack from the which cannot be defended.


📒💰🌇 Factions, trade and contracts 🌇💰📒
Know your place, factions and their interactions:
Factions use a reputation system. Your reputation with the factions goes down by damaging their structures or vehicles. The factions have alliances between them, as well as enmities.
If you damage a faction, you may gain reputation with another of which it is enemy.
As a player, you can create your own faction.

The color of the factions indicates their intention with you and your faction:

  • Blue - Your own faction / to which you belong

  • Green - Faction with reputation of FRIENDLY

  • White - Faction with reputation NEUTRAL

  • Red - Faction with reputation of ENEMY

If you place the mouse over a faction, a window will appear that shows the alliances and enmities it has. You can also propose peace or declare war on a faction.

On the left you will see the abbreviation of each faction, this is the one that will appear in the signals that you will see in the world.

You can trade and accept contracts from certain factions by having reputation NEUTRAL or FRIENDLY with that faction.


Trade with the factions
You can buy and sell certain items with the factions with which you have reputation NEUTRAL or FRIENDLY. Rare components, vehicles, ships are usually sold, although what is really important for sale are objects that cannot be created and that are very useful.
A station that sells vehicles is quite unusual.
Some of the non-craftable items they sell are Zone Chips, Power Packs, etc. The chips are used to make a module called Safe Zone, which allows you to project a defense orb. The orb can be pierced by you and your faction, and everything inside it receives your protection. In addition, it does not allow enemy grids, vehicles, or projectiles to pass.

Having the Safe Zone powered on consumes chips, so if you use it for emergency defenses, make sure you have a few chips already purchased and stored.

To trade you must find stations.
They can be on the ground or in space.

They usually have a landing zone and a safe zone dome that prevents enemy fire and damage.

It is safe to put your ship inside the shield dome.

Some stations like the one in the image, offer for sale GROUND VEHICLES and VESSELS of different sizes. The purchased vehicles appear inside the safe area of ​​the station and are fully operational and ready to use.

Prices vary widely, from a few thousand to several million. If you have mods installed, there may be larger, higher-cost, player-created ships for sale, even becoming battlecruisers or capital ships.


Contracts and their types
In the same trading stations, you will find a module that offers contracts. Contracts vary in rewards. By completing them, you receive money and reputation. If you fail them, you will lose reputation with the issuing faction of the contract , so make sure you can fulfill them within the conditions listed in their description.

The types of contracts are:

  • Purchase contract - The station buys the listed material and pays you for it.

  • Contract of carriage - You are asked to transport a package to a destination.

  • Search contract - You are given a location where a reward awaits you.

  • Escort contract - You will act as a bodyguard for a ship, protecting it for a time.

  • Repair contract - You complete it when repairing a structure in an assigned place.

  • Bounty Hunter Contract - Only available in Multiplayer, you will be asked to kill a player.

📁📔📦 Own blueprints, Workshop blueprints and their use 📦📔📁
Own blueprints, Workshop and saving blueprints

You can save blueprints of anything you create. To save the blueprint, point to a block of what you want to save and press CTRL B, the blueprint of what you are pointing will be saved. Don't worry, the game will understand the limits of the vehicle or structure and will save all the connected blocks you point to. Saving it by pressing Ctrl B will open the blueprints menu, where you can see the saved blueprints. You can name the blueprint, give it a description, and so on.

You can post blueprints on the Steam Workshop. So you can share blueprints with your friends and download community blueprints. These are a couple of my own creations, a fully functional Thrasher from the game EVE Online and a Shift interceptor from the game Star Conflict:

Use of blueprints, projection and construction
To use a blueprint, you must have saved one before or subscribed to a blueprint from the Steam Workshop. Once you have it, you can use it on a projector to build the blueprint.

The first thing to keep in mind is if the blueprint is made of large blocks or small blocks.

If the plan uses small blocks, you will have to make the projector in its small variant. In the image you can see a way to go from large blocks to small blocks in the same structure.

To do as the image, use a wall from your base and build a rotor on it.
Once built, cut the rotor head . Then, access the rotor configuration from any terminal on the base and click the button that says Add small head. Build some small armor blocks to get away from the rotor and, at the end of the armor blocks, place the small projector . It is very important to lock the rotor in its configuration.
You are now ready to project a blueprint using small blocks.

Next, access the projector's configuration from any terminal and click on the button that says Blueprints.

The blueprints window will open, find the blueprint you want and double click to project it.

Well, the projection will come out as it wants, so you have to configure the projector a bit so that the projection is in the desired position. You can see in the image that the first block of the plane that the projector touches has a different opacity than the rest, this means that it is the first block that you can build, and that from this, you will build the rest.

These are the projector options, if you click the Delete button, you will delete the projection, but not the plane.

Compensation, inclination, tilt, and rotation are used to put the projection in the desired position. It is recommended to put the projection more or less close to the ground , since when finishing construction, the vehicle will have to be dropped to separate it from the projector so that it will no longer be part of the base structure.

Just above this text, you can see the properties of the projection, its construction progress, and its components. If the projection is not touching the projector, the alert will appear that says:
WARNING Projection out of bounds!
If this alert appears, it means there is no initial block to start building on, you must bring the projection closer to the projector.

We already have the projection in the right position. Now you can build block by block from the projector to the end of the projection. Remember to have materials in your inventory and make the interior pieces first.

Once you finish welding the entire blueprint, cut / recycle the projector and the vehicle will fall and disengage from the base frame. It is now ready to be used.

🚚🚋⛽Vehicle Design and Construction - Part 1⛽🚋🚚
Construction and design of land vehicles
The freedom of construction in this game allows you to make vehicles of all kinds. For the moment we are going to take as an example the construction of a moderately armored ground vehicle, focused on exploration. We are going to go through this construction example step by step, some things are quite common to the construction of land vehicles in general:

First of all, look for a high point from which we can build the vehicle, the base structure of the vehicle must be elevated. If you don't do this and start by putting blocks on the ground, then you won't be able to add the wheels since you won't have space to do it.
The best thing to do is to create a static structure connected to the base and from this build a pillar from which we will start the vehicle, as seen in the image on the right.

Once you build the pillar, we begin to make the base structure of the vehicle. Think a little about the shape of the vehicle based on its usefulness.
As this is the structure of an exploration vehicle, it is very likely that the lower part will hit the ground at some point, I recommend making this part with heavy armor. Using heavy armor for this part is not only for its resistance, but because the light armor weighs 20kg per cube and the heavy 112kg per cube . This extra weight in the lower part of the vehicle gives it more stability since it makes its center of gravity lower than the rest of the vehicle's armor.

If you build it lightly armored, it can happen that the base hits the ground on a slope in the ground and the vehicle breaks in two, being irreparable.

In the image on the right, it should be noted that the suspension on one side and the other are not the same block. There is a block that is for the right side of the vehicle ( right side suspension) 🔴 and one that is for the left side (left side suspension) 🔵. When placing these suspension blocks, the wheel will appear automatically whenever there is space.

Now we are adding more armor and defining the width and length of the vehicle. For the front and specifically the bumper, I also recommend heavy armor, for the same reasons as for the base frame.

Every manned vehicle must have at least one cockpit or control seat , add some more if you are playing with someone and you both want to access the vehicle's functions. If you do not want other players to access the vehicle functions, put passenger seats or check the MAIN COCKPIT checkbox in the main seat or cockpit. With this box checked, the vehicle can only be driven from this seat or cockpit.

In order for the vehicle to recharge and store energy, batteries must be added. Small batteries weigh 146.4kg, more than heavy armor. Therefore I recommend putting them also in the lower part of the vehicle as shown in the image on the right. You also have to have note that they are quite fragile to collisions, try to protect them a bit with a layer of half blocks.

As our vehicle under construction is connected to the base through the pillar, the batteries that we build will be recharged with the base's energy while we finish the vehicle.

The energy source of this vehicle has to be versatile in addition to being able to convert to electrical energy quite efficiently. Solar panels take up a lot of space and generate electrical energy slowly, in addition to not producing in shady areas or at night. Wind turbines are discarded, since they can only be used in static structures such as bases. For land vehicles, it is convenient to use hydrogen engines.

A O2 / H2 generator is shown in the image to the left. This generator creates oxygen and hydrogen from ice. The arrows indicate the hatches through which these gases exit. It is not necessary to use both hatches, only one can be used. We will use one of these hatches to transmit the hydrogen to the engine that we will put in the next steps.

In the image on the right we can see the conduit that we have placed, through this conduit the hydrogen necessary for the engine will go. It may happen that the O2 / H2 generator produces more gas than the engine uses, so we will put an hydrogen tank at the end of the pipe and before the engine. The arrow in the image on the right marks the hatch that must be touched with the engine hatch for the hydrogen to pass through, it is not necessary to build transport tubes between these two pieces.

Once we put the hydrogen engine or engines, we can see that the entire hydrogen circuit is communicated as shown in the arrows in the image on the left.

To generate hydrogen and for the engine to generate electrical energy, we must introduce ice in the rear hatch of the O2 / H2 generator , it is marked in the image on the right, it is a huge hatch.

In ground vehicles, it is not important to have gyroscopes , since the vehicle moves the wheels when you press W, A, S and D. The gyroscope is the part that makes the vehicle turn, orient to one direction by moving the mouse. On some occasions, especially in jumps, you may need to orient the vehicle in the air to have a good landing and not explode. This is why I recommend putting at least one or two gyros. The gyroscope is one of the heaviest blocks in the game, they weigh 613.6kg, this can be used to give even more stability to the vehicle by placing them in the lowest part.

As this is an exploration vehicle, it is convenient to put an ore detector and an antenna as shown in the image on the right. The antenna is essential to find your vehicle in case you lose sight of it or die while driving it.

🚛🚃🔋Vehicle Design and Construction - Part 2🔋🚃🚛
Construction and design of land vehicles (Continuation)
It may happen that you go straight to a cliff and you are not able to brake. For these cases I recommend putting a pair of parachutes on the vehicle, it can save the entire vehicle. Don't forget to put sailcloths in the parachute block inventory.

You'll also want to be able to bring something you find when you go exploring. Add some small cargo containers to store small things like weapons, ammunition, PDAs, canisters and other things that you can find.

Keep adding light armor to the vehicle to define its shape and protect important parts that perform vehicle functions. Also add some lights and spotlights to see where you are going.

Once you have the essentials for the vehicle, add details, more armor, lights, containers, decorative elements.

Add anything you think improves the capabilities or appearance of your vehicle, as well as what increases your chances of survival.

Once you consider that the vehicle is finished, cut the pillar that connects it to your base.
The vehicle will fall to the ground and now you can drive and configure it.

Having been connected to the base, the batteries of your vehicle have been recharging while you were building it. Don't forget to fill it with ice if the vehicle uses a hydrogen engine.

This vehicle would be suitable for exploration. With its lights, hydrogen engine, ore detector and antenna it is versatile enough to explore part of a planet and refuel at points where there is ice or snow. Your armor is not designed for combat, only for exploration. It is heavily armored at the base and front to avoid damage on uneven terrain.


Wheel configuration
Setting the wheels properly is very important for the performance and utility of the vehicle. Ideally, make one group with the rear wheels and another group with the front wheels and configure these two groups separately. This allows things like making rear, front, or all-wheel drive vehicles.

The wheels have many options, I leave a brief explanation of each of the options:

  • Turning angle - Defines the maximum turning angle of the wheel.

  • Energy used - The energy that each wheel will use for propulsion. The more power you use, the more push the wheels will have.

  • Suspension strength - Suspension hardness. Hardness affects the height of the wheel as forces are exerted on it.

  • Height compensation - Wheel base height. Independent of the suspension force, do not mistake.

  • Friction - Grip of the wheel. The more friction, the more control and the less conservation of speed.

  • Speed ​​limit - Speed ​​beyond which the wheels will no longer push.

  • Drive Override - Sets a base thrust forward or backward without pressing any key.

  • Steering override - Defines a base steering without pressing any key that influences the steering.

Above the adjustable properties of the wheels, there are checkboxes that you can check or uncheck that define other characteristics of the wheels:

  • Steering - Activates / deactivates if the wheel is turned by pressing a steering key.

  • Propulsion - Activates / deactivates if the wheel is pushing.

  • Brake - Activates / deactivates if the wheel applies the brake.

  • Air shock - Activates / deactivates if the wheel suspension increases just before an impact to compensate for it.

  • Reverse Spin and Drive - Toggles reversal of wheel spin / drive.

🎇⭐🌙 Administration, generation of celestial bodies 🌙⭐🎇
Placing planets, asteroids and game management
There are incredible planets in the universe, especially if you download some and paste them. It seems like a task that only Zeus could do, but it is very simple. First we are going to see how to put asteroids in the survival game, since you can also download very interesting asteroid models like these two that I leave below, created by Angel:

To place planets and asteroids, you first have to activate the creative mode tools. To access the menu where you activate them, you have to press ALT F10 .

By pressing ALT F10 you will see the image on the left. Check the first box and you will be able to access the generation menu.

To open the generation menu, press SHIFT F10. In the generation menu, you can choose the following submenus: Objects, asteroids, planets and maps.


This is the generation menu.
You access it by pressing SHIFT F10.

We have selected planets in the submenu of the generation menu, now you can paste any planet you have subscribed to and added to mods, in addition to the planets included in the base game. At the bottom of the planet spawn menu, you can choose the spawn seed and the planet size. Modded planets usually indicate the optimal size of the planet in their description.

In the image above, you can see the preview to place an already selected planet. To zoom in or out on the planet, press ALT while scrolling the mouse wheel forward or backwards. This will NOT change the size of the planet, it will zoom out or will bring it closer.

You can put the same planet as many times as you want. To delete them, you can select one and delete it even if you are in it.


If you want to delete an existing planet or one that you have just placed, you must delete it from the administration menu . Press ALT F10 , in the submenus, select entity list, and then planets.

Locate the planet you want to delete, when selecting it, the camera will move and focus on the selected planet in the center of the screen. When you press delete, it will be deleted instantly and you will not be able to recover it. Now the camera will be flying in space, to return to your character, press F6.


On the Steam Workshop, there are tons of player-created planets, many of them are impressive and allow you to create a rich and varied solar system. You can paste several in a game, of different sizes, creating distant moons and planets. If you like planetary colonization and the difficulties it presents, you will like to explore the planets.

I leave a link to both planets in the images:

Habitable Saturn created by Doctor Strong:
Nyota, created by GHOSTXV:


💜🔮👾 Mods, infinite replayability 👾🔮💜
Mods are modifications of the base game that players create. These add or change elements of the game, making it different or more extensive. I consider that in many games there are weaker points than others, and the mods manage to make up for those deficiencies. These mods offer a renewed gaming experience, since the combination of them makes a different experience and manages to refresh the desire to dedicate more hours to a title.

If you are going to use mods, I recommend reading the descriptions as some mods have dependencies on other mods that they need to work.

Here are some examples of it and other interesting mods:

Weapon mods, filling the available arsenal

In the base game, the variety of weapons is almost nil. In the left image we can see the automatic turrets available in the base game, there are literally three .

On the right, we can see SOME MEDIUM AUTOMATIC TURRETS of various weapon mods, giving an amazing variety to the available arsenal. In weapon mods you can find everything from missiles that automatically target targets, to laser beams that pierce planets from side to side. You can also find artillery, orbital cannons, multiple machine guns, plasma weapons, and so on.

Weapons usable by your character are also scarce. The base game only offers the rifle, but you can increase the available weapons with a mod . Some are very well made and even exceed the quality of the base game.

I leave some interesting weapon mods, both for vehicles and structures and for the character:

[Mexpex] MWI - Weapon Collection 2 [WeaponCore] (4) created by Mexpex :
OKI Grand Weapons Bundle , created by Okim and Whiplash141 :
Halo UNSC Handheld Weapon Arsenal created by Razortron :

Industry, processing, storage and energy mods

As you progress through the game, you may be lacking some progression in industry and energy sources , as mineral processing for large mining operations can even take actual days. Carrying out large projects alone can also be tricky - improvements in storage and energy are often helpful.

Many mods add novelties to energy sources, not just new reactors, but new forms of energy such as antimatter.

I leave some interesting mods that add new features to these aspects:

Azimuth Power Mod Pack ~ (DX-11 Ready) , created by Mexpex, Tumble, SEModder4 and Cheetah:
XL Industrial , created by Tohron:

Mining mods, drilling expansion
The base game only has one drill , this does not offer much versatility for mining vehicles or progression in mining operations other than putting two hundred drills to the same vehicle. There are mods that add drills of different sizes, performance, storage, etc.

Some drills are TBM heads, allowing much larger-scale planetary mining:

[Mexpex] Heavy Mining Drill , created by Mexpex:

Armor Block and Decoration Block Mods

If you enjoy building elaborate or decorated vehicles or bases, if you are a perfectionist or meticulous, I recommend taking a look at these types of mods. These add blocks with different shapes and textures that allow you to create airplane wings, space station corridors, tunnels, etc. It is a way to give some charm and realism to bases and vehicles.

Armor Ramps , created by UncleSte :
UOH | Decorating Blocks v1.14 , created by Uohcnam :

Factions, npcs, and encounters
There are mods that add factions, npcs, structures and, in general, different encounters. I think the game lacks activity and gives a feeling that there is little life, both on planets and in space , these mods supplement that feeling to a great extent:

[EEM] Exploration Enhancement Mod, created by LeonserGT, Maxyall, Skieroz, Cheetah, nukeguard and Thraxus:
Modular Encounters Spawner, created by Meridius_IX / Lucas
Air Traffic, created by The Wizard Of Moz, Meridius_IX / Lucas, Whiplash141, WisdomTooth8, Physics Breaker, Nostrian 99 and Firebird_528:
Surface Occupation, created by Meridius_IX / Lucas, WisdomTooth8 and dunebugmi:
Assertive Installations, created by Splitsie and Pav:
OKI NPC Expansion Mod, created by Okim and Meridius_IX / Lucas:

💙🌀💎 Unique mods and mod packs 💎🌀💙
There are other more extensive and elaborated mods, collected in packages, that include content or improvements in many aspects of the game. Also, there are mods that create new mechanics or functionalities that, once known and tested , it's hard to imagine the game without them.

If you are going to use mods, I recommend reading the descriptions as some mods have dependencies on other mods that they need to work.

I leave some mod packs and mods of new functionalities:

MEGAMODPACKS, modpack examples
This is an example of PART of what a single modpack can add.

This, for example, adds elevators, automatic and manual weapons, containers, colorable propellants, mineral detectors, cockpits, seats, reactors, batteries, armor, oxygen and hydrogen tanks, air inlets, assemblers, and so on.

Everything has unique models that give a lot of freshness to the vehicles and constructions created with them if you have already gotten used to the ones in the base game.

Azimuth Complete Mega Mod Pack ~ (DX-11 Ready) , created by SEModder4, Mexpex, Eike, Tumble, 303, Vergil, jlp1528 (Minty), Lifesmeaning42 and 🦎.
Small Ship Mega Mod Pack [100% DX-11 Ready] , created by SEModder4, Mexpex, Eike, Tumble, 303, jlp1528 (Minty), Lifesmeaning42, Josh, Nixeen, Boblre and dcjacobs.

Progression mods, tiers, improvements in certain aspects
There are elements of the game that have enough variety, such as the thrusters .
Still, on certain occasions, capital ships or small ships that want to be made to be very agile, require too many thrusters . This is not only unsightly for certain ships but it adds a lot of weight to the ship and the weight-thrust ratio goes to the shEt, making the ships less efficient. There are mods that add more efficient versions of certain elements of the game. As for this type of thruster mods, they add more efficient versions in terms of thrust, fuel consumption, weight, although they tend to be more expensive to manufacture.

This allows you to simulate that you are improving the technology of the propellers and their performance and gives an interesting touch to the redesign and optimization of ships.

Tiered Engine Super Pack , created by nukeguard, Eike and Visentinel:

Graphic mods, lighting, skybox
There are mods that change the appearance of the lighting rendering, the contrast, even the outer space background . There are all kinds of graphic mods that change these things:

I especially recommend the mod Space Just Got Real , as it changes the lighting to a more realistic one and puts the milky way as the background of space.

Also mades very important to use spotlights and lights in the ships. On the left you can see a photo of outer space with this mod active.

Space Just Got Real , created by Dr.Novikov:
Domain - Skybox , created by Wonkatoad:

💎 Unique mods 💎
Some mods add surprising new features, I highly recommend looking closely at the mods below. Once you try these mods, it will probably be difficult for you to play without them.

  • 💦🌅🌊 Water Mod 💦🌅🌊 , created by Jakaria :

    With this mod, you can add water to a planet , something the base game doesn't have.
    Water allows you to create water vehicles and even do naval battles. If you want to start on an ocean planet and do underwater mining , you can also do it thanks to this mod.
  • 🔮🌀🌌 Defense Shields 🌌🌀🔮 , created by Darkstar, nukeguard, [GSF] Neimoh, AutoMcDonough and Whiplash141 :

    With this mod, you can have specialized and modular shield generators, both on your vehicles and on your bases. This mod is specially polished and integrated into the game. It's a very good mod and highly recommended, as shields can absorb all the damage that weapons would normally do to the hull or components . In addition, it is visually very satisfying.

Dr. Lillian Nov 27, 2021 @ 4:34pm 
@dat epic bunny Press F10 with creative mode turned on. In survival, you can also use a hologram block to project the blueprint, and build it from that.
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how do i spawn workshop cars
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Very thorough guide, added mods to my list as well. I can also recommend automatic ore pickup mod. Automatically picks up ore when mining.
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Nice guise. Can you add the power output of H2 engines in that section, too?
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In my opinion, the absolute best armor mod is the Amor Ramp Compendium, with a ton of different types of armor blocks that actually match the armor style of the game, with skin support too.
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