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DefenseShields - v1.7(9)
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Apr 19, 2018 @ 10:30pm
Feb 5 @ 6:28pm
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DefenseShields - v1.7(9)

Version: DefenseShields - v1.7(9)


Before reporting an issue please make sure the config file is already set to "<Debug>1</Debug> (It is by default). Then rename the problem shield controller to "DEBUG". Reproduce the issue with debugging enabled.

Create a screenshot of the output on the client and get a copy of the log from the admin (if multiplayer, file location is listed below), then post link to the files here.

In addition I ask that you always try to reproduce the issue in single player and create a steam workshop collection of the worldsave along with all the mods you are using and either make it public or add me on steam and grant me access. In many cases this is the only way I will be able to reproduce and fix the problem. See here for instructions:

The config and debug files can be found here:

Rename your block when done debugging, otherwise it will autodisable on the next restart.

Please vote here, it is important to the future of this mod:

Current Issues
1) Keen bug (laser antenna), vote here:
2) Keen bug (O2 pressurizer), vote here:
3) No other known issues. If you have an issue please provide detailed information (crash logs, debug logs, screenshots).

[Config File HOWTO]
LOCATION: C:\PathToSpaceEngineers\Storage\DefenseShields.cfg

HeatScaler - This value controls how much damage is required to generate heat. Larger values will require progressively more damage to hit each heat stage.

HpsEfficiency - This value controls how efficient the shield is at converting grid output power (per second) into recharge hps.

CapScaler - Limits the Max Shield HP relative to the Grid's Max HP. A value of 1 will limit Shield Max to Grid Max. A value of 0.5 will set Max Shield HP to half that of Grid, where as 2 will set it to twice the grids value.

BaseScaler - This affects the max number of hit points the shield can hold per power point spent. 30 is the default value (whole numbers only), this value scales from 1 to some very large number =).

MaintenanceCost - Determines how much power the shield will use to the maintain shield once it is fully charged (smaller values use less power, larger use more, default value is 0.5).

Station/LargeShip/SmallShip Ratios - These values determine how effective each shield type is at converting power to field hp/charge. Higher numbers mean less efficient. These values must be whole numbers i.e. 1,2,3 4,5 and 5 being 5 times less efficient vs 1.

[Mod Support]
(THYA) Shield HUD Script now compatible with this mod:

[Missile Weapon API]
Shield will respond in the following way to any modded missile based weapons that set these values:

Weapons bypasses shield entirely, by setting missile "kickback" value to a value listed in the table below.
Shield healing, by setting the missile "mass to a negitive number and radius to 0".

Setting the kickback value of missiles to the values in the [] will determine how the weapon interacts with the shield.

[less than 0 _________________] = bypass // Bypasses shields entirely, default damage.
[0.00000000001______________] = healing // Will heal the shield for the specified damage amount
[0.0000000001_______________] = 0.1 // will damage shield at 1/10th specified amount
[0.0000000002 - 0.0000000009__] = 0.2 - 0.9 [1/2 - 1/9th] of specified amount
[0.0000000010_______________] = 1 // will damage shield at specified amount.
[0.0000000020 - 0.0000000090__] = 2 - 9 [2x - 9x] of specified amount.
[0.0000000100_______________] = 10 // will damage shield at 10 times the specified amount.

*Note2* Shield damage uses projectile Velocity & Mass for non-explosive types, otherwise it uses Explosive-damage.
*Note3 RayCast and Projectile based wepaons will bypass shield protections if damage type is set to "bypass" or attackerId is 0.

Thank you Neimoh for the awsome emitter models! Thanks to AutoMcD for the O2 Generator and Control Block. Last but certainly not least, a big thanks to Nukeguard for the shield models/textures, shield hud icon, Modulator blocks, damage enhacner blocks, armor emitter blocks, block balancing, testing, guide and more! Thanks to Enenra for shield voice warnings.

[Special Thanks]
Equinox, Digi and Rexxar for putting up with all of my questions and providing awsome suggestions and examples.
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Zparadis 5 hours ago 
Sounds like a feature.
Ripnami894 11 hours ago 
From the pack "Halo UNSC Pack".
Ripnami894 11 hours ago 
I fired a SUPER MAC at it and it did not fall.
Abisius Feb 16 @ 10:49am 

if iam not wrong the answer stands already in the guide linked in the moddescription, but for case you just have overread it: additionally placed blocks of a type work as a backup for the case the first placed one gets destroyed
cvt007 Feb 16 @ 10:47am 
Does placing more than one of each block stack? For example, if I place two Enhancers do they both affect the shield or does it act as if only one is placed?
rbncornwall Feb 16 @ 6:39am 
the thing to debug link i pressed didnt work and showed a black screen
Void_Time_Gaming Feb 15 @ 5:13am 
@ [author]
Same as SpacedNConfuzed
Would like to add this to my server pack or make a change or 2 to make this require for example to start the block the 1st items is Shield Permit x1 for small ship x5 for large ship x10 for Station.

I have already made the edits I desire Just need [author]s OK. All credit and links back to the original mod will be given.
DarkStar  [author] Feb 13 @ 11:26am 
Vic378 no that is not normal. Please submit a big report, directions on how to submit is in the sticky thread.
Vic378 Feb 13 @ 4:57am 
Is it normal that my shield hp goes up (recharging) and suddenly drops about a 10% so it has to recharge forever instead of using manteinance power?
SpacedNConfuzed Feb 12 @ 2:40am 
Hey, Is it possible for a server specific version of this to be created using additional components that only that server has ? It will only change the block recipes that is all and I will link anyone and everyone back to the original down to the thumbnail.