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Defense Shields - v1.9(86)
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Apr 19, 2018 @ 10:30pm
Jun 23 @ 7:23pm
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Defense Shields - v1.9(86)

Version: DefenseShields - v1.9(86)

New Mod
Check out my new weapon/combat system which replaces keens:

If you appreciate DefenseShields and/or WeaponCore please consider contributing:


Before reporting an issue please rename the problem shield controller to "DEBUG". Reproduce the issue with debugging enabled.

Create a screenshot of the output on the client and get a copy of the log from the admin (if multiplayer, file location is listed below), then post link to the files here.

In addition I ask that you always try to reproduce the issue in single player and create a steam workshop collection of the worldsave along with all the mods you are using and either make it public or add me on steam and grant me access. In many cases this is the only way I will be able to reproduce and fix the problem. See here for instructions:

The config and debug files can be found here:

Rename your block when done debugging, otherwise it will autodisable on the next restart.

Please vote here, it is important to the future of this mod:

Current Issues
1) Keen bug (laser antenna), vote here:
2) Keen bug (O2 pressurizer), vote here:

[Config File HOWTO]
LOCATION: C:\PathToSpaceEngineers\Storage\DefenseShields.cfg

HeatScaler - This value controls how much damage is required to generate heat. Larger values will require progressively more damage to hit each heat stage.

HpsEfficiency - This value controls how efficient the shield is at converting grid output power (per second) into recharge hps.

CapScaler - Limits the Max Shield HP relative to the Grid's Max HP. A value of 1 will limit Shield Max to Grid Max. A value of 0.5 will set Max Shield HP to half that of Grid, where as 2 will set it to twice the grids value.

BaseScaler - This affects the max number of hit points the shield can hold per power point spent. 30 is the default value (whole numbers only), this value scales from 1 to some very large number =).

MaintenanceCost - Determines how much power the shield will use to the maintain shield once it is fully charged (smaller values use less power, larger use more, default value is 0.5).

Station/LargeShip/SmallShip Ratios - These values determine how effective each shield type is at converting power to field hp/charge. Higher numbers mean less efficient. These values must be whole numbers i.e. 1,2,3 4,5 and 5 being 5 times less efficient vs 1.

[Mod Support]
(THYA) Shield HUD graphic pack is fully compatible with this mod:

The following properties can be found on any ImyUpgradeMOdule block or ProgrammableBlock (via MODApi or PB). In addition the ApiClient can be used to init from session.



Thank you Neimoh for the awsome emitter models! Thanks to AutoMcD for the O2 Generator and Control Block. Thanks to Enenra for shield voice warnings. Thanks to Whip for all of the fancy math help... math makes what would otherwise be dull and lifeless beautiful. Last but certainly not least, a big thanks to Nukeguard for the shield models/textures, shield hud icon, Modulator blocks, damage enhancer blocks, armor emitter blocks, block balancing, particles, testing, guide and more!

Thumbnail made by Adaline Industries

[Special Thanks]
Equinox, Digi and Rexxar for putting up with all of my questions and providing awsome suggestions and examples.
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Jæger Jul 10 @ 8:18am 
wish i could just buff station shield hitpoints to make bases harder to siege down. afaik the station shield ratio is the only setting you give us and that doesnt let me buff station shields much. Id like for station shields to have like 20x the hitpoints a ship does
DarkStar  [author] Jul 9 @ 5:00pm 
@Das use weaponcore based weapons and that wont happen.
Пирамидка Jul 8 @ 2:29pm 
Tell me how to display statistics on the shield on the LSD screen and for what pressurizer is required? Thank you in advance for your help.
Das Overlord Jul 8 @ 1:18pm 
Shield seems to block all damage just fine but leaves my ship looking like Swiss cheese. It's so bad I can barely see through the windows now. Bullets seem to "pass through" and still create damaged block textures as though you were hit.
LT. CMDR Storm Jul 6 @ 2:28pm 
@Hesus I am yes. Not sure if it's dude to my loadout or the latest update, but the mod still works to my knowledge.
Netherspark Jul 5 @ 8:42am 
I'm making some LCD images for the new Sci Fi Button Panel, would you mind if I included your shield icon?
Hesus℠ Jul 5 @ 6:07am 
Am I the only one who's Shield LCD screens flicker? Quickly changing between the placement screen and the stats.
Payday_Park Jul 4 @ 11:41am 
Do the upgrade module slots on the air pressurizer do anything? I've tried all speed modules, all yield modules, and all power efficiency modules and there was no noticeable difference at any point
michaelserious Jul 3 @ 1:46pm 
Does the ripple effect work for anyone now? Seems to be gone.