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Parallax Concepts
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Sep 15, 2017 @ 3:09am
Apr 25, 2023 @ 9:46pm
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Parallax Concepts

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Parallax Concepts adds several NPC Grid Encounters to your game. This includes Space and Planetary Cargo Ships, and Planetary Installations.

Encounter Information

This table provides information about what to expect with the encounters in this mod. Please note the following may not apply to every encounter. For more information on the attributes, click on the attribute name to view more information on the Modular Encounters Systems Wiki.

★★★☆☆ - Average
Grid Difficulty[]
★★★☆☆ - Average
Space, Atmosphere, Gravity
Encounter Types[]
Space Cargo Ship, Planetary Cargo Ship, Planetary Installation, Boss Encounter
Special Abilities[]
Hand Drill Inhibitor, Personnel Inhibitor, Reinforcements

Mod Rebranding

Previously, there were 3 mods (Air Traffic, Surface Occupation, and Reddit Custom Encounters) that contained a variety of ships and stations. These three mods were reworked to have modernized grid systems, and to fit into 3 faction-specific mods (Imber, Incon, Parallax).

What is Parallax Concepts?

Parallax Concepts is one of the few larger organizations that has managed to sieze a foothold in several planetary systems. While they do not prefer violence or conflict, they are more than capable of defending themselves against attackers.

They have ceasefire agreements with some other larger groups, including an uneasy agreement with Imber. However they are often targeted by smaller Incon ships looking for an easy mark.

Types of Encounters

Parallax includes a variety of ships and stations that spawn in all environments. These encounters are hostile by default towards players and other NPCs.

Ships will typically spawn with basic cargo ship behavior (flying from point A to point B).

Both ships and stations will sometimes spawn with drones that will escort or patrol the areas near its parent grid.

Stations may call for help when attacked. If there is an eligible cargo ship near by, it may deviate from its path to attack the player that is assaulting the station - otherwise drones may be spawned instead.

Special Counter-Measures

Parallax encounters are equipped with Personnel Inhibitor Modules that will slowly depelete player health when too close to these grids. This effect intensifies as you get closer to the module. Stations are also equipped with Hand Drill Inhibitor Modules that will interfere with player drill use when too close to a station. These effects do not happen while players are piloting a grid.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Dalten and WisdomTooth8 for creating the grids used in this encounter pack.
The official Parallax Concepts Ships & Stations Workshop collection.
Wisdomtooth8's workshop page of original ship and station designs.

Massive thank you to Dalten for reworking and modernizing the grids in this encounter pack!

Restrictions Regarding Republishing This Mod:

Please refrain from republishing this mod on the workshop or anywhere else. Unauthorized copies will be removed from the workshop.


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Carlos Spicy
Nov 6, 2022 @ 10:16am
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May 9, 2022 @ 5:37am
Spawn Priority
Commander Brisk May 20 @ 3:20pm 
Thee fact these ships randomly charge you now is quite annoying. if its on purpose or you accidentally dropped some reaver code in there doesn't matter. what makes it worse is the inhibitor field spawn killing me inside my base when they do so. or just wiping me out early game so im forced to reload a save or restart losing progress either way. AT LEAST make the personnel inhibitors optional, i can over look the others but this one is just stupid.
Scar der Verrückte [PZ] May 18 @ 12:55am 
okay i used this mod back then and the vessels where like: okay we pass by and when something comes in gun range we shoot but not really engage exept if it shoots back. now it is like this. yo derek you see this F*cker over there on his 10 steelplate grid platform ? lets fuck him up. the ships are somehow extremely agressive and chase you down because you.. exist. and they sealclubber you. back then the mod was more like yeah they basicly ignoredd you as long as you ddid not attack them Back or attack in the first place.
gigglelamer Apr 20 @ 9:12am 
Great mod. Thanks for your hard work and time on it Lucas.

If anyone is having issues with any of the MES mods, just take some time to learn the admin settings (@github) and adjust the spawning behavior to your preferences.
Pastel_Sad Apr 17 @ 7:04pm 
Having a situation where they fly over my base, early in, and they decide to attack, because i merely existed, trying to build.

Makes sense.
Virsteinn Apr 8 @ 7:49am 
Apparently provoking them is as simple as merely being present as they fly by.

Yes, this definitely makes sense.
Nature Mar 11 @ 3:49am 
I've been using this mod on earth for awhile and they never attack unless provoked. So you can just avoid them, always. And by the time you're strong enough to pick a fight with them they are relatively easy. They spawn too many bases that do nothing. And they spawn ships that always fly by safely out of weapons range.
It's a good mod that makes the planet feel alive but they aren't really much of a threat. I enjoyed the mod for early to mid game but i'm removing it now and looking for something harder.
KBP 9A-91 Feb 28 @ 2:29pm 
i wont lie but i actually hate these ships because lately they decide on ramming themselves into every asteroid im mining or trying to build a base in after spotting me from like 2 planets away which would not be so bad if not for the personell inhibitors which kill me while i try to disable this thrashing wreck slammed into the other side of the asteroid still trying to kill me
Cc8tv Feb 16 @ 4:02am 
this is just eating all my pcu any tips to help with that? i quite like building my own base i have max pcu at 200k and it just disapears
Heelvy Jan 8 @ 4:38am 
Oban Tide Mk2 make game crush
LazyTrain Dec 2, 2023 @ 10:58am 
The inertia dampener field was a fun countermeasure that made it a bit tougher to board these ships. The "nearly instant kill field" is just kinda lame now.