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Surface Occupation
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Sep 15, 2017 @ 3:09am
Jan 20, 2018 @ 6:10pm
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Surface Occupation

In 2 collections by Meridius_IX / Lucas
Modular Encounters Collection
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MES-Friendly Mods
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This mod adds a variety of stations that will appear on the surface of planets as players explore.

Included Stations
  • Small Stations:
  • - Defense Installation
  • - Scouting Outpost
  • - Ore Processing Outpost
  • - Supply Cache
  • - DBS Lookout Tower (dunebugmi)
  • - DBS Observation Outpost (dunebugmi)
  • - Expedition Base Pod (WisdomTooth8)
  • - Military Installation (WisdomTooth8)
  • - Fueling Station (WisdomTooth8)
  • - Bunker (WisdomTooth8)
  • Medium Stations:
  • - Territory Defense Station
  • - Resource Processing Station
  • - Fighter Docking Station
  • - Frontier Outpost (WisdomTooth8)
  • Large Stations:
  • - Fortress Tower

Guest Contributions

Some of the content in this mod was provided by other creators. Below, you can find links to their work:

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dayve May 21 @ 12:47pm 
Does this scale with the amount of players and is there some sort of Max. cap? I'm the host of a 4 man server and we currently have 7 visible from our base after having it active for a few hours
taukarrie May 15 @ 12:08am 
If used in a solar system game will this spawn buildings in the same way on every planet, even planets that are added manually?
SilentRetr0 Apr 26 @ 9:51am 
im getting the same critical error
DariusTellman Apr 25 @ 1:36pm 
Also I checked what was eligible and there were a lot of installations on the list
DariusTellman Apr 25 @ 1:21pm 
I have been playing a single player game with this and MES and have had planetary cargo ships spawn but not a single surface base spawn. I am not in a rocky area. Any ideas?
cricketsinthehouse Apr 24 @ 2:17am 
I know i posted this on the MES itself, but could we get Mod ID's please? i'm trying to run a dedicated server through Nitrado and need the ID#'s for the server on the other MES add-ons as well lol
LornMalvo Apr 21 @ 7:16am 
Mod still work ?
Smitie Apr 11 @ 3:11pm 
Verified. Same Critical Error, first line in the DS Console right after the mod query
Toklo490 Apr 7 @ 9:06pm 
Ive also tried going back to earlier versions of the game. Still seemed to throw the error.
Toklo490 Apr 7 @ 9:03pm 
Figured it may be corrupt download, but cleared all mods and workshop file and its still happening - loading only this mod and MES

Log is just a repeat of whats below, 6 copies nearly exactly the same.
The only difference between the copies is LOADED ONLY 1/6 PHASES counts up from 1/6 to 6/6 phases. IE the one after this is LOADED ONLY 2/6 PHASES, and the last one is LOADED 6/6 PHASES

MOD_CRITICAL_ERROR: Surface Occupation, in file:
Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at Sandbox.Definitions.MyDefinitionManager.LoadDefinitions(List`1 contexts, List`1 definitionSets, Boolean failOnDebug, Boolean isPreload)