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Air Traffic
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Jul 11, 2017 @ 12:49pm
Apr 11 @ 12:05pm
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Air Traffic

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This mod adds cargo ships that appear on planets with atmosphere.

Included Ships

Guest Ships

I'd like to give a huge thank you to the following creators for letting me include some of their ships in this release:

Dependancies / Required Settings

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Wizard Jul 4 @ 8:24am 
How far along would you say that rivalAI integration is for this mod?
Meridius_IX / Lucas  [author] Jun 22 @ 3:08pm 
@xavieraxs - Appears to be the case indeed. I'll try to get a fix out for that soon.
xavieraxs Jun 22 @ 1:30pm 
i think the - Stormfire might be bugged its gatling guns spawn turned off in both my world and on a sever i play on
Wernher von Donut Jun 7 @ 10:56am 
It's deepening the immersive experience - nice job!
taukarrie May 15 @ 12:10am 
(Sorry, I know i just asked this same thing over on Surface Occupation. If used in a solar system game will this spawn ships on all planets and moons? if so, does it somehow know not to spawn atmospheric ships on airless worlds?
OperatorKanga May 8 @ 12:55am 
Hello with this mod if we come accross a ship that we like are allowed to modafire the ships enough it can we up load it to the workshop what would be the go there
Whobacca Apr 24 @ 7:26pm 
MIDAS escort mission works for me, things spawning and despawning when they should. Running default MES settings.
Legorobo4 Apr 18 @ 2:19am 
I seem to be having an issue with a transport courier apparently own by MIDAS being stuck at the seeming end of its patrol run after I did an open contract when it requested help with pirates. Pirate drone spawned when I got close and I managed to destroy its lifting thrust before dying and courier contiued for another 10 km then stopped. Is just sitting there burning fuel close to a SPRT bunker thing. Am I missing something or is it broken?
ArasCraft Apr 14 @ 6:06am 
any missions we can do or any new stations giving new missions? or any you recommend? thank you
nikos Apr 12 @ 5:27pm 
SS-19 Serenity-X
often seems to crash to the ground of earth and then proceeds to try and lift of again. often resulting it to smash against the ground and cause more and more damage.

i is very possible that the speed mod i have (200m/s) causes it to crash as its designed for 100.
this has happened at least twice with this ship.

so i just wanted to let you know.
PS: as i said its probably the speed mod so its not exactly your problem.