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Better Stone v7.0.9 (SE 1.198) Warfare 1 Update
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Mod category: Asteroid, Planet, Production, Other
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Mar 11, 2015 @ 10:03am
Apr 25 @ 5:33pm
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Better Stone v7.0.9 (SE 1.198) Warfare 1 Update

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Welcome to the official Better Stone for Space Engineers mod page.


This mod fixes these problems:
1) Real life ores rarely come in their pure forms. Usually ores are a mixture of many elements!
2) Gameplay-wise, finding one ore patch can be hard enough, imagine finding 20 and not finding the kind you need.
3) When modding, almost everyone makes their blocks colorful nowadays, but the vanilla ores remain their original dreary colors.

This mod does the following:
- adds many new ores according to real life.
- follows the vanilla balance.
- adds colored icons.
- adds 2 playtester-approved, qualifty-of-life gameplay changes: less stone, more ice.
- makes planetary ores 10x deeper and 5x richer.

2021-04-24 -- 7.0.9 (SE 1.198.072)
Added barebones compatibility with Industrial Overhaul mod
Note - Using the ores in the description below as a guide: [EI] ores use the Uranium Centrifuge, [S] and [PM] process in the refinery, [CM] process in the smelter. It should more or less match the mod.
2021-01-26 -- 7.0.8 (SE
Added missing definition piece for an ore
2020-12-17 -- 7.0.7 (SE 1.197.072)
Added Better Stone for Pertam (off-road) & Triton (DLC ice planet)
Made a couple bug fixes, see patch log (top tab) for more info
2020-08-10 -- 7.0.6 (SE 1.196) (Weather update)
by kynalvarus
Merged new dynamic weather changes from vanilla

A group of people built a massive public server that features MANY custom planets with custom ore definitions from Better Stone.

If features a challenging tiered progression experience.

The mod-pack features tons of carefully curated and configured mods that make the game like a whole new experience.

It is very active (as of 2021/01/26) with around 7+ players online at any time, many factions, as well as an active community with tons of people in the Discord. Check it out today!

Official Discord:
Ganymede Server Mod List:


(1) Does this work on current saves?
A: Results vary by version. Backup before trying. Usually not anymore.
More info:

(2) Does this work on custom planets?
A: No. There are mod-mods that enable it. See server plug above.

(3) I can't find any ores, is it broken? How deep are the ores? Why can't I see any ores? There aren't any ores on the alien planet, help! (etc.)
A: They're there. Might need modded ore detector for the added range. Really, they're there.
More info:

(4) Refinery isn't accepting ores from this mod?
A: It's usually a mod conflict--place this mod atop all the others in the load order.
More info:

(5) I get errors when this loads. Is this breaking the sky?
A: Those warnings are harmless.
More info:

(6) The ores are now all magenta (or gray?) balls, why?
A: Can't find texture files. 80% chance mod conflict, 20% chance Keen changed something breaking this mod.
More info:

(7) TIM's auto-refining script doesn't automagically refine mod ores! What can I do?
A: Here is the workaround as of Oct. 2018:

(8) Exactly how deep is every ore on every planet? Will a radar range of XX work?
Here's the raw planet mod file from the public repository: It might be worth noting that the deepest ores start at 1.12km down.

INTRODUCTION -- New to this mod? Read about it here!

Major Functions:
- Many new ores to find and exploit (no longer just "pure metal").
- Color icons for all the ores.

Minor Functions:
- Reduces overall stone output.
- Ice added to asteroid iron cores.
- Rare iron ore is denser with iron so there's a reason to harvest it.


Complete list of ores and how they compare with Vanilla (Excel Spreadsheet):
(You'll want to click on the 'View Raw' link in the middle of the screen -- I just didn't want to link straight to an xlsx file from here because that will sometimes trigger antivirus programs and Steam may decide to block them one day.)

New Ore Class Key:
[CM] = Common Metals (Fe, Ni, Co) -- Tier 1: Basic Refinery OK
[PM] = Precious Metals (Ag, Au, Pt)
[S] = Solids (Stone, Si, Mg)
[EI] = Energized Ingots (U)

New Ores:
[CM] Dense Iron * (vanilla rare iron)
[CM] Heazlewoodite (Ni)
[CM] Cattierite (Co)
[CM] Pyrite (Fe, Au)
[CM] Taenite (Fe, Ni)
[CM] Cohenite (Ni, Co)
[CM] Kamacite (Fe, Ni, Co)
[CM] Glaucodot (Fe, Co)
[PM] Electrum (Au, Ag)
[PM] Porphyry (Au)
[PM] Sperrylite (Pt)
[PM] N i g g l i i t e (Pt) * (censored by Steam, hence the spaces)
[PM] Galena (Ag)
[PM] Chlorargyrite (Ag)
[PM] Cooperite (Ni, Pt)
[PM] Petzite (Ag, Au) -- NEW
[S] Hapkeite (Fe, Si)
[S] Dolomite (Mg)
[S] Sinoite (Si)
[S] Olivine (Si, Mg)
[S] Quartz (Si)
[S] Akimotoite (Si, Mg)
[S] Wadsleyite (Si, Mg)
[EI] Carnotite (U)
[EI] Autunite (U)
[EI] Uraniaurite (U, Au) -- NEW

Reference In Case I Ever Forget:
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Why do I see both the new ores and vanilla ores?
Mar 25 @ 12:57pm
Refinery accepting some but not all ores, mod at top of list
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Goblox Jun 19 @ 8:43am 
This is weird - It looks like in 2020 you decided that ores were too deep. Where are they now? Still looks pretty deep.
#123 Jun 15 @ 10:22am 
Interesting game
DranKof  [author] Jun 15 @ 10:14am 
This is a shameless plug if anyone's interested, I made a Twine text game for school and posted it to, you might see some familiar graphics in it...
DranKof  [author] Jun 11 @ 4:42pm 
@riotgrrl_adria np!
riotgrrl_adria Jun 10 @ 8:31am 
Thanks, friend
DranKof  [author] Jun 9 @ 4:30pm 
@riotgrrl_adria Yeah that sounds about right. The "Dolomite_01" (etc.) replaces whatever in the planetgeneratorDefinitions for the modded planet. Exactly what you said.
riotgrrl_adria Jun 9 @ 2:13pm 
I'm assuming this has been asked to death (I apologize ahead of time), but if I wanted to mod your ores into a planet, would I just need to add appropriate references in the modded planet's appropriate planetgeneratordefinition file under the OreMappings tag, or do I need to do anything else?
DranKof  [author] May 28 @ 7:10am 
@Ghoulsblade @Grayando Sometimes it's due to minor patch errors from Keen that usually get hotfixed in a week or two, and sometimes it's just due to unpredictable randomness, and sometimes it's due to patches breaking old saves, and sometimes it's due to corrupted installs. Ores not appearing after mining or even disappearing as you get close to them is just a bug that appears and disappears with little explanation. I'm going to wait and see for now. Things that people have reported helping is making a brand new map and trying again or even going as far as reinstalling but sometimes you'll actually see a forum post with an update that says fixed disappearing ore bug.
DranKof  [author] May 28 @ 7:00am 
@cakeonslaught Correct, if you want industrial overhaul ores to spawn on planets you'll need to place it above this mod in the list. Planet ores unfortunately cannot be loaded dynamically.
cakeonslaught May 24 @ 8:52pm 
Hi All,

I did some testing. Industrial overhaul does not generate ores when both mods are used. So, you cant get coal, aluminum, rubber, etc.

Other parts of IO work without issue though.