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Better Stone v7.0.3c [Economy Update 𝛼]
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Mar 11, 2015 @ 10:03am
Sep 11 @ 10:23pm
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Better Stone v7.0.3c [Economy Update 𝛼]

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Welcome to the official Better Stone for Space Engineers mod page.


This mod fixes these problems:
1) Real life ores rarely come in their pure forms. Usually ores are a mixture of many elements!
2) Gameplay-wise, finding one ore patch can be hard enough, imagine finding 20 and not finding the kind you need.
3) When modding, almost everyone makes their blocks colorful nowadays, but the vanilla ores remain their original dreary colors.

This mod does the following:
- adds many new ores according to real life.
- follows the vanilla balance.
- adds colored icons.
- adds 2 playtester-approved, qualifty-of-life gameplay changes: less stone, more ice.
- makes planetary ores deeper and richer.


Always back up your world before applying mods.
/end big warning

If the refinery isn't accepting certain ores from this mod, you probably have a mod conflict.
This mod has a built-in patch to deal with it but not the other way around, so to fix it:

--> Put this mod at the top of your mod list.
(Mod load order is opposite most games.)

If that doesn't work, leave a message below!
(Screenshots always help!)


TIM's auto-refining script doesn't automagically refine all these ores! What can I do?!

Here is the updated workaround as of Oct. 2018:

2019-09-11 -- 7.0.3c (1.192 Economy Patch)
First update for economy patch. Please take pictures if you find anything broken! Maybe leave a GPS?

Future Plans -- 6/16/2019 -- this has been delayed by new job/attending school

2019-05-25 -- 7.0.3b (SE 1.190.1) & 2019-05-19 -- 7.0.3 (SE 1.190.1)
Many smaller balance tweaks to adjust for stone being an everything-ore.
See the detailed change log (top right) for more info.

2018-03-06 -- 7.0.2b (SE 1.189.040):
Major rebalance update. Please see the change notes for details, but here's a summary.
There's a lot more ice in all of the custom ores so energy production via hydrogen in space should be more feasible.
Tier 1 ores are much more lucrative (so you have a little incentive to not just mine all the stone around you).

2018-03-06 -- 7.0.2b (SE 1.189.040):
Mod ore planet data synced with vanilla and reinstated into mod.
Added physic mats (new feature in SE!) to all mod ores.
Removed gravel byproduct from all recipes

INTRODUCTION -- New to this mod? Read about it here!

Major Functions:
- Many new ores to find and exploit (no longer just "pure metal").
- Color icons for all the ores.

Minor Functions:
- Reduces overall stone output.
- Ice added to asteroid iron cores.
- Rare iron ore is denser with iron so there's a reason to harvest it.


New Ore Class Key:
[CM] = Common Metals (Fe, Ni, Co) -- Tier 1: Basic Refinery OK
[PM] = Precious Metals (Ag, Au, Pt)
[S] = Solids (Stone, Si, Mg)
[EI] = Energized Ingots (U)

New Ores:
[CM] Dense Iron * (vanilla rare iron)
[CM] Heazlewoodite (Ni)
[CM] Cattierite (Co)
[CM] Pyrite (Fe, Au)
[CM] Taenite (Fe, Ni)
[CM] Cohenite (Ni, Co)
[CM] Kamacite (Fe, Ni, Co)
[CM] Glaucodot (Fe, Co)
[PM] Electrum (Au, Ag)
[PM] Porphyry (Au)
[PM] Sperrylite (Pt)
[PM] N i g g l i i t e (Pt) * (censored by Steam, hence the spaces)
[PM] Galena (Ag)
[PM] Chlorargyrite (Ag)
[PM] Cooperite (Ni, Pt)
[PM] Petzite (Ag, Au) -- NEW
[S] Hapkeite (Fe, Si)
[S] Dolomite (Mg)
[S] Sinoite (Si)
[S] Olivine (Si, Mg)
[S] Quartz (Si)
[S] Akimotoite (Si, Mg)
[S] Wadsleyite (Si, Mg)
[EI] Carnotite (U)
[EI] Autunite (U)
[EI] Uraniaurite (U, Au) -- NEW

Reference In Case I Ever Forget:

Good Ideas
If I ever have time again, working with this looks like a good idea:
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DarkNoddy Sep 16 @ 11:13am 
Can confirm that there are contracts requiring vanilla ores with the mod loaded. If you want to check it yourself, check out the MyAbstractXmlSerializerOfMyObjectBuilder_Contract entries in Sandbox.sbc until you find one that requires ore, then head there.
DarkNoddy Sep 12 @ 4:00pm 
Didn't see your questions until now, I'll double check and confirm at station tomorrow and let you know.
DarkNoddy Sep 12 @ 12:43pm 
Thanks for the update @DranKof, I did some testing, and from what I can tell there might be some issues with Uran and Platinum.

Disclaimer: I'm not well versed in how the SE world files work and whatnot, I just happened to notice that the store data is in the sbc file.

I generated 10 worlds with no mods (custom, solar system, creative) respawned, then save and quit. Then I did the same for modded and processed the Sandbox.sbc files, comparing all the stations of 1-5 vanilla to 6-10 vanilla, same for modded and then 1-10 vanilla to 1-10 modded. Threw in a comparison between 1 vanilla and 1 world generated with the old version of the mode as well.

The results can be found here:
DarkNoddy Sep 12 @ 12:43pm 
Findings for when the mod is enabled:
1. Gravity generator and super conductor components don't appear to be for sale anywhere
2. Platinum and uranium ingots don't appear to be for sale anywhere
3. Prices seem to differ compared to no-mod, but sell and buy values appear to be be changed roughly the same for the same item, i.e. if NPCs pay 10% more for canvas, they also charge 10% more when buying canvas.
4. Prices differ when comparing different items, some are more valuable and some less, this might change the economy balance, but from my understanding this is tied to the ore gen somehow so I suppose it makes sense ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

When it comes to contracts, I from what I can tell they do offer contracts requiring vanilla ores to complete, not sure if you've had a look into this, or if it is something that can be fixed.

At any rate, things seem to work a whole lot better now \o/ Great job!
Forte Sep 12 @ 6:35am 
I can't vouch for this only affecting me, but the patch has populated the stores with hydrogen and oxygen now. Nothing else has changed unfortunately, still can't sell anything or buy things besides the basic kits and the gases. I've heard several people say that *any* mod that is loaded affects the NPC store population, so the problem may go deeper than just your mod.
Jayslider [GB] Sep 12 @ 6:29am 
Pleazz Add More :P
DranKof  [author] Sep 11 @ 10:34pm 
Initial update of the Economy Patch compatibility fixes and updates is live!

Let me know if you have any problems, please leave GPS coords (and map, i.e. "solar system") and/or take a picture!
DranKof  [author] Sep 11 @ 10:33pm 
@DarkNoddy I just updated an initial patch that hopefully should work. After a couple days of playtesting I still haven't found any bases that give ore fetch missions or buy or sell my ores. I just pushed the first Economy Update update. Are you still able to find any of those?
DarkNoddy Sep 9 @ 9:55am 
Did some tweaks trying to get this working half way the other day, adding price values to the ore overrides went a long way, but there were still issues when selling ores and ingots to NPCs, price offered being 0.
If you create a new world with creative enabled, jump into spectator and quickly fly/teleport over to one of the moons (I did Europa mostly) you should get a couple of NPC stations pop up.

Suppose there are some contracts requiring vanilla ores as well.

I've seen it mentioned that the prices are based on ore distribution, not sure if it scans the ore subtypes or just the specific default ones, if so it might be tricky to remove them altogether.

If this were to get fixed while our server is still in the early stages that would be great, game feels waaaay too easy and quick to complete without this :/
UnseenOni Sep 9 @ 9:38am 
After further investigating, its not just this mod that was causing the NPC issues, basically any mod that adds blueprints for anything from ingots to components, messes up the stores. Keen set their system up in a really dumb way.