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Vegetable Garden Project 1.1
All my mods together to make the old Vegetable garden you loved! I've also added some other great mods that will make your Garden so much easier to use!

I set out to add a bunch of variety to this game I love and Play almost everyday. I hope you enjoy the mod! Please leave any feed back and I will get back to ya!

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F A Q :
  • Loading into a save game is not recommended! You never know how it can effect the save. Once Any Mod of this size is loaded into a game it cannot be removed once saved. So backup before trying.

  • Oven is defaulted to Granite. You can build it out of any stone. You just have to have it in your stockpile first.

  • For composter you need composter starter made at the butcher table.

  • For alcohol you need a starter made at the brewery table. But Vodka is made backwards. Potatoes into the barrel.
    Then the pawns will load the proper barrel and poof done.
Big note on resource plants.

Resource Plant require A LOT of work to make. They are an END game solution to running out of resources. As of now it takes :

Research the plants 1500
Grow times on plants are 16+ days
Sow skill is high to plant them
Crafting skill of 12+ to then smelt them

Change Log for all mods in the Discussions page!
Thank you for all the feedback from the forums and steam. You make this mod better everyday!
Special thanks to all those that have helped over the years! :::::
Chinese translations:
-Vegetable Garden
-VGP Garden Medicine
-VGP Garden Fabrics
-VGP Garden Resources
-VGP Garden Tools
-VGP Xtra Trees and Flowers
-VGP More Veggies
-VGP Garden Drinks
-VGP Garden Gourmet
Translation by duduluu, deeprogger, biscuitminer

-VGP Garden Canning
-VGP Soylent Production
-VGP Bulk Garden Drinks
Translation by biscuitminer

-VGP Garden Dyes & Colored Apparel
Translation by biscuitminer and alexandra

-Smoked meat
Translation by 那啥可以不笑嗎

Russian Translations by DiamondGrace
-Vegetable Garden
-Garden Fabrics
-Garden Medicine

spoonshortage has done most of the art overhaul !!!

French language added thanks to Team Scribio[discord.gg]
Igabond for giving my his old mod Xtra Plants to continue on his great works!
Syrchalis for all the help pushing into B19 with art and coding changes!
duduluu For the Chinese Simplified translation of a15.
diana-winters for expanding the garden resources!
Telkir for his Expandedcrops mod that inspired me to add even more.
Finer things for the alcohol.
Adamiks for forum coding :)
WHiZ for all his testing and great feed back! Why stop at making raisins? Lets dry all the fruits!
Jawar for sending new plant art works!
neuffs for his texture pack!
Fangtang for misc art work!
Jabbamonkey's Graphic Overhaul texture pack.
Abrexus's Superior Crafting
Fluff_Thorrent's Can I Brew It?
And more expanded in the credits on the forums!

Old versions of my mod:

I do keep the last stable version of each version of the game on my Nexus mods page. And 1.0 and older mod downloads can be found on my Dropbox / Forum / Nexus accounts.

Forum Download Link[ludeon.com]
Dropbox 1.0 version
DropBox Download Link[www.dropbox.com]
Nexus mods:
Nexus Mods Download Link[www.nexusmods.com]
Steam News and Credits For my mods:
Vegetable Garden 1.0 / 1.1 Collection On Steam

Wanna support the mod? Buy me a Coffee! [ko-fi.com]
Items (25)
VGP Vegetable Garden
Created by dismarzero
Vegetable Garden

Hello! And welcome to the vegetable garden!

Smaller pieces, easier to drop things you don't like, and enjoy more the things you like!

Vegetable Garden:

The main piece of my new project! Will have smaller bits of other mod...
VGP Garden Canning
Created by dismarzero
VGP Garden Canning (Requires Vegetable Garden, loaded first)

Garden Canning adds two ways of canning food. With reserach.

A canning stove that pawns can food at. It is powered by steel.

And a canning factory, which pawns will load with food and wi...
[SYR] Universal Fermenter
Created by Syrchalis
A framework for time-based processing inside objects
Universal Fermenter abbreviation: "UF"

So what's different about this version?

  • Issue: Vanilla workgivers scan every thing on every map to fin
VGP Garden Medicine
Created by dismarzero
Garden Medicine (Does not require Vegetable Garden)

Adds new Medicines and Drugs.

-Flu Ez a drug for blocking flu. Lasts 5 days.
-Ibuprofen a drug for reducing pain.
-Antibiotics for reducing the amount of time for being sick and prevents infectio...
VGP Garden Fabrics
Created by dismarzero
Garden Fabrics (Does not require Vegetable Garden)

Reworks the games cloth production.

Cotton and devilstrand plants produce fibers that can be processed into cloths at the loom.

-Unpowered loom and an electric loom.
-Adds Flax plant and linen C...
VGP Garden Fabrics Simplified
Created by dismarzero
Garden Fabrics Simplified
(Does not require Vegetable Garden)
(Do NOT use if using Garden Fabrics!)

A lighter version of my Fabrics mod that DOES NOT rework the games cloth production.
-Meaning no fiber production.
-You can still blend cloths tog...
VGP Garden Dyes
Created by dismarzero
Garden Dyes and Colored Apparel
(does not require Vegetable Garden or Area Rugs)

I have removed the dye part of the Area Rugs mod to expand on it more.

The orginal mod can be found here:
Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?i...
VGP Garden Dyes Expanded
Created by dismarzero
Garden Extended Dyes
(does not require Vegetable Garden or Area Rugs)

(Requires Garden Dyes and Colored Apparel!)

Adds colored Hyperweave
Adds colored Devilstrand
Adds colored Synthread

Old versions of my mod:

I do keep the last stab...
VGP Garden Gourmet
Created by dismarzero
VGP Garden Gourmet (Requires Vegetable Garden, loaded first)

Garden Gourmet adds a bunch of new worktables, recipes, food based joy items, and meal items into the game. Along with new ways to preserve them.

Plants :

Worktables an...
VGP More Veggies
Created by dismarzero
More Veggies! (Does not require Vegetable Garden)

Adds even MORE vegetables into the game for those who just want some new plants, this is a perfect mod for you!

Adds :

Old versions of m...
VGP Garden Resources
Created by dismarzero
Garden Resources (Does not require Vegetable Garden)

Research Resource Plants:
-Steel Shrooms
-Plasteel Bulb Chunks
-Gold Fern Leaves
-Silver Flower Petals
-Uranium Root Bulbs

-Adds new recipes added to the Electric Smelter to smelt plants....
VGP Soylent Production
Created by dismarzero
Adds Soylent Production...

(Does not require Vegetable Garden)

A more advance version of the mod.

- There aren't Soylent Cola and Soylent Medicine anymore. You can produce "Soylent Blue" (Animal Meat), "Soylent Purple" (Insect Meat), "Soylent Red"...
VGP Three Sisters Plants
Created by dismarzero
Three Sisters Plants (Does not require Vegetable Garden)

Adds new types of plants that can be harvested for up to 3 types of crops.

Based on actual farming techniques used by Native peoples.

Idea brought to me by Hydromancerx.

Natives use this ...
VGP Garden Tools
Created by dismarzero
Garden Tools (Does not require Vegetable Garden)

Adds Many Tools into the Garden Tool category.

Adds 20 new types of Sunlamps to the game!

-3 sizes of lamps that are Always On, Shut off at night, and that provide heat for your crops.

Found in D...
VGP Xtra Trees and Flowers
Created by dismarzero
Xtra Trees and Flowers (Does not require Vegetable Garden)

Adds EVEN MORE flowers and trees!

From the Xtra Plants mod from Igabod long ago!

Art work from the great Spoonshortage.

Adds New Flowers:
-allium giganteum
Pygmy muffalo
Created by dismarzero
1.1 Ready!

Pygmy muffalos: a smaller species of muffalo, bred for their hardiness in less-vegetative environments. Pygmy muffalos eat less than their larger cousins, and provide milk and wool in smaller quantities but more frequently.

Orignail Mod an...
Smoked meat
Created by dismarzero
1.1 Ready!

This is a very old mod that has been taken care of by many authors. I seen that it has not recieved an update in a version or two and have to decided to keep it alive. I will add it to my collection of the Vegetable garden and keep it up to d...
Drug Policy Fix
Created by Pelador

Automatically fixes drug policies for new drug additions after the initial start values. Also sorts drug policies into drug name order.

Mod details

No more fiddling around having to update drug policies when you a...
Dubs Mint Menus
Created by Dubwise
Adds new list boxes for recipe bills, health bills, plant selection, architect menu, research menu, and a quick select menu for designators, making it easier to find things when lots of mods are running.

New Mint wheel, a floating designator sele...
Stack XXL
Created by Indeed
Stack XXL

Increase the stack sizes however you wish!
Want 10x, 20x or even 100x? Want to set different stack sizes for meat, meals, and resources?
You came to the right place!

Requirement: HugsLib

RimFortress: Dwarven Plants
Created by dismarzero
I love the thought of having a bunch of cave plants with a production line like in dwarf fortress.
This mod fell by the way side about a year ago. And looks like it wouldn't get an update.

I was asked to adopt it! It's now part of the vegetable garde...
[JPT] Burn It for Fuel
Created by jptrrs

If you can burn wood for heat, why not use chemfuel as well? Or even cloth or other plants? This mod will enable you to select what type of fuel will be consumed by torches, c...
Created by dismarzero
I do love the Muffalo races! This is an old mod wrote by my friend Bacon Bits.

I like to keep the original color and as close to the original mod as possible.

Original Author :
Bacon Bits

Art By

Genetically engineered as part of a Pr...
VGP Garden Drinks UF
Created by dismarzero
Welcome! This is the test release of my new drinks mod!

Please read the following if upgrading an old save game:
1. Backup your old game by making a new save...ie "savegame-Copy"
2. Destroy with the dev menu or deconstruct ALL barrels and minified bar...