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Dubs Mint Menus
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Jul 20, 2018 @ 9:43pm
Oct 9 @ 8:04am
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Dubs Mint Menus

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Adds new list boxes for recipe bills, health bills, plant selection, architect menu, research menu, and a quick select menu for designators, making it easier to find things when lots of mods are running.

New Mint wheel, a floating designator selector that can be opened via hotkey or mouse button, assign up to 20 designators from the Mint build menu.

New Rimatomics style research menu, search by mod, project, or unlocks, filter out completed or locked projects, view all unlocked recipes things and plants. (May not work with other research mods)

Plant selection UI with search function, scaling options, shift click multi select and set, infocard on mouse over, and organised into sections by plant type like tree or food.

Recipe bills list with search function, image previews, scaling options, and displays the infocard on mouse over.

Health bills list with search function.

New build menu with search function, open with a hotkey or ctrl + click architect menu, or set it as default menu.




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Search tips
You can use the search function to filter results

Recipe bills list search rules:
Thing type - e.g. "melee" "ranged" "apparel"
Recipe name - e.g. "hat"
Product name - "hat"
Mod name - "core"
Stuff Categories - "leathery"
Apparel body parts - "legs"
Apparel tags - "industrial"
Apparel layer - "OnSkin"

Build menu search rules:
Designator name
Category name
Mod name
Stuff category

Research menu search rules:
Project name
Mod name
Tech level
Unlocked thing name
Unlocked recipe name
Unlocked plant name
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Katgoop 18 hours ago 
The whole mod menus dont work for me, is there any fix. I tried restarting and getting rid of mods that affect the same things, yet nothing is working.
Pinenuts Dec 7 @ 10:13am 
Man I can't play without this mod anymore
SFH Dec 1 @ 8:47am 
How do you open tab, where you can see all equipment and weapons of your colonists? Like in the last pic
ThatCozyBear Nov 29 @ 4:58am 
is it possible to have the bill works with categorized bill drop down by types or techs? thank you
Haku Nov 29 @ 4:22am 
As soon as I installed this, I could not do anything anymore. It does not let me control anything in the game anymore.
SariusSkelrets Nov 27 @ 5:09pm 
I found an issue with Biotech: when using this mod (my modlist with all its mods but not dubs' mint menus worked perfectly fine), you can't order a xenogerm inplantation

The option is there, but you can't choose the xenogerm to implant and the operation bill disappears if you try to get a pawn to priorize the operation

Hugslib: https://gist.github.com/9a8cdd7ebf6311b037ffa3a2aa5c71ea
Dogimir Putin Nov 26 @ 12:34pm 
The tech chip isnt needed anymore for mechanitor tech making the mini boss fights completely useless.
Jarhead Nov 26 @ 8:38am 
Seems to be a compatibility issue with Harvest Everything.

razor0109 Nov 25 @ 12:41pm 
Unless research window integration is disabled, chip requisite for mechanitor tech is ignored!
LookToWindward Nov 20 @ 2:59am 
This mod is really good and makes like a lot easier.

I've never understood why the same bill is repeated over and over again but with different batch sizes, for example:

Make Simple Meal (x1),
Make Simple Meal x5,
Make Simple Meal x10,
Make Simple Meal x25
Make Simple Meal x50

I think it would be better if it just showed

Make Simple Meal with some kind of Pop Up Menu for the batch size or maybe a checkbox, something like this:

x1 x5 x10 x25 x50
Make Simple Meal X
Make Fine Meal X
Make Lavish Meal X

Doing is this way would reduce the Menu List by a lot and make it easier to find things.

Also it would be good to be able to give it a target amount to make and have it batch it into a number of Bills, for example:

Target amount 35, would result in 2 bills: Make x25 and Make x10