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Dubs Mint Menus
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Jul 20, 2018 @ 9:43pm
Feb 16 @ 8:39pm
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Dubs Mint Menus

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This mod adds new list boxes for adding bills, health bills, selecting plants for growing zones and building, making it easier to find things when lots of mods are running, and you can also view the info tab with just a mouse over.

A Mint Minimap is now included, there's minimal performance impact, still under development.

New plant select UI with a search box, move and resize, shift click multi select and set, info tab on mouse over, and organized into sections by plant type like tree or food.

New bills tab with a search box, scales height with resolution, and displays the info tab on mouse over.

New health bills tab with search.

New building UI which can be opened using a shotcut that is found the key bindings options.

Search tips
You can use the search box to filter results as you type, things you can search for include:
Recipe name - e.g. "hat"
Product name - "hat"
Mod name - "core"
Stuff Categories - "leathery"
Apparel body parts - "legs"
Apparel tags - "industrial"

Now works with "better workbench management"

Non steam versions[ludeon.com]

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BTAxis 1 hour ago 
As a FR, consider adding in some sort of configuration for color coding on the minimap. In particular I'd like to display enemies (including manhunting animals) in red, subdued prisoners not so much.
Dubwise  [author] 12 hours ago 
@duanethebathtub yes the one in the recent rimworld news feed on steam
Dubwise  [author] 12 hours ago 
@eezurr if you have prison labor then thats a bug with it and map init, nothing i can do
eezurr 17 hours ago 
Update: I reopened the game w/o saving and the pipes are back to normal. Nothing changed on my end. Previous save is from last night and debug log shows this was the only mod updated.
eezurr 17 hours ago 
It also tripled all the pipes
duanethebathtub 17 hours ago 
Multiplayer? Is that a mod?
eezurr 17 hours ago 
This update disconnected all the dubs bad hygein plumbing in my base. The pipes are adjacent to each other as normal, but they are all individual disconnected pipe icons, and all the toilets/showers/ect have the no pipe connection icons
Dubwise  [author] 17 hours ago 
it did in an early version but its was hard to see icons, i can add that as a mode though
BTAxis 18 hours ago 
Oh, I thought it showed the actual terrain by ground type rather than a solid color. I must be remembering that wrong. Never mind!
Dubwise  [author] 19 hours ago 
@yagiou no impact on performance