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Stack XXL
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Dec 26, 2016 @ 4:45am
Oct 17, 2018 @ 9:56pm
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Stack XXL

Stack XXL

Increase the stack sizes however you wish!
Want 10x, 20x or even 100x? Want to set different stack sizes for meat, meals, and resources?
You came to the right place!

Requirement: HugsLib


- Set stack size multipliers. Want 10x or 100x? you name it!
- Set multiplier specified to each category. For example, you can make meat stack to 750 (10x) while making meals stack to 300 (30x), maybe to balance thing out.

Github: https://github.com/IndeedPlusPlus/RimworldStackXXL

Download mod for unstable/older version from Github Release Page: https://github.com/IndeedPlusPlus/RimworldStackXXL/releases
Please DO NOT download source code unless you want to build the mod by yourself.

Default Settings: Set resources, textiles, drugs, meat, raw food to 10x.

Translation Credits:

Japanese Translation by @Proxyer
Russian Translation by @KirillNaumkin


Q1. Does it work with ... ?
A1. In theory, there will not be any noticeable compatibility problem. Please let me know should there be any compatibility problem. I tested it with GouRIMet and Vegetable Garden.

Q2. I don't want to mess with settings.
A2. That's not a problem. This mod works out of the box. You can use default settings as mentioned above.

Q3. How about the load order?
A3. It does not matter, as far as I know.

Q4. Does it work with old saves?
A4. Yes

Q5. Can I replace Increased Stack, Improved Increased Stack, etc with it?
A5. Yes, as long as you set stack sizes no lower than before. Otherwise, your stacks are truncated to their maximum size.

Q6. What will happen if I disable this mod?
A6. Your stacks are truncated to their original maximum sizes.

Q7. How can I find the mod settings?
A7. On the main screen, click Options, then you will find Mod Settings (provided by HugsLib mod). Click on it and you will find settings of all mods that depend on HugsLib.
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M the Modulator Feb 12 @ 9:14pm 
Pawns seem to use max stack size (750 in my case) to fuel objects like stoves, torches, and passive coolers. It took me about a year in game time to realize this was why I never had any lumber, lol.
LegendBraki Feb 12 @ 2:17pm 
@The lovely smile : if you looking for mods to let your Villagers carry more, take a look for “Pick up and Haul” (haul with mass capacity) and “Bulk Carrier” (set the mass capacity to 50% of world map carry capacity) if you use mods with traits and apparel which let your pawns carry more it is a strong but interesting combination.
LegendBraki Feb 12 @ 2:07pm 
i use this mod together with expanded woodworking, i set the resource multiplier to XL ( x2 ) but the stacksize of Logs and lumber are still 75. Any suggestions. ?
PS. I had restarted the game after changeing settings.
Reaper Feb 8 @ 11:31am 
If you tried what I did, you will get some side effect include "no counting number for stack"
if you tried to start the game with this setting, the map generation will take forever.
don't do it man.
Reaper Feb 7 @ 1:34am 
Will it ever cause any problem if I set the number to 9999999999999999999999?
Yusukitty Jan 23 @ 3:18pm 
Just to let you know it has seemed to work for ever mod I've used,which is a LONG list. It includes Fertile Fields, Mechenite, Glitter Tech (no surgery), and Industrelization. So it works for all those. Also a huge thank you. I usually have a lot of resources, so it nice to have mie long warehouses.
Torres Jan 10 @ 11:10am 
When I hover over the single category in the stack size it shows a (not used) thingy there, it explains why I can't stack my neurotrainers. Any help with this?
Kondinator Jan 9 @ 2:19pm 
This affects the "rich traders" mod, it somehow resets or overwrites the mod
Representing Joe Jan 8 @ 9:17pm 
Fixed by restarting.
Representing Joe Jan 8 @ 9:13pm 
Having an issue with lowering the stack multiplier. I tried the default values of x10 at first but that seemed like a little bit too much, also it was sorta causing issues with my kibble stockpiles, so I tried to change the multiplier down to 2 for some more balance but the stack sizes seem to be stuck at 750. I haven't tried disabling the mod yet since I'm not sure what will happen to my item stacks but I'm gonna see if restarting RimWorld fixes it.