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Created by Eggbeast
The Unsung Vietnam War Mod

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USP Gear & Uniforms
After nearly two years of development, we are pleased to present USP Gear and Uniforms version 0.7.0! We have curated Special Operations Equipment from the top of the line manufacturers for use in ArmA 3.

The following PBOs are present in USP Gear and U...
SPS Equipment
Created by Steve
SPS Equipment

Minor update - Additional Schmidt and Bender PMII High Power 3-27 x 56 added without top mounted T1 sight. (RAL8000 & FDE textures)
If using ACE3, some additional functionality added with EoTech EXPS3-2. (Pr...
The CSAT Modification Project
Created by TheEvanCat

For the (newly updated and improved) replacement patch (requires this addon, The CSAT Modification Project) check out this link:

ArmaModFrance V_0.0.4
Created by armamodfrance
Discord d'ArmaModfFance :

ArmaModFrance a pour but de reproduire l'armée française dans Arma 3. Nos modèles sont créés par de talentueux artistes 3D et intégrés en utilisant les dernières fonctionnalités du jeu Arma 3. Nous...
CUP Terrains - Core
Created by CUP Team
CUP Terrains - Core

The Community Upgrade Project is a cooperative effort to bring the content of Bohemia Interactive's
earlier games (Arma 2 and Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead and DLC's in particular) into Arma 3, updated
to the functionality...
Created by Temppa
Anizay v0.08

Size: 10km x 10km
Cell size: 5
410k objects

Fictional desert terrain.

Need Cup terrain core

Thanks Jonekone, Blahh and

Isla Abramia
Created by IceBreakr
Version: 3.9

Isla Abramia is IceBreakr's latest creation for Arma 3. It is a mix of lush greenery and snowy mountains. He wanted to give players of Armaverse something new to toy with and mix of green and snowy mountains always attracted him as h...
Created by CBATeam
CBA: Community Based Addons for Arma 3
Current version: 3.14.0
What does the name Community Base Addons mean? It is a system that:
  • Offers a range of features for addon-makers and mission designers.
  • Aims to have community w
Created by acemod
Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE3)

ACE3 is the collaborative efforts of the former AGM and CSE teams, along with many of the developers from ...
Task Force Arrowhead Radio (BETA!!!)
Created by Dedmen Miller
This is the ONLY official upload of the TFAR 1.0 beta builds on Steam workshop.
Discord server for latest updates and support:

This is a beta release! Please keep in mind that Bugs...