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Zombies and Demons
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Aug 18, 2015 @ 3:29am
May 28, 2017 @ 10:12am
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Zombies and Demons

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This mod includes place and play zombies & demons with custom animations and unique customisable options. They can be found in mission editor and will attack any enemies they know about based on the side they're on (Opfor zombies will attack Blufor units).

Zombie stength and abilities can be easily customised. These features are off by default and are only enabled if the appropriate module is placed.
- Allow zombies to throw cars, leap into the air, feed on dead bodies, and more!
- Heavily customisable spawners with max alive limits, spawn animations, and much more!
- Adjust zombies max health, attack strength, and other settings.

I am continuing with the development of this mod with plans for new features, more gore, bug fixes, and any suggestions.

Thank you and enjoy the mod!

Zombies & Demons Disclaimer:

- Using content of the Z&D modification and publicly redistributing it as part of a different modification is not allowed unless permission is given by official Z&D developers.
- Redistributing a modified version of the Z&D mod is not allowed unless permission is given by official Z&D developers.
- Using content of the Z&D modification on monetized servers is prohibited unless permission is given by official Z&D developers.

- The permissions above can be given on a case by case basis and the reasons to give permission may vary per request.
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Belette May 8 @ 12:07am 
mods is down?
[+| CL rautamiekka Apr 26 @ 8:54am 

Pretty sure that ain't how copyright works.
TwinkerBell Apr 24 @ 2:03am 
Hi, I'm a small youtuber and I want to make short film/normal videos and I want to use your mod. My channel is currently not monetized but I plan on making it monetized once I am able to. Would this go against your copyrights?
mevadralik Apr 23 @ 8:40am 
so does this work with ace with no medical
[+| CL rautamiekka Apr 13 @ 8:07am 

Do you use ACE3 Medical ?
Anon Apr 4 @ 7:30pm 
They dont do any damage? im confused lol
The Auspicious One Mar 14 @ 5:38am 
anyone know of a mod that adds proper demons in demonic forms? would be real nice
mubby Mar 9 @ 11:31am 
What do you mean "ZERO communication from its Devs"? Ryan responded to Donnie 7 hours after his post on September 12, 2022, and Sanchez replied to your post on September 2, 2022 within 4 hours...Even though the mod is inactive, the authors seem active to me.

I assume monetization is possible since they mentioned it in the mod description, but they have not responded to Steam Friends requests so I am hoping to discuss it with them or get an answer here at least.
SVaughan Mar 8 @ 3:22pm 
Given the last update to this mod was back in 2017, and there's been ZERO communication from its Devs, it's very likely the mod is abandoned and they'll never get back to you.
mubby Mar 8 @ 7:20am 
I am the owner of an Exile community called Finders Keepers. We are currently in the process of getting approved for server monetization from Bohemia Interactive. Their rules require us to get permission from each mod that we use so I have been trying to get in touch with you guys about this but have not been able to. May we please have your permission to continue using this mod on our server once it is monetized? We have used this mod for years and our server would not be the same without it.