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Zombies and Demons
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Aug 18, 2015 @ 3:29am
May 28, 2017 @ 10:12am
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Zombies and Demons

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This mod includes place and play zombies & demons with custom animations and unique customisable options. They can be found in mission editor and will attack any enemies they know about based on the side they're on (Opfor zombies will attack Blufor units).

Zombie stength and abilities can be easily customised. These features are off by default and are only enabled if the appropriate module is placed.
- Allow zombies to throw cars, leap into the air, feed on dead bodies, and more!
- Heavily customisable spawners with max alive limits, spawn animations, and much more!
- Adjust zombies max health, attack strength, and other settings.

I am continuing with the development of this mod with plans for new features, more gore, bug fixes, and any suggestions.

Thank you and enjoy the mod!

Zombies & Demons Disclaimer:

- Using content of the Z&D modification and publicly redistributing it as part of a different modification is not allowed unless permission is given by official Z&D developers.
- Redistributing a modified version of the Z&D mod is not allowed unless permission is given by official Z&D developers.
- Using content of the Z&D modification on monetized servers is prohibited unless permission is given by official Z&D developers.

- The permissions above can be given on a case by case basis and the reasons to give permission may vary per request.
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Iller085 19 hours ago 
does this require any dlc to use?
Aidandrums May 24 @ 1:25am 
@JoshDaDirt I had an issue with the Star Ship Troopers mod and Z&D.
wrighttracy85 May 20 @ 12:54pm 
How do i put the zombies in game?
LEGIONNAIR_YTB May 20 @ 12:27pm 
the zombie cross the walls i don't understand why
ApocTheWanderer May 20 @ 12:06pm 
How do I turn off the Jumping zombies?
[El' Rabito] May 19 @ 8:08pm 
Multiplayer (Dedicated Server).

Audio works but not properly since you can hear the zombie from unrealistic distances. And thats due to the missing distance parameters. So it would be much more immersive and realistic with a limited distance.

Its been like this on every server and since some PVP servers use the mod aswell, people get alarmed from very far distances "Oh i hear zombies, so players there" and i want to get rid of this imbalance.

Or is it possible to get the permission to include the mod in our server mod ? We run a server run by donators, so no monetization.
Sanchez  [author] May 19 @ 3:22pm 
@Rabito Did you encounter the audio issues in SP or MP? If MP, was it in a lobby or on a dedicated server?
Most playSound3D function calls do indeed omit the distance parameter. However, the audio has always worked as expected during the last few years, as far as I know.
[El' Rabito] May 19 @ 1:54pm 
Can we get an update ?
Since the playsound3D commands missing the distance parameter and you can hear the zombie attack sound from more than 600m.

playsound3d [_hitSound, _target, false, getPosASL _target, 1, pitch _zombie, 150];

I tried to override the function RZ_fnc_zombie_attackHuman but it doesnt work for this function. While other like RZ_fnc_zombie_attackVehicle and RZ_fnc_zombie_AggressiveSound can be overriden without a problem just by putting it into init.sqf of the missionfile.
JoshDaDirt May 15 @ 1:46pm 
has anyone figured out what mod or combination of mods makes the zombies die just as they spawn?
cgough010 May 15 @ 1:45pm 
Last time i used this mod, the zombies were invincible, and they only attack AI. Am i missing something?