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The Unsung Vietnam War Mod

Now hosted here on Steam Workshop, this 14-year old mod is celebrating it's 5th update (echo) for Arma 3.
It is a full conversion mod for Arma 3, featuring 11 maps, 10 factions, 100 weapons, 1000 uniforms, 11 tanks, 20 trucks, 15 jets, 15 helicopters, 20 traps, 20 static weapons, Vietnam era music and radio, a fantastic Vietnam War atmosphere and intense jungle combat.

- Mod size is 12.1 GB
- APEX / DLCs are NOT required.
- For maximum enjoyment, we recommend that co-op server hosts run a custom difficulty profile with enemy AI accuracy set below 0.2
- if you experience crashes in the editor, please see the compatibility section below for a proven fix.


Welcome to the Nam! You’ll soon be enjoying the suck as an everyday Marine or Soldier watching for traps and the many ambushes that wait for you in the Jungle, with an M16 or an M14 in your hand you have to be wary of every direction and up or down, looking for snipers in the trees or traps at your feet. Clear spider holes or tunnel systems, securing a victory through Hearts and Minds as Infantry, or enjoy yourself as a pilot in a fleet of old planes and helicopters! Fly a Huey jamming music through the jungle as you transport troops or do CAS missions, or fly a Jet running CAS missions dropping bombs or napalm on the enemy. Or do you fancy yourself fighting for the Vietnamese quest for independence? Play as the tenacious National Liberation Front, who the Americans call the “Viet Cong”, or play as the formidable North Vietnamese Army, you decide in The UNSUNG Vietnam War Mod!

The Unsung mod team, which has been working on this authentic Vietnam-era full game conversion since OFP (in 2003), brings you realistic jungle fighting, hand-to-hand combat and fully 3-dimensional warfare in this immersive standalone mod for Arma 3.


- Fight across 11 large and detailed maps, of which 5 use the beautiful new Arma 3 APEX foliage
- Join the fight with over 100 authentic period weapons, from AK47 / M16 to the more rare weapons like MAS36 or K50
- Ride into battle on the Jeep, M35 truck, M37 truck, M113, XM706 or M551 Sheridan or M48 Patton MBT
- Vietnamese vehicles include the Zil157, Ural, Type 55, BTR-152, T34, T54 and T55
- Patrol the rivers in PBR's, zodiacs or NVA patrol boats
- Blow away your enemies with over 30 types of static weapon, including artillery, AAA and SAMs - there's a calibre for every occasion!
- Fight as one of 15 factions including US Army, USMC, MFR, LRRP, SF, CIDG, Australia, New Zealand, ARVN, VC and NVA
- Test your helicopter piloting skills in the Hueys, Cobra, Chinook, Cayuse, Sioux, Choctaw, Stinger, Sea Stallion and Shawnee
- Engage your foes in the A1, A3b, A4, A6, A7, C1a, E2, F100, F105, F4e, and F111
- For NVA you have the Mi8, AN-2 and Mig-21
- Dress up as your favourite soldier type with over 1,000 uniforms and loads of detailed headgear, vests, backpacks and kit.

Playing online

Unsung has its own multi-clan gaming group which you can join, or else just hop in the servers we host for regular full-scale battles.

Unsung Steam Group
Unsung Project Delta Group intel

PUBLIC 2: 2400
PUBLIC 3: 2500
PUBLIC 4: 2550

Please respect the server rules!
This explains how to easily find the servers


We couldn't bring you such a vast amount of content without our horde of talented artists, donors and other helpers and contributors, and most especially, Bohemia Interactive Studios, who shared their sample models with the community over the past few years.
For a full list of authors please read our Credits[]


You can find the full license in the mod folder, or linked on our website here[]
Please note that the included license prohibits
- redistribution of the copyrighted content via Steam workshop
- monetization
- reverse engineering, re-hosting and ripping


We value constructive feedback. if you have a question or comment about the Unsung Mod, please post it in the Unsung Steam Group
or at the BI forum here[]
or visit us on Discord here[]
You can catch up on Work in Progress here[]

Dependency and compatibility

The Unsung mod is designed as a standalone full-conversion mod for Arma 3. This release supercedes Delta release and is a complete replacement for it. It should be backwards compatible with missions made for Bravo, Charlie and Delta editions.

It is not tested with other mods, and we cannot answer questions about compatibility.
However we have tried to make it work with TFAR, and it probably works alongside ACE, but what works and what does not work with ACE is unknown.

If you have memory crashes using Unsung, especially on the APEX-related maps (Doung, Da Krong etc), please turn down your view distance, and play in 64 bit and test the 3 available memory allocators in the A3 Launcher. Most of us find JEMalloc to be the most stable.
Plei Trap Valley crashes - we are aware of this.


You can play up to 32 player MP persistent missions made by the team here
Or hunt down missions made by the community here

Useful Shortcuts
GetOver ---------- pop smoke in vehicle
opticsMode ------ pop flare in vehicle (during dark hours after 1800 and before 0700)
LandGear --------- pop grenade in helicopter (above 15m height) / boat horn
vehicleTurbo ----- afterburner or WEP in plane
Crouch ------------- cancel afterburner / wheelbrake in plane
reloadMagazine - master arm function in planes
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Papedanch1k Jul 19 @ 2:20pm 
Джонни, они на деревьях......
Eggbeast  [author] Jul 18 @ 11:56pm 
eventually, but meanwhile you can make them yourself using the editor, all their kit is included
AJMunch221 Jul 18 @ 10:22pm 
Can you guys add more RVN units like thier marine divisions or one of thier infantry divisions or even police forces to have some post US withdrawal game play
Ninja Jul 18 @ 5:30pm 
Eggbeast  [author] Jul 15 @ 1:22am 
Remove conflicting mods
(BBC) Houston Jul 14 @ 7:06pm 
I have a glitch in which all my ammo vanishes from my inventory except for my sidearm mags which drop onto the floor and I can no longer pick it up
Winters Jul 11 @ 7:37pm 
B52 and more helmets with writing on em would be nice
Serbiaball Jul 11 @ 7:36pm 
So while playing Unsung in Zeus I for some reason was seeing black plants could this be explained?
Goldfish Jul 10 @ 4:25am 
Thankyou very much I'll try that. Again thanks for this mod there's truely nothing else like it.
Eggbeast  [author] Jul 10 @ 4:22am 
the small punji traps are designed to only take down the legs of the player. try a vanilla unit opn them and yo ucan see they work as designed. however there is an issue with our player model hitpoints, meaning with our units you cannot see this effect right now.